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Radically Simplifying SAP Business Workflow to Meet S/4 Demands – 8 Days left

Do you want to influence radical improvements that are being planned in workflow, Inbox, BPM and more, to meet the new S/4 demands?

When your company installs S/4 HANA Suite, or subscribes to S/4 HANA Cloud, do you want to ensure that the workflow and approval capabilities are ubiquitously enabled throughout, and that these are simple yet powerful enough to really drive value and investment in process automation?

Then you have 8 days left to join the Customer Engagement Initiative to represent your company and influence SAP development in this area, as well as seeing up front the results as they emerge.

This is where you can learn more, and sign-up:

(Those of you familiar with the extremely successful Customer Connection project for workflow will be familiar with this collaboration platform so registering couldn’t be simpler)

Meetings will be online for all attendees, with possible site visits by SAP development to discuss requirements in more detail and enable workflow developers to see first hand  how workflow is used within your company (optional – site visits limited).

If you have questions about this, please fire away (in the comments section) but do remain focused on pressing that sign-up button while registrations are still open,


Looking forward to feeling the force of customer influence at full throttle,


Alan Rickayzen

Workflow Product Management


PS: I’ve cunningly included the link to Sue’s blog about the successful Customer Connection down here so as not to distract you from registering.

And together with Peter McNulty we’ll be hosting a round-table face-to-face meetup at ASUG/Sapphire 2016 in May so if you sign up please do join us for the interactive round-table event so that we all have to opportunity to match faces to the voices. And if you don’t join, for whatever reason, do join us at the round-table anyway so that we can at least swap ideas, understand your concerns, and help us understand how we can make this more attractive for you next time.

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  • Hi Alan,

    This is GREAT news!  I hope that people attending ASUG/Sapphire will add this session to their agendas.  We've seen some real improvements in the SAP Workflow space thanks to the Customer Connection, and I look forward to engaging with SAP on this initiative!


  • Hi Alan, is there anything you can share with us about workflow on S/4 ? Will you keep using the existing Workflow engine ? Impact on migration ? 

    Thank you, Thierry

    • Hi Thierry,

      I'm pleased to say that this CEI received many applicants. IMHO a sign of how important workflow is to SAP customers.

      Many customers will want to continue using SAP Business Workflow, but require dramatic changes. For example you couldn't expect a customer to use the Workflow Builder (Win GUI) in the Cloud. Another example (that I showed at ASUG this month) is that notifications about approvals should be actionable directly on a mobile device, but simpler and better behaved than e-mail notifications.

      So yes - work has begun and I am really looking forward to our CEI sessions for the rest of the year.

      All the best,