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Production Bug Feature for Deployed Solutions in Production Tenant And the Associated Errors

As you already know from the release 1508 onward, SAP Cloud Application Studio provides the support to do ABSL code changes directly in the Customer’s production tenants.


This feature helps to makes the code correction directly in the production tenants instead of creating a new patch.


If you want to do any code change to a solution in a productive tenant, with this new feature the code changes can be done directly in the production tenant.

Usually the Production Bug Fix feature is used only in cases where the source tenant is already upgraded to a higher release than the production tenant and the customer requires an urgent fix that needs to be carried out in the production tenant and cannot wait until the production upgrade. Also you have to make sure that whatever changes you are making in the production tenant should be maintained again in the current patch after that.

Steps to Enable the Feature:

1. The first step to enable this feature is to assign the work center view ‘Production Fix Authorization’ to the Studio developer from the Application and User management work center-> Business User -> Select the Business User -> Access Rights.


2. The Solution on which the code changes are to be carried out should be scoped and with Deployed status.


3. In the Solution Explorer, click on the highlighted icon to Create a Correction. Read the Disclaimer pop-up and agree to proceed with the code changes.


4. In the Solution Explorer, check-out the specific absl file for which the code change needs to be carried out. Perform the absl code changes as required using the Studio absl editor. Save and Activate the modified absl file.Check-In the activated absl file.

5. In the Solution Explorer, click on the highlighted icon to Close the Correction. Once the correction is closed, the status of the Solution will be changed from “Deployed-In Correction” to “Deployed” .


6. In the Solution Explorer, right click on the specific file and click on ‘Revert’. This will roll back all the changes done to the specific file to the state before the correction was started (i.e., the previous successfully Deployed state).


7. On successful activation, the code changes will be active for the Business users.

Issues or Errors Associated with the Production Fix Feature:.

You would notice the below error when you login to the production tenant:

“Production Fix not allowed as solution deployment is not finished.


This error message occurs if work center view “Production Fix authorization” is assigned to user, but the solution is not in status Deployed. This work center view should be assigned if user wants to correct the script file of a deployed solution in production tenant.

If assigned by mistake, then this error will pop up. You can just ignore the message by clicking on OK for the deployment to continue and make sure you un-assign the Work Center view for the user if not required.

This error will not hinder any of the PDI Life Cycle Management activities. The error pop-up is just to inform user that Production Fix not allowed because the solution is not in Deployed status but the user has been assigned with the work center View.

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      Author's profile photo _Frank _Pohlmann
      _Frank _Pohlmann

      Thank you very much, I just needed this.

      It works for me up to Step 6, I don't have the Option "Revert" on the changed file.

      The BusinessLogic is changed and works as desired. Will there be a Problem on next deployment if I didn't "revert"?

      How can I get the Revert-Option? My production System is 1602.

      Best regards,

      Frank Pohlmann

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Frank,

      Ideally the Revert option should be visible, not sure why the option wasn't visible to you 🙁 .

      However the revert option is required if you want to disable all the changes whatever you have done by opening a new correction, by clicking on Revert all the changes/ corrections you have done will be gone and will get reverted to the previous stage before the correction.

      This is not a mandatory activity. You can also delete the code manually if you don't want the correction that you made.

      Hope this clarifies your concern.


      Dhanya KV

      Author's profile photo _Frank _Pohlmann
      _Frank _Pohlmann

      Hello Dhanya,

      quite interesting: today I did another production fix and now I have the "Revert".

      Is it required to revert the code somehow (manually or with the menu)? I just think if it's possible to leave the fixed coding in the production system until next deployment from development system. Will there be any problems when the changes are not reverted or will the system just overwrite the changes?

      My plan would be to make the fixes also in development system and with next deployment everything will be back on the "normal" way.

      Kind regards

      Frank Pohlmann

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Frank,

      You can leave your code in the production system as it is, no need to revert. But make sure you make the same corrections in the development tenant as well, before deploying.


      Dhanya KV

      Author's profile photo Katie Bebbington
      Katie Bebbington

      We have an issue where we are trying to upload and deploy a patch to production.

      However, the production system says it's in status 'Deployed - In correction' and the option to upload is greyed out.

      However, no one is making changes in the production tenant and from the backend we see that there are no files checked out.

      Is there any other way the solution would get into this status? And is there are way to 'force' a production fix to closed?