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Hi Folks,

Recently we have some customers are meeting such kind of error when connecting REMOTE oracle database:

C  *** ERROR => SAP kernel 7XX with basic release 7XX only supported with Oracle server >= 11.2

Because of this error, the database connection was not closed, then the further db connection failed again, again, leaving many unclosed connection, thus overflow error may occur:

Max. number of open Oracle db connections (16) exceeded.

This error occurs after kernel upgrade. This error is supposed to only occur for SAP on oracle, but not for oracle as a remote database. There is little limitation on remote oracle, so most of oracle versions are still supported by sap kernels as long as the oracle is a secondary database/remote database. New oracle dbsl will be released to fix this issue.

So whenever you are meeting this error for remote oracle, please check if the dbsl is the latest. In case the latest oracle dbsl is not solved, please contact SAP support. Please do not simply upgrade the remote database as the error “implicts”.

Best regards,

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  1. Adriano Augusto Prehs


    Did you find the solution for this issue ?

    Here I`m using the KERNEL 7.45 with lastest patch including dbsl, and have the same issue connecting to remote Oracle Database.

    The message on the WP are

    C  e: OCIStmtExecute() failed with -1=OCI_ERROR, SQL error 942: C  Couldn’t read V$INSTANCE (con=9): sqlcode=942 C  e: OCIStmtExecute() failed with -1=OCI_ERROR, SQL error 942: C  Couldn’t get creation timestamp from V$DATABASE: sqlcode=942 C  *** ERROR => SAP kernel 745 with basic release 740 only supported with Oracle server >= 11.2 [dbsloci.c    2893]

    1. James Zhang Post author

      Actually we have a note 2304361 for this issue. Are you sure you are using latest dbsl?
      Can you share the complete dev trace?


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