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Tenant refresh adaptation support for Integration – part II

In the last blog we looked at the design considerations for supporting integration, after a test tenant for a SAP Cloud for Customer system (aka C4C) is created by coping a productive tenant. Now let’s look at how to adjust the data post the tenant copy. I will limit the steps to Cloud for Customer system only and will talk about adjustments on SAP Business suite system and middleware (HCI/PI) system in a separate blog to keep the content short.



Before we can use the utility/tool to adjust the content post the tenant copy, let us first look at some of the prerequisites that should be meet.


  1. We only support Test tenant creation without change project functionality. Please see the wiki page Important Tips for Requesting Test Tenants (After Go-Live)
  2. It is recommended to have close consideration on the timing of the request for the new C4C tenant with the creation of new on premise (CRM/ERP) test system so as to maximize data parity between the two systems. Data discrepancies due to timing issues of the two test systems could prevent subsequent master and transnational data from replicating successfully. Hence, no data should be created in either system and replicated back and forth. Just to explain this : Let’s assume the test tenant was copied from a productive tenant on a given date. And after 3 days the SAP Business suite system was copied. Now the data that ware created in these 3 days is not available in the C4C test tenant, as the tenant was copied before these data existed in the system.
  3. We need to create a new communication system and corresponding communication arrangements. Even though a full copy of tenant would copy the communication systems and the communication arrangements, we don’t support adjusting the existing communication system details as of now.

Note : Make sure no data is loaded from or exchanged with external system before you run the Adapt Integration Content report. One way to ensure this, is to create communication arrangements for the new communication system, only after you have run the Adapt Integration Content report successfully as mentioned below.

How to perform the integration content adjustment post tenant copy


Navigate to Adapt Integration Content for New Tenant OWL using WOC Administrator-> General Settings-> Integration


Using Quick Create (New Adaptation), provide the Old and New Communication system details and execute


It is advisable to first run the tool in test mode to verify the how many objects are going to be adjusted.


Unchecking the Test Mode button above, would result in actual run.


The execute action triggers a background job and the status is updated in the OWL. Each job creates an application log.

Application log.png

The application log ID captures the result of the job run. Here we can see the no of ID mapping and BTD references adjusted for various BO in the test tenant.


That’s it on the SAP Cloud for Customer side. In the next blog we will see what needs to be done on SAP Business suite and middleware system to make the integration work end to end post the tenant copy.

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      Author's profile photo Jens Schwendemann
      Jens Schwendemann

      Will the "Adapt Integration Content for New Tenant" report be necessary also if we do not do a full system copy but a tenant refresh described here

      What I understood is that the "Adapt..." report will re-write the ID mapping with the new system IDs. Our On-Prem system copy (tool aided) will also retain most of it's configuration including for example SID, client, logical system name, ...


      ==> Will this be a "lean" way to do a system copy? Will we need the "Adapt..." report also? Is this method supported / advised in contrast to the here described method?


      Many thanks and kind regards


      Author's profile photo Jacqueline Hemmimghaus
      Jacqueline Hemmimghaus

      Could you use the "Adapt Integration Content for New Tenant" function to copy id mappings from two systems to one?
      E.g. we have to communication systems to two ERP clients. We are now doing a S4 conversion and plan to combine both clients. If we no do the adaptation for Client A to S4 communication system and afterwards Client B to S4, will this overrides all existing mappings or are they added?