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Calculate days & minutes between two DateTime (LOCAL_DateTime) fields.

Hi Guys,

In SAP Cloud Application Studio there is no standard functions to find out the difference between two DateTime(LOCAL_DateTime ) fields.


If it is a GLOBAL_DateTime field we have some standard functions like below.


So, this document will explain you how to find out DateTime difference between two LOCAL_DateTime fields.

To achieve this i have written code from SDK.

Step 1: Create a Custom BO with three fields like below (for testing purpose i have created it).


Step 2: Create UI Screens and my QAF screen will look like below.

  QA Screen.PNG

Step 3: In the script (AfterModify / BeforeSave) write the code like below.

    a. First get the values from your DateTime fields and store it to the variables.

           var val1 = this.DateTime1.content; // replace ur Date Time field here

            var val2 = this.DateTime2.content; // replace ur Date Time field here


   b. Convert DateTime value as a string value and replace all character values (we need only numeric values)


           var dateTimestring1 = val1.ToString().Replace(“-“, “”).Replace(“:”, “”).Replace(“T”, “”).Replace(“Z”, “”);

            var dateTimestring2 = val2.ToString().Replace(“-“, “”).Replace(“:”, “”).Replace(“T”, “”).Replace(“Z”, “”);

     c. Get Date and Time values from our string variables.


            var date1 = Date.ParseFromString(dateTimestring1.Substring(0, 8));

            var time1 = Time.ParseFromString(dateTimestring1.Substring(8));

            var date2 = Date.ParseFromString(dateTimestring2.Substring(0, 8));

            var time2 = Time.ParseFromString(dateTimestring2.Substring(8));

     d. Get the Hour and Minute of the Time variable.


            var GetHourOfTime1 = time1.GetHour();

            var GetMinuteOfTime1 = time1.GetMinute();

            var GetHourOfTime2 = time2.GetHour();

            var GetMinutesOfTime2 = time2.GetMinute();

      e. To differentiate two Date fields we have a standard function “Delta()”, by using it find out the Dates difference.

         var DateDifference = date1.Delta(date2).ConvertToDays();

Now, the tricky thing is we need to find out Time Difference and it will effect on the dates difference as well.

–> If first field Hour is greater than second field (or) “Both the hours are same && first field Minute is greater than the second field Minute, follow the below logic.

     else calculate time difference by using Delta function.


    var TimeDifference;

     if ((GetHourOfTime1 > GetHourOfTime2) || (GetHourOfTime1 == GetHourOfTime2) && (GetMinutesOfTime1 > GetMinutesOfTime2))


       TimeDifference = time2.Delta(time1).ConvertToMinutes();

        DateDifference = DateDifference – 1;

        TimeDifference = 1440 – TimeDifference;  // 24 hours (24*60=1440)




        TimeDifference = time2.Delta(time1).ConvertToMinutes();


Now we got the days and minutes between two different Date Time fields and assign to the difference field like below.

   var TotalDifference = DateDifference.ToString() + ” days & ” + TimeDifference.ToString() + ” minutes”;

   this.difference = TotalDifference;

Now the Output looks like below.


I hope it will be useful, if any one is trying to acheive this kind of development.


Sambasiva G

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  • Hi,

    If we need to find the seconds difference also in the date time, then write below code.

    var GetSecondsOfTime1 = Numeric.ParseFromString(time1.GetSecond());

    var GetSecondsOfTime2 = Numeric.ParseFromString(time2.GetSecond());

    if (GetSecondsOfTime1 > GetSecondsOfTime2)


        SecondsDifference =60- ( GetSecondsOfTime1 - GetSecondsOfTime2);

        TimeDifference = TimeDifference - 1;  //minus 1 minute




        SecondsDifference = GetSecondsOfTime2 - GetSecondsOfTime1;

        if(SecondsDifference !=0)


          TimeDifference = TimeDifference - 1;



    //For Hours... we'll convert total minutes to hours and minutes.. like below (not including hours in our logic)

    eg: var Realminutes= TimeDifference%60;

    var RealHours= (TimeDifference-Realminutes)/60;

    var TotalDifference = DateDifference.ToString() + " days & " + TimeDifference.ToString() + " minutes & " + SecondsDifference.ToString() + " Seconds";

    this.difference = TotalDifference;


    Shiva G