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Automatic goods receipt for co-products during order confirmation

In the older ERP releases, the automatic goods receipt for co-products was not possible for production or process orders. It means that the goods receipt of an order with co-products should be posted manually, which used to generate more manual work and time spent during a confirmation, since an additional transaction should be executed.

However, as of SAP Enhancement Package 6, the automatic goods receipt of a co-product is possible for production and process orders. This functionality must be activated with the business function LOG_PP_CI_1 – Improvements in Manufacturing and it can be very easily implemented. You can find more details about this business function in the following link of SAP Help:

Improvements in Manufacturing – Logistics – SAP Library

After the activation of the business function, the goods receipt of the co-product can be automatically proposed during the order confirmation on transactions such as CO11N (production orders) or COR6N (process orders).

We also need to define in customizing for which order types the goods receipt of a co-product will be proposed when posting a confirmation on the order type confirmation parameters customizing (transaction OPK4N).

co-product 1.PNG

The problem is that the the goods receipt quantity is not proposed during the confirmation for the finished product and for the co-product, as we can see on the picture below:


The system behavior, however, can be changed, as of the implementation of the following note:

2201192 – Automatic goods receipt for co-products: Quantity proposal

After the implementation of this note, we can control if the quantity will be proposed or note using the settings for the message type C6 042. The note long text provides the following explanation about the system behavior after implementations of the code corrections:

To activate the quantity proposal, you must define the message type of the new message C6 042 in Customizing (“Define Attributes of System Messages”). To do so, use transaction OPJB or transaction O04C. If no entry exists in the system for the message C6 042, choose “New Entries” and add a new entry with version 00000000 (eight zeros), application area C2, and message number 042. You can set the message category in the “Cat” field. If you set the option “No message” here, the system proposes the quantities for the goods receipt of the co-products proportionally to the goods receipt quantity of the header material. If you set the message category to “W” (warning) or “E” (error message), the system proposes the quantities in accordance with the system design (no quantities for production orders, same quantities for process orders).

If we want to have the co-product goods receipt quantity proposed according to the header material quantity, the settings for the message type should look like the following picture:


After making this change for the message type, the quantity will be proposed by the confirmation. One pre-requisite for the proposal of the goods movement for the co-product on the confirmation is that the co-product must be assigned to the operation for which the setting the “automatic goods receipt” is set on the control key, or on the last operation if the automatic goods receipt is defined by the production scheduling profile.

The following picture shows a confirmation with the automatic goods receipt for a co-product:


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  • Caetano, good morning.

    I made all the necessary configuration, application note 2201192, activation of the business function LOG_PP_CI_1, I configured the parameter co-product in OPK4N and created the C6 042 type message and yet still have the quantities blank during delivery, have any more idea about this?



  • Hi Caetano,

    It is very useful document and thanks for sharing. I have one doubt regarding GR receipt icon. I cannot see that icon or selection in my customization OPK4N


  • Hi Caetano,


    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.I am benefit from it.

    Currently I need your help and appreciate in advance if you can kindly give some comments.

    I have prepared for the data and configuration,however there is nothing in Goods-movement during confirmation.

    Details as below:

    1. Product version: S4 1610

    2.OPK4N done. GR for co-products has been checked.

    3.Control key ZP02 is set as automatically GR. All the components has been allocated to the operation with control key ZP02.

    4.I have tried to active note 1902345 but failed.




    Amanda(Chunhong) Deng




  • Dear Caetano Almeida,


    When I'm use this function, I have some problem where, After use CO11N as partial qty , It's still use appear in migo, and the problem I have check in the table can't appear for the document, so automaticly.

    this issue come here..




    Putra Saleh

  • Dear Caentano,

    When I'm use this function, I have some problem, where, I do CO11N as partial confirmation, and system can do directly use in MIGO, The problem are document number different between CO11N and MIGO. as report appropriate but in table is not appear.



    Thank you,

    Putra Saleh

    • Hello

      It seems that your previous thread was on the wrong Tag and it did not describe the issue with enough information, therefore, it was moderated. Can you please open a new thread on this tag and describe the issue with enough information?