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SAP Data Services built in RFC Function Modules

The SAP interfaces from Data Services Version 4.2 contains the following function modules as part of the standard installation. Some of the function modules in SAP are not RFC enabled. Since Data services utilises the RFC option to call FM in SAP, these additional components will be of help.

To check if these function modules have been installed in the corresponding SAP client, these can be checked using standard SAP transaction codes for Function Modules. One transaction code that can be used for this purpose is SE37. On the SAP Client GUI screen enter the transaction code SE37. This will open the “Function Builder: Initial Screen”. Enter the details as shown below in Fig 1.

Fig 1.jpg

The list of function modules that are available under /SAPDS are shown below in the screen

Fig 2.jpg

These function modules are part of the Data Services package and hence RFC enabled. These function modules perform the same action as the corresponding standard function module (where applicable). Below is the list of the 27 function modules that was listed in the repository.

Function Module Description
/SAPDS/RS_BASIS DataServices Base Functions
/SAPDS/ABAP_RUN DataServices: Execute existing ABAP
/SAPDS/AUTH_IMPORT DataServices: Import authorizations
/SAPDS/COLUMN_SEARCH DataServices: column search
/SAPDS/DATA_PROFILE DataServices: column profiling for data preview
/SAPDS/EXTRACTOR_IMPORT DataServices: Import Extractor metadata
/SAPDS/EXTRACTOR_NAVIGATE DataServices: Navigate through list of Extractors
/SAPDS/EXTRACTOR_SEARCH DataServices: Search for an Extractor
/SAPDS/FILE_ROWCOUNT DataServices: Set and get the total row count for the DS transported file
/SAPDS/FUNCTION_GET DataServices: Get metadata of functions
/SAPDS/GET_VERSION DataServices: Get versions of all functions
/SAPDS/IDOC_IMPORT DataServices: Import IDOC metadata
/SAPDS/IDOC_SEARCH DataServices: Search IDOC by name
/SAPDS/JOB_LOG DataServices: Get the log of a background job
/SAPDS/JOB_RUN DataServices: Run a DS ABAP in background
/SAPDS/JOB_STATUS DataServices: Check the background job status
/SAPDS/READ_TEXT DataServices: SAPScript: Read Text
/SAPDS/RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_RUN DataServices: Enables to run DS generated abaps in development(!) systems
/SAPDS/RFC_READ_EXTRACTOR DataServices: Read Extractor data
/SAPDS/RFC_READ_TABLE DataServices: Read ABAP table data
/SAPDS/RFC_READ_TABLE2 DataServices: Read Table option 2
/SAPDS/RFC_READ_TABLE_FILE DataServices: Read Table option 3
/SAPDS/RFC_STREAM_READ_TABLE DataServices: Read table via streaming approach
/SAPDS/SYNTAX_CHECK DataServices: Allow DS generated abap to by checked in dev(!)
/SAPDS/TABLE_IMPORT DataServices: Get table metadata
/SAPDS/TABLE_SEARCH DataServices: Search for a table by name
/SAPDS/TEXTS DataServices: Get text entries
/SAPDS/UPLOAD DataServices: Upload and install a DS generated ABAP in dev(!)

A very useful FM in this category is “/SAPDS/READ_TEXT“. Retrieving the long text entries for SAP CRM objects using the READ_TEXT function module via BODS is not possible since READ_TEXT function module is not RFC enabled. However the “/SAPDS/READ_TEXT” is RFC enabled and performs the same task as the original READ_TEXT function module.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very informative.

      Author's profile photo Krzysztof Murkowski
      Krzysztof Murkowski

      Hello, we load the data from SAP-ERP through custom extractor to FIM and the function /SAPDS/RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_RUN is called to generate a extract program.

      The problem is, the function fail in non dev-systems, which are closed in SE06/SCC4 for the changes. If system is open everything is fine but it can't be the normal state in non-dev systems.

      The function wants an open system every time and not by the first communication only. How to deal with it?

      Author's profile photo Raghunathan Balasubramanian
      Raghunathan Balasubramanian
      Blog Post Author


      Is it not possible to install the program for the extractor in the non-dev system and use FIM in execute-preloaded option?

      FIM follows DS principles so you should be able to achieve this. If you still have problems, please do send me more details, screenshots of the error message., etc., I will have a look.


      Author's profile photo Halyna Tovstyk
      Halyna Tovstyk

      Hello. I am trying to set up CPI DS data flow using /sapds/read_text function call. Documentation says it is possible to use this function only in production. Does it mean I cannot check the flow in test system?