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What is CBP ? (Customer business planning ) – introduction

In my past implementations of ATPM & CRM-analytics, working closely with business, it was clear that a LIVE P&L produced the biggest business value. I often toyed with the idea in my head that BW-IP based planning solution to calculate LE (Latest Estimate) would be ideal. Most customers I know series of Infocubes+multiprovider + overnight staging to arrive at LE.

Well  CBP does just that among other things. In general it allows you to look at the impact of Promotions on P&L from Retailer and Manufacturer’s standpoint instantly.

I have been working on creating an internal demo on our CBP, CRM + BW on HANA system. I was part of the testing group at Waldorf for CBP2.0 & thought would start a blog. This is the first in a series of blog I plan to publish more of these if I see interest / comments posted against this.

What is CBP?

It is a Real-time collaborative solution that allows Account manager to increase sales and profitability. All user interaction is from CRM-UI.

What does it do?

Allows you to Maintain (among other things)

·         Targets & master data

·         Manufacturer and Retailer target

·         Create Buyers

·         Planning hierarchy (freely defined)- saved online to BW

·         Assortment (similar to CRM listings)

Enables Planning

·         Volume Planning –Baseline, Sell-out etc

·         Price planning – list price, shelf price etc.

·         Non-promotional and promotional P&L

·         Roll-up promotions into LE

Track KPIs (new UI6 tiles)

·         Internal targets

·         External targets

·         ROI, GSV % etc.

What do you need to install?


BW 7.4 (has to be BW on HANA)



CBP-addon on CRM

ATPM-addon on CRM

CBP-addon on BW

What CRM objects are prerequisite for CBP?

·         Account hierarchy

·         ECC product hierarchy (BAdIavailable to use CRM product hierarchy)

·         Product categories

·         Position

·         Territory management (BAdIavailable to implement without territory management)

I will keep this one very short.

Author: Arvind Bhaskar has been working with CPG companies for a long time. His main focus areas are BW on HANA, ATPM, CBP & associated BW-IP based planning application

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  • Prasad,

    You can review the below link


    • Hi Aravind,

      Thanks for the post. I would like to learn more about CBP technical could you please post or help me in learning more about CBP technically..

  • Polo

    Customer business planning is part of the TPM umbrella of products from SAP. I believe it requires a separate license i.e TPM license will not automatically allow the use of CBP. Your SAP sales rep should be able to clarify.




  • Dear Arvind,

    Thanks for the article.  We would like to know if we have a existing trade promotions say until March 2018 and need to migrate to a new CRM server where CBP can be used.  Is there any way we can migrate such trade promotions and start using CBP from April 2018 onwards.

    Appreciate your inputs.

    Thanks and Regards