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What is CBP ? (Customer business planning ) – introduction

In my past implementations of ATPM & CRM-analytics, working closely with business, it was clear that a LIVE P&L produced the biggest business value. I often toyed with the idea in my head that BW-IP based planning solution to calculate LE (Latest Estimate) would be ideal. Most customers I know series of Infocubes+multiprovider + overnight staging to arrive at LE.

Well  CBP does just that among other things. In general it allows you to look at the impact of Promotions on P&L from Retailer and Manufacturer’s standpoint instantly.

I have been working on creating an internal demo on our CBP, CRM + BW on HANA system. I was part of the testing group at Waldorf for CBP2.0 & thought would start a blog. This is the first in a series of blog I plan to publish more of these if I see interest / comments posted against this.

What is CBP?

It is a Real-time collaborative solution that allows Account manager to increase sales and profitability. All user interaction is from CRM-UI.

What does it do?

Allows you to Maintain (among other things)

·         Targets & master data

·         Manufacturer and Retailer target

·         Create Buyers

·         Planning hierarchy (freely defined)- saved online to BW

·         Assortment (similar to CRM listings)

Enables Planning

·         Volume Planning –Baseline, Sell-out etc

·         Price planning – list price, shelf price etc.

·         Non-promotional and promotional P&L

·         Roll-up promotions into LE

Track KPIs (new UI6 tiles)

·         Internal targets

·         External targets

·         ROI, GSV % etc.

What do you need to install?


BW 7.4 (has to be BW on HANA)



CBP-addon on CRM

ATPM-addon on CRM

CBP-addon on BW

What CRM objects are prerequisite for CBP?

·         Account hierarchy

·         ECC product hierarchy (BAdIavailable to use CRM product hierarchy)

·         Product categories

·         Position

·         Territory management (BAdIavailable to implement without territory management)

I will keep this one very short.

Author: Arvind Bhaskar has been working with CPG companies for a long time. His main focus areas are BW on HANA, ATPM, CBP & associated BW-IP based planning application

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