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Tips, Experience and Lessons Learned From S/4HANA Projects (TELL @ S/4HANA – PART 1)

Hello All,

As you all are aware of, S/4HANA is the new buzz word in the SAP World and there are lot of discussions happening around on the same, here in SDN aswell.

I am really lucky to be a part of some early S/4HANA projects, here @SAP.

At times, we had faced some issues, for which we had to spent a lot of time in identifying the real solution.

Through this series of blogs, I would take all possible efforts to include all those issues and the corresponding solutions. The main intention would be to help you understand more about S/4HANA and to save your time searching around for the solution.


1) This series is exclusively for Beginners in S/4 HANA and all those S/4HANA experts here, please excuse me.

2) These are some Solutions/Observations that we have found handy in our projects and am quite sure there would be multiple ways to derive the same result.

3) These series of blogs are collaborative in nature. So please feel free to edit the Blog, wherever required!

4) I am not a core functional guy. So you might see very less of the S/4HANA Functional aspects/Simplification topics here in this blog series.

5) I will regularly update this blog with the new tips and solutions.

So, here we go 😎

1)  How to Quickly open a Standard CDS View:


Log into the ABAP Perspective in HANA Studio and access the S/4HANA System.

Access the Button:


Provide the CDS View name:


Click on the Data Definition and you can see the underlying CDS code.

2) Sometimes, you will see the following error message while previewing the CDS View.

Error : Message Content is not acceptable.



This happens with the lower versions of HANA Studio.

Try using the latest Studio Versions like REV102.

3) Sometimes, the CDS View will not be appearing in the KPI Modeler of S/4HANA Smart Business tiles.


If CDS View is not available, its obvious that the corresponding Odata service will also not be available.

This can be solved with the Following 2 steps:

a)  Ensure that the corresponding CDS View has the annotation –> @ODATA.PUBLISH = TRUE.

b)  Once the above step is done, you will find an auto generated service in the gateway system.

Naming Convention for Service = <CDS VIEW NAME>_CDS

EX: Log into the gateway system and access the Tcode:


Click Add service.


    Provide the System Alias.


    Click Get Services.


    Now all the related Services will be available.

    Search with the naming convention, EX:


Click on the required Service and add a Package and the Transport Number

Now you can see that the service and Metadata was created successfully.


    Now the CDS and ODATA Service will be available.

4)  Error reading Info provider for CDS View error while activating the CDS View.



This basically happens when you provide the wrong name in the Select from Statement.

Additional Tip: In a CDS View, we have 2 concepts:

DDL SQL View and DDL Source View.


The select from should always happen on DDL Source view name.


5) Annotation; @ODATA.PUBLISH = TRUE will create a Service automatically.

But when we try to activate the service, we get the following error.(Unknown or Deleted Query)



This is basically happening due to incorrect CDS Definition.

Ensure that you have the right DDL source view in the Select From Definition.

6) Annotation; @ODATA.PUBLISH = TRUE will create a Service automatically.

But when we try to activate the service, we get the following error.(Unknown or Deleted Query)

(Only Queries with an easy Query layout are supported by this version)


We have a Tcode(/n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG) in the gateway system, which give lot of information about the error message.

But in this case, even the Tcode did not help us.



My CDS View Initially did not have a measure been defined.

Later when I added a measure to my CDS View, the issue was completely solved.


7) An Alternative solution for activating your CDS View:


Log into the S/4HANA Backend System and access the following program.



Provide the CDS View name and Execute.

8) An alternate option to view your CDS View Content.




  If you click on Standard Query Button, You can see Bex Query Output Format.


9) An alternate option to see the CDS Definition:


We can use Graphical Editor. You can find that option in the Context Menu of the CDS View name.




1) CDS Annotations –>


1) 2269696 – OQ: Brain 501 “Unknown or deleted query”

2) 2257830 –  OQ: OData query with tracing

Hopefully, the above points were useful.

Thanks for Reading.

I will be regularly updating this blog with the new tips and solutions.So stay tuned for more updates on this topic. 😎



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  • I am sure this blog series is also going to rock..

    Really great to see you spending so much of time in SDN for sharing knowledge.


  • Hi Prabhith,

    I am facing issues in Point no. 5 when I try to add service in T code  /iwfnd/maint_service

    5) Annotation; @ODATA.PUBLISH = TRUE will create a Service automatically.

    But when we try to activate the service, we get the following error.(Unknown or Deleted Query)


    Can you please suggets how to correct this.


    • Please ensure tcode: rstco_admin has status Activation Successful.

      In our installation we needed to Import note 2238757 (and run RS_UDO_NOTE_2238757 in update mode)  and activate Infoobject 0Langu  before the Activation would complete successfully.

  • Thanks Prabhith, this is very useful.

    I would like to add for issue number 4 (Error reading Info provider for CDS View error while activating the CDS View).Sometime we found that Select from Statement already use correct DDL Source name but still return error.

    Solution: make sure if CDS View selected has annotation @Analytics.dataCategory with values #CUBE or #DIMENSION


  • Thanks Prabith, Great Info.

    1. For 4rth point, i am using DDL source name, still i am getting same error.
    2. How can i search for the view which suits for my requirement????
    3. we will search and find cube for DSO in BW, in the same way for finding CDS we need to search as per our requirement????
    4. Any suggestions for finding CDS views among those packages? Kindly help.