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Output Management via BRF+

With SAP S/4 HANA a new Output Management approach is in place. The complete configuration differs from the configuration that is used when output management is based on NAST (condition technique). The configuration is based on BRF+. In SAP S/4 HANA, the target architecture is based on Adobe Document Server and Adobe Forms only. For the form determination rules (along with other output parameters) BRF+ functionality is used.

  Output management based on NAST is not available for new documents in SD Billing from 1511 and is extended to sales order management from 1602. Similarly, output     management using BRF+ is mandatory for Purchase order from 1511.

Prerequisites –

  • Uploading XML for importing output determination application in BRF+ (Ref note 2248229).
  • BRF+ is active and usable
  • Background RFC configuration has been set up
  • Adobe Document Server is available – ADS needs to be implemented to allow SAP to fetch PDF properties for rendering output form
  • KPRO has been maintained – KPRO allows to store PDF attachments on physical location.

Steps for uploading XML –

Note 2248229, provides decision tables for new output management. We need to download XML files to local drive and import them using below steps.

Transaction code BRF+ or BRFPLUS

BRF+ workbench will be displayed. For importing output application, we need to change layout to “Expert” mode. Follow below steps –


a) Select user mode as “Expert”.

b) Save this settings.

Steps to import –    

a) Download zip files from SAP note 2248229 and save them on your local machine   

b) Next, we need to select Import XML under the Tools menu.  


c) Select relevant file in below screen.        


d) Specify Customizing request.    

e) Click on “Upload XML File” button.    

f) Uploaded application will now be available under Repository tab. 


Configuration –

Below configuration steps are relevant for all application areas (Sales Order, Purchase Order, Billing Documents and Outbound Delivery)

  SPRO Node for output configuration (IMG Path –> Cross Application Components)      

1) Define Output types –   

     Output Control -> Define Output Types    


2) Assign Output Channels –

     Output Control -> Assign Output channels      In this activity assign output channels to output type. 

3) Define Determination of Form Master Templates –    

Output Control -> Define Determination of Form Master Templates     

The master form template contains static data (such as a logo and footer) that is applied to each form page and is determined based on configuration setting maintained.      


a) Enter a rule ID, preferably an ID that indicates the logic of the rule.

b) Enter an ordinal number to specify the position of the rule in the determination sequence.     

c) Following parameters are optional –

    • Organization Type
    • Organizational unit
    • Channel
    • Sender country
    • Form Template

    During document output, the master form template is determined by comparing each defined rule with the current data provided by the application. If a parameter is not      defined (no value entered), this parameter is considered as a match, and else, system determines the rule where all parameters match. Master form template is used      corresponding to this rule.

Business Rules for Output Determination –

Below configuration steps are relevant for all application areas (Sales Order, Purchase Order, Billing Documents and Outbound Delivery)

SPRO – > Cross-Application Components -> Output Control -> Define Business Rules for Output Determination (Transaction: OPD)

In this Customizing activity, you can define how the system determines output parameters during document processing. You can define business rules for the determination of output parameters, such as output types, recipients, and form templates. 

Following determinations are available –

Determination Number of Matches Result Example
Output Type Multiple Output Type to be used Output BILLING_DOCUMENT can be determined on the basis of billing document type (F2).
Receiver Multiple List of Receiver Roles Receiver roles (SP, SH, RE, RG) are determined for the determined output type (BILLING_DOCUMENT).
Channel Multiple List of Output Channels Channels (EMAIL, PRINT and IDOC) are determined.
Printer Settings Single Output devices and number of copies Output device (LOCL) for channel PRINT
Email Settings Single Sender Email address and Email Template Sender email address & Email template (SD_CI_DEFAULT_EMAIL_TEMPLATE)  is determined for output type.
Email Receiver Multiple List of Email roles(To, Cc, Bcc) and email addresses Email addresses for roles (To, Cc, Bcc) are determined for output type. This step is optional and system uses receiver email address in case step is not maintained.
Form Template Single Form Template name and language Form template (SD_CI_STANDARD_DE) is determined with following options:  Output type, Receiver, Channel, Recipient language, Sender Country, Recipient Country and document category.
Output Relevance Single Can the document be output based on the defined condition (Yes/No)? Output to be issued only when billing document is successfully passed to accounting.

Example of maintenance of Channel determination –

  • Select Rules for relevant document, example BILLING_DOCUMENT.
  • Select determination, example Channel to be used for triggering output type.
  • Input parameters could be changed by adding input columns to determination table. Each determination table consists of input columns (condition columns) and result columns. You can add new input columns via the table settings.
  • Maintain relevant input combination to determine the channel needed. Multiple channel can be selected for the same combination.


After changes, click on Save and Activate.

Output processing –

  • Output determination is performed in document based on determination rules defined for Output type, receiver role, channel, form template, receiver email address and email template withe status as ‘In Preparation’. Default data can be changed in the document.

                  Overview Screen:                     


             Detail Screen: 

  • Processing of output –

           Only two dispatch times are available in new output management system.

    • Immediately (1)

                    Output is processed as soon as document is saved. If no errors, output type status changes to “Successful”. In case of errors, output will be in “Error” status.                     Errors can be viewed by clicking log button.

    • Scheduled (2)

                    Output is processed using new transaction introduced VF31F for billing document.               


  • Email output in SOST –

          Invoice copy is sent as PDF attachment.


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    • Hi,

      SAP still allows Smartforms and SAPscript. We can use them by maintaining below configuration. We need to specify form type, smartform, smartform program and routine.

      SPRO -> Cross Application components -> Output Control -> Assign Form Templates




      • Hi Anirudh,

        Is it possible to have SD billing output configured without Adobe Document Server? I have configured this with the form template as shown in the screenshot. I still see that output management screen (BRF+) differently from Order and Delivery output. Is it possible to disable BRF+ configuration and enable NACE? Please let me know. Thanks for your help !



  • Hi Anirudha,

    Can you please provide more details about prerequisites”

    • Background RFC configuration has been set up – RFC to which System?
    • Adobe Document Server is available – ADS needs to be implemented to allow SAP to fetch PDF properties for rendering output form – How to ensure this is implemented?
    • KPRO has been maintained – KPRO allows to store PDF attachments on physical location. – What parameters to be maintained?



    • Hi,

      1) New output management utilizes bgRFC for processing of outputs with Immediate dispatch time. bgRFC could be configured using transaction SBGRFCCONF.


      2) Connection to ADS can be checked in SM59. Please see below screenshot.


      3) KPRO maintenance could be done using following configuration.

           SPRO -> Cross Application Components -> Document Management -> General Data -> Settings for Storage Systems -> Maintain storage category

      Here, we assign content repository to category “SOMU”.




      • Hi Anirudh,

        We have made the KPRO configuration as shown above and also implemented note

        2279725 – Content repository for category SOMU. Output is processed with VF31F and entry is available in spool. But we try to display the spool it is throwing below error .

        File /usr/sap/SFI/SYS/global/SPOOL0000011792_00001.cfg cannot be opened

        Appreciate any inputs on this.



          • Can you please tell me on outputting to pdf1? Also I have a question. Once the invoice is created, output status is ‘In preparation’. How will it becomes ‘To be output’ automatically without any manual intervention? 

          • Well I am actually printing a PO at the moment – I created a device of type PDF1 and print to that.  The output for me goes directly to To Be Output as I have set it to print immediately  and once the PO is saved it remains in status Pending – even though it has spooled.  If I look at the messages before saving the PO and make changes – it ignores these so it must be going through the set up again later.  it never changes to successful unless I manually complete it – lots of little issues – it seems development is not fully complete.


  • Hi Anirudh,

    Need help / input for two issues at my end in S/4 HANA 1511 OP version.

    1- Only 3 XML files available to Import. Do not see the option in Tools–> XML Import. Please see below image

    2- The Print Preview not visible for any Sales Order/ quotation etc  documents. What need to be fixed this ?

    Output Management.jpg



    • Hi,

      Issue 1) –> For XML Import option to be visible, please use Expert mode. This can be done in personalization settings in BRF+ workbench.

      Issue 2) –> With 1511 release, new output management is not available for sales documents and outbound delivery. Sales documents still work with traditional output management based on NAST.



  • Hi Anirudh,

    How to maintain partner profile for IDOC message? In WE20 – Message Type, I cannot find new output types.


    Also, for Print I am using SAP Script but The output stays in “TO BE OUTPUT” status. How to print it?


    When I click on Print Button it gives error:

    Requested function OUTPUT is not available here

    When I click on PDF Icon, pop for Printer opens but I could not find Print Button. Print Preview is working fine.


    Kindly Help.



    • Dear Experts,

      Have you succeeded in  the purchase order message output with IDOC?

      how to maintain the partner profile?

      I have done all the configurations for print and idoc, Print is populated in the purchase order, but idoc is not populated.

      Sometimes even print out is not populated.

      Request your help



      Praveen g

  • Dear experts

    I have implemented notes  2292539 and 2248229.

    Also the OPD setting is done. But when I am running the output transaction, I am getting following screen with no details. Is there a way I can troubleshoot and figure out which setting I am missing. Thanks a lot for your help.




    • Hi Pankaj,

      VF31F transaction picks up an invoice only when output status is ‘2’ (To be output) and Dispatch time is ‘2’ (scheduled). Please try this and let me know if you have any questions.

      Also, please post a new thread as it seems that not many people are monitoring this area.

      • Hi Shanthi,

        Thanks a lot. I changed as you suggeste and got some development. Although now getting following errors. I believe I need to maintain  content repo in KPRO (SOMU). Can you please help here which content rep I need to maintain, and if I am missing any thing else.


        • Hi Pankaj,

          For form rendering error, please upgrade to 1511 SP1. In initial release, there are few issues with form data service.

          For KPRO error, please maintain content repository against document category “SOMU”.

          Hope, this helps.


          Anirudh Jain

          • Thanks Anirudh.

            I have maintained content repository for SOMU as CUSTCONTDB (SAP Note 2279725 says, any content rep can be selected. Now checking for ADS connection.

        • Hi Pankaj,

          We need to have the below note implemented. Please check whether it does exist already or not.

          2279725 – Content Repository for category SOMU

          Also, one important thing is that, we need to have Adobe document server connected to S4HANA to render any PDF forms. This is mandatory for BRF+ enabled PDF outputs in S4HANA.

          Please check both of these things so that the issue will be resolved.

          • Thanks Shanthi,

            I have maintained CUSTCONTDB as content rep (as per SAP note, any valid content rep can be selected). In case this does not work I will check with basis to implement the note. I am also checking for the ADS connection. Will update you if this works. Thanks again.

        • Hi guys,

          I’ve the same problem during generation output of billing documents.

          KPRO has been configured as internal repository (SOMU type)

          ADS is configured and generation in printing preview of PDF works fine

          Message is not automatically added because some conditions are missing in BFR+; I’ve tried to add message manually.

          When I try to print message (using VF31F) I obtain the error below.

          Anyone know if errors :

          “Resource not found for segment ‘BillingDocumentNode’ ” is due to missing customizing or some type of odata ?




          • Hi Maurizio,

            The error likely comes as your user does not have the authorization for the CDS view I_BILLINGDOCUMENT which is used for data retrieval.

            Each form template based on a gateway service can include CDS views.

            You can view them in the transaction SEGW. The name of the gateway service is a property of the form template which you can view via the App “Maintain Form Template”.

            Inside SEGW you find the data mapping under ‘Service Implementation’ -> <EntityName> -> Mapping (If ‘Mapping’ is visible a CDS view is used). Double-click and on the right side you will find the used CDS view.



          • Thanks Dario,
            I think ME9FF is correct. Thanks for the Information.

            My problem is now the email- message text which is not capturing in the email.
            when PR is converted into a PO > it is automatically send an e-mail message but the body message is not capturing which was earlier set with NAST.

            Is there any way without disturbing standard> a possibility or config change will work?


          • Is there a possibility to use Dispatch 2 for output type SALES_DOCUMENT (either a function like VF31F and ME9FF, or a way to individually print a sales document with own application)?

          • Hi Markus,

            could you give me more details about CDS view I_BILLINGDOCUMENT and why there are no customizing in the help guide related to these service?

            In the sap documentation for output management I’ve not found any link to SEGW transaction or gateway transactions.



  • Hi Guys,

    Firstly, need to mention that this particular thread has been really helpful.

    Now coming to my queries, we are in the mid of Implementing OPE 1511 for our client, and came across the below mentioned issues, while trying to process output messages for purchase orders, using BRF+.

    1. With all the config being done, and the determination rules being set in OPD, the output isn’t triggered while creating the purchase Order through ME21N, instead it gets triggered if I open the same Purchase order in change mode. Is there something that I’ missing here.

    2. I need to restrict the output generation based on a certain flag in the vendor master data [BP001 / LFA1]. I guess that should be configured by the usage of new rule sets & functions in transaction BRF+, but not sure how to do it.

    3. The Output Relevance Determination Rule is not available to me by default somehow, can anyone of you please help me to get that done – in case if it’s relevant obviously.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon on the same.



  • Hi Anirudh,

    I am trying to set up Output Determination using BRF+, I did the steps mentioned above in your post upto the assignment of output channels. However, I get a message in OPD (Define Business Rules for Output Determination) as “No determinations (decision tables) were found and the “Determination” tab is blank.

    I am also unable to maintain anything under the maintain business rules option. It is blank and does not let me add anything.

    Could you please throw some light on this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Bandita,

      I think you have not uploaded the output application in BRF+. Firstly, check the S4CORE version that you are working upon and download the XML files corresponding to that version.

      If application is imported properly, please verify that OPD_V3_BILLING_DOCUMENT is availbale in BRF+ workbench.

      After this, determination tables should be available in OPD transaction.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Anirudh Jain

  • Dear Team,

    We have done the output management configuration in S/4 HANA system still we are facing issue. Status is in process only and while print below error is displayed. No spool generated.

    and for PDF preview error is form master template could not be determined.


    Kindly help.



    • Dear Ahmed,

      It seems you have not set a printer determination.

      In Customizing “Define Business Rules for Output Determination” you should try to set a printer queue. Go to rules for Billing Document – Printer Settings.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards


  • Hello Anirudh,

    I’m wondering whether this will be used in S/4 HANA Cloud Edition as well. If so, do you have plans to provide FIORI Apps for the whole thing? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


  • Hi Anirudh,

    Great content. It really helped me in configuring the output type in BRF+. I have one open question where I want to provide the custom pdf form to be printed for the Billing output not the SAP standard form.

    I have tried maintaining it in the configuration as described in the blog, it triggers the custom form template but its blank form. I think the data is not flowing from the print program so the form is appearing blank.

    Can you help on this?

    Thanks & Regards


  • Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for sharing this great blog.

    I have done all the steps mentioned by you in the blog. Below I am attaching the screenshot of output generated. why does it says Test Copy? Secondly, when i go to T code VF31F, it does not generate the output. lastly, can we configure “Issue output To” option in S4  and how.




    • Did you find the solution of your problem ? I m facing the same issue for P.O. I implemented OSS note (for BRF+) and everything works well when i create a PO. But if i changed anything on the P.O and try to resend an output with ME9FF. It shows me screen below. Please let me know .


  • All,

    Anyone has faced same issue on OPD where SALES DOCUMENT determination is empty with no table decision?,

    we could import file from an OSS note for Biiling document and Purchase order, but the OSS note has not any xml file OPD for SALES DOCUMENT and it is required to be uploaded?

    where SAP provides this file for S4 hana?


    • Hi L PD,

      We have faced this issue and also raised this with SAP.

      The Answer is : The sales document does not support BRF+ configuration yet. It is still on NAST condition technique.

      Thanks & Regards


    • As Monalisa Agarwal already mentioned – BRF+ is not available for Sales Documents (former NAST application V1) yet – in the ON-PREMISE edition.

      You might want to check SAP Note 2330928. Here the settings are already listed, but you might have to wait for a future service pack in order to be able to use it.

      If you are working with the CLOUD edition it should work already – see SAP Note 2269304.



  • Hi Experts,

    While generating PO output we are getting below errors related to KPRO.


    As per 2279725 – Content Repository for category SOMU, we have maintained CUSTCONTDB as content rep.

    Please advise how can we resolve this issue.



  • Hi,

    I have made all the settings for triggering XML (OPD ,SPRO). I even see XML is created from ME9FF.

    in green this messge “

    Processing document PURCHASE_ORDER with ID 4500000056.

    Processing of output item with technical ID 00505685429F1EE697DDF7A4272F9513 using channel XML.

    but where you see the generated XML file :

    like for idoc we check WE02 for XML where to see.

  • Hi Anirudh,

    thanks for the inputs on BRF+. However, i have some doubts. When i try and use the functionality, i am not sure what does the parameter Role and Receiver ID refer to when i define the output for Purchase Order.

    Also, i have defined the parameters but still the receiver, Receiver country and Sender country is not getting determined in the output of my PO. and due to this i am not able to see any PDF and output is still in Preparation mode. Please help.

  • Hi Anirudh,

    The notes 2228611 and 2292571 have been recently updated.

    Some information on this blog are outdated or need to be corrected.

    Most important information is that the new output management in S/4HANA onPremise is optional. Some applications set it as default but there is a way to enable the legacy output again (e.g. NAST for Billing and Purchase Order).

    Also Sales Documents and Outbound Delivery still use NAST in all SPs of release 1511.

    Could you kindly update the blog (especially the introduction) to reflect this information.

    Best regards,

    Markus Berg

    • Hi Markus Berg,

      I have made all the settings for triggering XML (OPD ,SPRO). I even see XML is created from ME9FF.

      in green this messge “

      Processing document PURCHASE_ORDER with ID 4500000056.

      Processing of output item with technical ID 00505685429F1EE697DDF7A4272F9513 using channel XML.

      but where you see the generated XML file :

      like for idoc we check WE02 for XML where to see.

    • Hi Markus,

      how to choose with nast for billing  for output determination  in S/4 Hana? i don’t want to use BRF+ or bgRFC methods.

      or who knows anybody ?

  • Hi,

    I have configured PO message output with channel as EMAIL communication and the message is correctly determined but the email is not triggering to the supplier i use in my PO. In the message it shows as Status – To Be Output.

    All the BRF+ configurations are correctly done. Is any thing I have missed ?

    • Hi Himanshu,

      I’m working on that, but with customers. Could you determine automatic the Vendor e-mail? or are you completing the e-mail manually?

      Regarding your issue, Could you see the a-mail to send in SOST?

      • Hi,

        I am trying to send my PO through automatically when the PR is converted to PO. and the message should determined correctly and sent to my supplier. The message determination is correctly happened when the PO is created.But the mail is not triggering. I checked SOST but it is not showing any task sent.

        • Hi Himanshu, I have configured the custom PO output type and maintained OPD config. In my case, still the standard output is getting determined. Regarding email message – How did you create the message? Did you use custom CDS view?

          We have requirement to trigger email to multiple email addresses and also to buyer if possible. I maintained receiver to and maintained the context value as supplier. In the CC, I maintained the context value as purchasing group. Did you complete anything in this area?

          • Hi Guys,

            We’ve the similar requirement as Tarun above. In our case, the vendors have multiple email IDs maintained, but the PO email is being sent only to one (primary) email ID. We need the email to be sent to all the email IDs maintained within the vendor master.

            Any idea if this is possible with some configuration, or do we need to write any custom code to enable this?

            Also, can anyone please point me to any standard program/class/FM which basically sends the email from PO?

  • Hi,  I have the BRF+ billing output working successfully but I need to do output determination based on a custom field.   I am struggling to see how to extend the BRF+ application with the new field.    Does anyone have steps to do this?   My custom field is an append to table VBRK but this field is not showing up in the view ISDBILLINGDOC which is used for the output determination.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    • Hello Barbara,

      I have configured all the settings for BRF+ output determination as mentioned by Anirudh for Billing(Invoice). In VF02 I have given the details with custom adobe form in place of Master Template which I have configured in ‘Assigned Templates’ and click on PDF button to view the document, but I am getting an error like “Key parameter BillingDocument has not been provided.”

      Did I missed any setting?

      If you have any document can you please provide


      Thanks and Regards,

      Muralikrishna Peravali.


  • Hi!

    I need help on transporting the configuration rules between 2 clients in the same development system.

    I´ve done the configuration and I couldnt select the OT, this was selected by default. The i´ve transported totesting client with scc1 but the changes were not transported.

    Is there any special procedure for this?

    The note says that all changes are considered customizing activities.



    • Hi Mariel,

      Did you manage to solve this? We have the same issue, for some reason changes to OPD were not transported to our Unit Test Client using SCC1.

      Your input is appreciated!


    • Hi Victor
      We’ve been trying to set it up for intercompany processes (Purchase order from company A to company B, billing document from company B to company A) and have not been successful.
      I’ve found note 2228611 – Output Management in SAP S/4HANA , which has a link to note 2267376 – Billing Document Output Management (a search for 2267376 doesn’t work, follow the link from 2228611). 2267376 says :- Because output management for SAP S/4HANA only supports the “pure” output channels, while the NAST-based output is also used for several kinds of post-processing, output management for SAP S/4HANA cannot be used if one of the following NAST transmission mediums is required: 8 Special function 9 Events (SAP Business Workflow) A Distribution (ALE) T Tasks (SAP Business Workflow) In this case, please switch back to NAST:

      So I think we must switch back to NAST to get IDOCs working.


  • In the earlier ‘NAST’ Output processing, I was able to check the ‘Analysis’ button, and see why an output type was not triggered – to understand which condition was not satisfied. Is there an equivalent functionality in the new ‘Output management’?

    In case of Email output, how can I maintain new Email templates?

    What are the reasons why an output type is stuck at ‘To be output’ status – and no ABAP dumps?


  • Hi,

    I have configured BRF+ for Purchase Order and it works fine. I have my channel configured as e-mail and the e-mail is correctly triggering to the Supplier with a PDF document attached as PO. details. My question is the E-mail body message is coming as blank.

    Could you please suggest how to configure and where to configure so that It would work fine.

    As per the technical analysis it didn’t pass through the filter since the program has NAST-NACHA = 1


  • Hi Anirudh.
    Thanks for sharing the information. One question: If we are using a SmartForms-based purchase order form and do not require a PDF to be generated, do we need to perform all the previous steps of installing the XML, activate the BRF +, KPRO and Adobe Document Server? The version is SAP S4HANA 1511.
  • Hi,

    I have setted all configurations and the brf+ work.

    But I have a problem. When I start a printout of a PO is generated a PDF, but when I modify the PO document later I have to restart another print to see the changes in this document. Is there any possibility to see the changes in the first generated output and, so, do not recreate a new output?



  • Hello All,

    I have configured all the settings for BRF+ output determination as mentioned by Anirudh for Billing(Invoice). In VF02 I have given the details with custom adobe form in place of Master Template which I have configured in ‘Assigned Templates’ and click on PDF button to view the document, but I am getting an error like “Key parameter BillingDocument has not been provided.”

    Did I missed any setting?

    Can you please help me on this?


    Thanks and Regards,

    Muralikrishna Peravali.


  • Hi,


    We have 2 clients DEV  & TEST. we uploade S4CORE 101 XML in DEV system  and decision table are being displayed and all of the xml were captured in customizing TR #, but how to transport the same in TEST client ? i tried everything but decision table are still not getting reflected.

    Please help.

  • Hello Experts,

    In the old output determination (NACE) it was possible to prevent the printing of invoice by using requirement output control number (Standard routine 62 application V3 provide by SAP).

    This routine was useful, that was a way to not send an invoice to the customer until the posting.

    How we can manage it with BRFPLUS. Is there standard scenario provide by sap that we can use ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi experts,

    I implemented S/4HANA output message with Smartforms, so dispatch 1 is not working for purchase order (print device is PDF1 type), KPRO and SBGRFCCONF were defined, after save purchase order (without release strategy) message status for PRINT channel is “To Be Output” and it doesn´t change to “completed”.

    Dispatch 2 is working fine after execute ME9FF, I only have one question, a pop up to select local device is displayed or if I have pdf creator as default printer, PDF is displayed to save at this moment.

    In output message for material document GOODS_RECEIPT_PO_SLIP, dispatch 1, 2 don´t work, after execute program MATERIAL_DOCUMENT_OUTPUT_RUN, I have this message “Error(s) occurred when rendering the output item.”

    Do you know if is necessary to create ADS (with Java installation) to render PDF if I use Smartform and not PDF forms?



  • Hello Experts,

    I am new to SAP and have started working recently on S4 HANA 1610 version.

    Need your opinion on using BRF+ for outbound delivery. I checked in opd and outbound delivery is there as an output type and the other settings are also maintained for the same. However, in SPRO, I am not able to locate any node to activate the new output management for outbound deliveries and it’s output determination is happening through NACE currently.

    Is it possible in the 1610 version to have the outbound delivery output through BRF+.

    Please help me out.




  • Hello Experts,

    After processing document in ME21N when i check the purchase order in ME23N it gives me an error “Error when trying to access KPro file storage (Save Not Allowed)”. Please help me out


  • Hi,

    I’ve setup output management for billing documents for  PRINT and EMAIL  channels.

    I’ve noticed that there is email template field and predefined template ID.I assume it is used for email body message.

    Do you know how to edit this template?   It is not smart form,  Adobe PDF or SO10 text.

    Do you know how to change default email body?



    Thank you

    • Hello Viktor,


      Have you find a solution with customizing email template? I have the same issue as well.

      Please tell me if you are able to solve it.



      • Hi Annie,

        Sure we solved it.


        For customization you need to logon to Fiori and use app maintain Email templates. Here you can use pre-delivered template or create/copy new one.

        We had some issues with authorizations for creation and copy/paste of templates.

        I find this solution very user-friendly, basically there is no use for developer more.


        Hope it helps


        • Hello Viktor,

          That’s great! I am new to fiori, can you provide steps how to access the app? Your guide will be really appreciated.

          Thank you!

  • Hi Anirudh,

    In development system output determination procedure for s/4 hana we did all the changes and export to quality and production also.

    Here Developement side output taken automatically in Billing working fine but production system not working properly.

    In development taking one form and production taking another form automatically.


    Please need your inputs.




    • Hi Pavan,

      There should be a problem with your BRF+ maintenance in production. Did it work fine in quality? Please check whether output record is maintained in BRF+ screen in production. Also, check to see “Assign Form Templates” configuration in the system which form and program is assigned.

  • Hi Anirudh,

    Is it possible to active archiving for the documents with Output management based on BRF+ .

    We are able to activate  the archiving for the Nace based configuration by setting the archive mode 3 and storage mode in the nace config.

    how do we achieve this for the documents based on BRF+ Output Management.





  • Just to help out some people and appreciate the Forum, some problems that had me stuck for a while.

    Item not relevant for output, But you know you have done the above for sure. Make sure the in OPD the output relevance is ‘Activated’, maybe delete the line and put it in again.

    Output does not come default in your document, although you have done above correct. There is a mandatory field in the “channel” option for exclusive indicator that gives error’s when you push “Check”. to solve this push Edit and than go to table settings on the right to uncheck this mandatory field. You can always simulate if the flow works.

    IDOC defaulted to LS partner, forget it. The whole ALE is bypassed in this new setup. Either go through PO/PI or something or switch back to NAST.



  • Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for useful information. We have requirement to use this new BRF+ OM functionality (S/4 HANA) for customer invoice/Credit Memo (Transactions-FB70/FB75). Can you confirm if BRF+ OM functionality to generate the PDF forms can be enabled for this application, and if yes how? I can see this functionality is enabled for billing/PO, but can’t figure out if there is any placeholder for above transactions. All the blogs enlisted are related to SD billing doc.

    Traditional approach used to print Customer Invoice: Generate Customer invoice via FB70, then request for correspondence FB12, and finally print it via F.61

    Note: I’ve enabled all the config in S/4 HANA 1610 system.

    Cheers, Abhi

  • We have done all the PO output configuration thru BRF+. The receiver is Email.

    In the PO, status is “To be Output”, however, there is nothing in SOST or ME9FF.


    Can anyone assist in resolving this issue?


    Thanks, in advance.

  • Hello Anirudh

    This is an excellent document. I have a question. What is the equivalent of NAST master data table in the new S/4 HANA output output control methodology?

    In the traditional output methodology, processed,failed and unprocessed outputs are stored by application type in NAST

    Similarly, where is this master data stored when we decide to use the new output control?




  • Hi Experts.

    Can anyone please tell me the required configuration in “Define Business Rules for output determination” node for sending my PO to the vendor by mail ? noting that I have defined an output type for PO and assigned “Email ” output channel  then defined rule for determination then assigned form template

    Also what is the use of Business Partner ID and Email URI in ” Email Recipient”  in Business rules output determination node ?

    Any little help will be appreciate
    thank you

  • Hi expert,

    I am trying to perform SPRO : “Define Rules for Determination of Master Form Template” in new S/4 HANA Output management(BRF+) to assign SAPScript (MEDRUCK) to the form template for Purchase Order, however I hit with error that I unable to assign the MEDRUCK. Anyone can advise how to fix the error?


    Thanks in advance. 

  • Thanks Anirudh for the blog. it is more useful. but if you explain complete documentation on PO, PR release set-up in BRF+- S4 HANA. it is more appreciated. Thanking you.




  • Former Member Hi Anirudh, I would like to know how you can create a custom XML (e.g Inbound delivery) which you can import in BRF+ workbench (TA: BRFPLUS) and how you can trigger via output mangement ? Do we need to register in BOPF etc and if yes then how ?



    Hello All

    It seems the new OM using BRF+ does not have the provision of using partner functions without doing some code changes. Currently only partner function supported in BRF+ is LF whereas if we add a partner function like OA in BRF+, it does not recognize it and reads only LF.

    Any thoughts or ways to overcome this?



  • Hi Anirudh,

    Could you please help me in achieving requirement?

    Enable invoice to be sent to multiple customer email addresses through Email channel using BRF+

    I’ve configured invoice message output with a channel as EMAIL communication using BRF+ and the invoice can be sent successfully.

    I have a requirement to send out an invoice to multiple email addresses based on the Customer number. For example, a customer has multiple email IDs maintained. Currently, the invoice is being sent to one email ID only.

    What is the configuration needed to enable invoice to be sent automatically to those recipients which are maintained in customer master dynamically?




    • This is not possible at the moment. If you want to send invoices to multiple email IDs, create an email group with all those email IDs and put the email group in the communication email field..

  • Hello Experts,

    I’m configured the ouput for P.O after implementing  OSS note (for BRF+) and everything works well  when i create a new PO. But if i try to resend output with ME9FF after changing my existing PO .It doen’t generate output . It shows me screen below.  Please helps me with this.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello All,

    Can I go with traditional approach (SPRO -> Assign form template) for Billing Document (Invoices) output management configuration?

    Because we have created a Adobe form with Driver program and ENTRY routine to show Invoice form. Here everything works fine if I go with traditional approach in t-codes VF01/02/03.

    But when we execute the Invoice output run in t-code VF31F, we are facing a following error – “Error(s) occurred when rendering the output item”.

    In our case Spool is also created successfully. 

    Can anybody help me to figure out this error?


    Keyur Pawar