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How to do Remodeling on DSO

Overview of Remodeling

If we want to modify an DSO that data has already been loaded. We can use remodeling to change the structure of the object without losing data.

If we want to change an DSO  that no data has been loaded into yet, we can change it in DSO maintenance.

We may want to change an InfoProvider that has already been filled with data for the following reasons:

We want to replace an InfoObject in an InfoProvider with another, similar InfoObject. we have created an InfoObject ourself but want to replace it with a BI Content InfoObject.


As a precaution, make a backup of your data before you start remodeling. In addition, ensure that:

we have stopped any process chains that run periodically and affect the corresponding InfoProvider. Do not restart these process chains until remodeling is finished.

There is enough tablespace available in the database.

After remodeling, we have to check which BI objects that are connected to the InfoProvider (for example, transformation rules, MultiProviders) have been deactivated. we have to reactivate these objects manually. The remodeling makes existing queries that are based on the InfoProvider invalid. we have to manually adjust these queries according to the remodeled InfoProvider. If, for example, we have deleted an InfoObject, we also have to delete it from the query.


A remodeling rule is a collection of changes to your DSO that are executed simultaneously.

For DSO, you have the following remodeling options:

For characteristics:

Insert or replace characteristics with:


An attribute of an InfoObject within the same dimension

A value of another InfoObject within the same dimension

A customer exit (for user-specific code)


For key figures:



A customer exit (for user-specific code)

Replace with: ○ A customer exit (for user-specific code)

Delete You cannot replace or delete units. This avoids having key figures in the DSO without the corresponding unit.

Implementation of Remodeling Procedure To carry out the Remodeling  procedure, Right click on your DSO and in the context menu, navigate through Additional Functions —–> Remodeling.

Capture.PNG                                                                                                                       we will get the following window after clicking on Remodeling. Enter a remodeling rule name and press Create to create a new rule.

Capture1.PNG                                                                             After clicking on Create we will get the following pop-up window where in we have to enter a description for the rule we wish to create (as shown below).

Capture2.PNG                                                                               After entering the description, press the Create button. we will see the following screen.


As we can see, the left pane shows the structure of the DSO in consideration.

To add a new remodeling rule, Click on the Green Plus sign on the Top-Left corner of your screen (Also circled in Red below). It is called the Add Operation to List button.

Capture4.PNG                                                                                   You will get the following pop-up where you can add the remodeling rules.

Capture5.PNG                                                                                         Business Requirement The requirement is as follows:

To delete the Time Characteristic 0CALDAY from the data fields.

To add 0COMP_CODE to the key fields with constant value 1100.

To delete the key figure Revenue(ZREVU8) as it is no longer relevant for reporting in this DSO.

We will implement these requirements one by one.

In the pop-up that opened in the last step, select the Delete Characteristic Radio Button and enter the technical name of the Characteristic name you wish to delete (0CALDAYin this case)

Capture 6.PNG                                                                                               Confirm by pressing the CREATE button.

capture 9.PNG

Adding Characteristic 0COMP_CODE.with value 1100 to key fields of DSO.

Capture 7.PNG           

we need to check AS Key Field check box.if we want that in particular position.

click on create button.

capture 10.PNG

To delete key figure we need to follow these steps.

Capture 8.PNG                                                                                                 Then click on create button.


capture 11.PNG

after that click on activate and simulate then go for schedule option.

Capture12.PNG                                                                                    simulation done and click on continue then now it will schedule screen.

Capture 13.PNG                                                                                                  select immediate option then it will appear the below screen here we need to select save option.

capture 14.PNG                                                                                                now we will get message like this.

Capture 15.PNG                                                                                                                                                  if we want to see job click on jobs then we will check it. after that DSO will be inactive and we need to activate.

Capture 16.PNG                                                                                    Now Remodeling successfully done on DSO.

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      Nice Post. Helpful Topic

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      nayeer samsi

      Can you please share from wich version f SAP the remodeling of DSO is possible .I was under the impression that only cube is allowed for remodeling .

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      Former Member
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      Hi Nayeer,

      This total flow i capture in BW7.4 version.