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HANA Cloud Portal meets Cloud for Analytics

In one of the latest blog post by my colleague Nash Gajic, we found out how to setup HANA Cloud Platform multitenant database as a remote data source and use it with SAP Cloud for Analytics to visualize and share the insights with other users.

I have decided to take this step further and describe how SAP Cloud for Analytics can be used along with the HANA Cloud Portal. The main focus of this post is on how quickly the IT department – or, better yet, the business users themselves – can turn critical analytics data into the self-service portal for customers & partners.


Navigate to Services in the menu and activate the service “HANA Cloud Portal”

Configure the Portal Service

Click on the configure SAP HANA Cloud Portal link to launch the configuration section of the Cloud Portal

In the roles section ensure your user is assigned to the role “TENANT_ADMIN” as shown below. If not, you will have to manually assign it.

Create a Portal Site

Launch the Cloud Portal by clicking on the “Go to Service” link

From the site directory menu, click on the + icon.

Select the “SAP Fiori Launchpad“ as a template and click on create button

In the Get Started section, click on “Create App Tile”

Click on the Site Preview at the top right hand corner

This will open the site in a new tab

When you click on the tile “Sales Report”, it will launch the C4A visualizations. It will prompt for a User/password as we have not setup any authentication between the two applications. After providing the login details, you will get to see the same C4A visualizations which you previewed earlier.

Using the Cloud Portal is one way to expose your Visualizations/reports. Based on your requirements, you can hook up these reports within other Cloud solutions or even to your on-premise solutions.

This will conclude part 2.In the next part, we’ll have a closer look on some of the additional things that we can do using SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Cloud for Analytics.

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