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You are using SAP MRS (MultiResource Scheduling) with optimizer to automatically create assignments for the demands.

You have also enabled travel times in MRS and wish to influence the creation of travel times in the non-availability of resources ,

please follow the below steps, attached screenshots can be of some help.

1. Go to this IMG node in MRS configuration transaction: /n/MRSS/IMG

2. Traverse to the IMG node Optimizer and Travel Times -> Optimizer -> Define RP-Node-Based Optimization Parameters for Resources

3. Check the “Travel Time” check box

     USE: This check box influences whether the optimizer will create travel time in the resource non-availability.

4. In the field “Travel Time(Work Start) specify how many minutes of travel time a resource can have before it is actually available.

5. In the field “Travel Time(work End) specify how many minutes of travel time a resource can have after it is actually available.

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  1. Former Member

    Excellent document Avinash! Many thanks for this. I have a suggestion to the moderators of SCN. As you might have realized, the number of threads are increasing as MRS is becoming more and more popular. So we better have a specific community for MRS as threads are written mostly in EAM and ERP communities.

    1. Avinash S Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Savas.

      I strongly agree with you on having a separate thread.

      How can i help in getting a separate bucket for MRS queries, docs and blogs.

      1. Former Member

        Hi Avinash

        The response from is:

        “I’m afraid we can’t create new spaces now as we are planned to migrate to a new platform. Could you please reach out again in August?e new platform will allow more tagging flexibility.”

        I will try in August again.




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