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Author's profile photo Shubham Srivastava

SAP CPM 2.0 integration with SAP PS

Hello All

I have successfully integrated SAP PS with SAP CPM 2.0.

There are many innovative offerings from CPM product like Project Issues & Change management ,Risk Management ,Financial Planning , KPIs & Alerts Management ,Status management ,Cross project reporting & many more which are not available in PS.

The look & feel of the product is too good.

Lots of standard dashboard views in CPM ,Pie charts ,Stack Graphs etc. makes it a powerful ,analytical decision making tool.

Multiple PS projects getting combined in single CPM master project makes it easy for Project Manager to monitor & compare cross project parameters.

Email Triggers are all part of standard product and requires no major configuration.

By in large CPM is very valuable & useful Add On to SAP PS.

The installation & functional configuration is very simple.

Also , lots of SAP notes are available for quick issue resolution.

No addition BI/BW box required as CPM utilizes existing BI layer of R3 – ECC architecture.

A great product offered by SAP.

I was going through the product documentation  : Feature Scope Description: SAP Commercial Project Management 1.0 for SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1601 and found it quite interesting.

In S/4 HANA , all the useful features are readily available – Project Workspace , Project Issues & Change Management & Project Cost & Revenue Planning.

SAP Commercial Project Management covers multiple processes in an end-to-end scenario spanning the selling, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling of projects.

Companies that sell projects (for example, in the professional services or the engineering, construction, and operations industries) can use these solutions to further professionalize their core business processes and expand beyond back office capabilities.

Anyone has started using SAP CPM on HANA ?? How was your experience??Please share  and lets make this forum a complete knowledge sharing module.


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      Author's profile photo Himalya Vashistha
      Himalya Vashistha

      Hi Shubham,

      Can you share more information regarding this topic like -

      - Installation and configuration of CPM in My server Project desk is available but configuration node in SPRO is not available.


      Author's profile photo Shubham Srivastava
      Shubham Srivastava
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Himanshu

      1. If you are currently on SAP PS , you need to purchase licenses for SAP CPM 2.0 as it is an add-on over SAP PS.
      2. Your Basis team needs to install SAP CPM 2.0 latest SP03 referring to the installation admin guide available for downloading at service market place.
      3. Once that is done , in the same SPRO (IMG) a separate node will open up for SAP commercial project management.
      4. Next step would be to proceed with functional configuration of SAP CPM in SPRO node - Master project ,PICM ,PFP & others. Please keep the business requirement crystal clear before proceeding with CPM configuration.
      5. You need to read in detail on CPM objects like master project ,issues, financial planning by referring to webinar presentations and documentations available in public domain.
      6. CPM can be accessed thru NWBC RFC for which SAP Basis help is required. Else you can also host it as a WebDynpro App in SAP enterprise portal thru ABAP support.
      7. So its like , login to SAP ECC ->execute NWBC->Select relevant SAP CPM role and proceed.

      Go step by step.

      All the Best!!!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Shubham,

      Thanks for the steps explanation.

      Can you please help in terms of Configuration document for CPM 2.0?

      Rapid deployment solution is only available for CPM 1.0 but for CPM 2.0 nothing much i am able to find over the net.

      Please do provide your valuable input.

      Author's profile photo Shubham Srivastava
      Shubham Srivastava
      Blog Post Author

      There is not much difference in CPM 2.0.

      By in large configuration is same except for Risk management which is available only in 2.0.

      There is no readily available document on configuration & hence the best way is to follow help notes of SPRO & create test cases.

      Author's profile photo Laxminarsimha Gundla
      Laxminarsimha Gundla

      Hi Shubham,

      We have both CPM and ERP are in two different systems. Would like to access ERP Projects from Master Project in CPM. We haveĀ definedĀ ERP system as logical system and mentioned the same in 'Assign logical system' configuration. However I am not able to see the Projects from ERP system when search same from Master Project.

      Can you please throw some light on this.


      Author's profile photo Shubham Srivastava
      Shubham Srivastava
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Laxminarsimha,

      By two different systems , are you referring to two landscapes or clients?

      Please maintain all possible logical systems available in CPM master project configuration.

      If you can share the specific configuration screen shot ,it would be easy for me to comment.

      Secondly ,how you are searching ERP PS projects in CPM master projects?
      Is it via project definition as search criteria?


      Author's profile photo Shubham Srivastava
      Shubham Srivastava
      Blog Post Author


      I believe you must have read below information related to CPM master projects.

      When you create a master project, you can also search for and assign business objects that are a part of the master project. For example, you may choose to add business objects such as PS project definitions, CRM opportunities, sales orders, sales quotations, and collaboration projects (cProjects).

      1. Expand the Search Business Objects assignment block and search for the business objects that you want to assign.

      2. From the results list, select the required business objects and choose Assign.

        While assigning business objects to a master project, you can choose to overwrite the master project ID with the ID of a business object. However, use your discretion about the ID you choose as this is an irreversible, one-time activity.



      Author's profile photo Laxminarsimha Gundla
      Laxminarsimha Gundla

      Hi Shubham,

      Many thanks for your reply.
      Both ECC and CPM are in two different landscapes. I have configured the object links and logical systems within the CPM. When I tried to search for Project definition from Master project, I get a message that 'No Projects exist'. However there are many projects created in ECC system.

      Did I miss any other configuration settings


      Author's profile photo shashi kulkarni
      shashi kulkarni

      Hi Shubham,

      Thanks for clarifications..Need few more clarifications as below

      1. Master project created in NWBC(web application) will not have WBS more than 2 levels ?
      2. Is it required to create/Link project in ECC (CJ20N) with same structure as Master project ?
      3. Actual cost will happen in Master Project or ECC project ?



      Author's profile photo Kannan Shanmugam
      Kannan Shanmugam

      Hi Shubham Srivastava,

      I had a query in fiori app tile (Multi project Overview).We are creating projects using SAP PS,but we activate fiori tile (Multi project Overview) no PS Projects related data flowing from SAP PS.Finally ,I came to know that fiori tile comes under CPM.My question is using this tile how we can get SAP PS Projects overview orelse any configure any to integrate CPM and PS.

      Please add your views and do the needful sir.


      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      Interested Blog. As OTC lead I am exploring an interface of COM to SD. Could you share with me your thoughts - if you deliver Projects in Construction Industry and you use your Products and Human Resources to deliver them, while you Bill Clients only by the Milestone - how do you see in SD documents both Costs of the Goods and Resources per milestone ?

      PS allowed you to do so by billing WBS. What is the link to CPM?