It is possible that the RFC failes due to the OS reching the limit on maximum number of processes.

First need to check the ulimit values on the OS system: For this you can refer KBA “2048826”.

To do so in the command prompt type “ulimit -a” as shown below values must be appear in your system.

ulimit -a

time(seconds) unlimited

file(blocks) unlimited

data(kbytes) unlimited

stack(kbytes) 4194304

memory(kbytes) unlimited

coredump(blocks) unlimited

nofiles(descriptors) unlimited

threads(per process) unlimited

processes(per user) unlimited

Note:- For windows server the above check can resolve the issue. But for AIX system you need to follow the below steps to resolve.

On AIX there is a second limit for processes, which is set to 128 on your server:

[3]lsattr El

sys0 a


maxuproc 128 Maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user True.

This maxuproc should be increased to atleasst 1024. See note 1972803 SAP on AIX:

Recommendations Section 3 for detailes:

“o Maximum number of processes for each user in the system:

This value (maxuproc) can be checked using the command ‘lsattr El

sys0 a

maxuproc’ and is often set too low at 128. You should use the

command ‘chdev l

sys0 a

maxuproc=1024′ to set the value to at least


Please increase the maxuproc to resolve this issue.



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