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In the past few weeks, I’ve written articles covering various topics related to obsolete/incorrect design and development practices. This post is written to retrospectively kick-start the Stop using © campaign.

The intentions of this “campaign” are two-fold:-

  • To raise awareness within the community by highlighting such myths, bad practices or obsolete/deprecated features
  • To promote good design and development practices

As pointed out by Jose Valladares in Middleware Solutions Rebooted: SAP Process Orchestration, XI/PI/PO has continually evolved over the years and different versions. Features and functionality have been added, changed, deprecated and even removed over the many versions and it is impossible for any one person to keep track of it all. Sometimes these are mentioned in the What’s New section in the Help Portal, other times they are mentioned in SCN blog announcements. Worse of all they are buried deep in some SAP Note or even undocumented at all.

Additionally, integration covers a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. While it is relatively easy for one to begin developing in PI, mastering it is a totally different ball game due to the near limitless scope involved. As such, this is where a community like SCN stands out, where different people with different expertise and experience can share and learn from one another.

To start off this campaign, I’ve consolidated the articles in the following section of this post which acts as a central listing. This post is created as a collaborative document, and I am inviting other members of this community to collaborate on this as well.

If there is an area/topic of design & development within PI/PO that you noticed have been repeatedly designed/used incorrectly or is no longer relevant, and you know of a better approach, I encourage you to write about it and add it on to this list.

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