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How to configure stock transfer Kanbans from WM managed Sloc

This document shows you main configuration and master data settings for Stock transfer Kanban from WM managed storage location.

Business scenario:

Stock transfer Kanban is used by automobile and discrete manufacturing industries to transfer raw materials from main ware house to production supply areas in shop floor. Kanban control cycles are maintained in production area with material, supply area, storing position, destination bin, no of Kanbans, Quantity per container, container id etc. Operator or material handler can scan the bins empty in shop floor to trigger Kanban initiated transfer orders. System will print transfer orders in the source bin location. Material handler will pick the material based on Transfer order item and quantity and move the material to the destination bin printed in the Transfer order. We can design a custom output for transfer order with bar codes for control cycle number, Kanban ID etc. Once the material is put away into destination bins material handler will confirm the TO. This will update Kanban ID status to Full. Custom forms and print programs can be created and assigned to print the Kanban labels and control cycles with specific layout and printer compatibility.

Configuration settings:

Control key settings for direct TO creation for storage location controlled by WM.

Movement type should be 311 and immediate TO Crtn check box should be active.

Control Key.png

Movement type 350 settings:

Make sure Requirement type is J for movement type 350 in your ware house.

Movement type 350.png

Define replenishment control for movement type:

Assign movement type 350 for Kanban replenishment to ware house and storage type 150. You can assign this movement to any storage type you defined as Kanban replenishment.

Replenishment control for storage type.png

Mater data:

Creation of Kanban stock transfer control cycles in PKMC:

Control cycles are created with stock transfer replenishment strategy 0006. Create destination production supply areas in receiving storage location. Update storage bin as destination ware house, storage type and storage bins where material will be received. Storage position can be updated as physical location where material will be transferred if this is different from system storage bin. Also update no of Kanbans, Kanban quantity, container ID, stock transfer strategy and source sloc where materal will be picked and transferred.

control cycle.png

Transaction details:


Kanban bin can be scanned empty eiher from Kanban board (PK13N) or RF transaction (PKRFBC). Last character in Kanban ID barcode can be hardcoded with empty status “2” to reduce user errors while scanning next status.

Stock position in ware house before scanning empty:

Stock position before scanning empty.png

TO will be created with destination bin as storage bin in the Kanban control cycle. TO will be printed in the source bin location and material handler will pick the material and move to the destination bin. Source Sloc will be picked from Sloc field in Kanban control cycle below stock transfer replenishment strategy.

Stock position in Warehouse after scanning bin empty and before TO confirmation.

Stock will be displayed as pick quantity in source storage bin and stock for put away in destination bin.

Stock position after scanning empty.png

TO will be created with source bin and destination bin details.

TO details before confirmation.png

Once material handler completed put away of stock in destination bin and ware house he will confirm the TO either in SAP transaction LT12 or WM RF transaction LM05. After confirmation Stock will be removed from source bin and will be updated in destination bin and TO will be closed. Also Kanban ID will be updated to Full status and color will be updated to green in Kanban board(PK13N).

Stock position after TO confirmation.png

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      Author's profile photo Harshesh Patel
      Harshesh Patel

      Thanks Rijil for sharing this document.

      QQ for you - We have a similar scenario but wanted to check if this works when the receiving sloc is WM manages as well? Or, will this work only when the Receiving Sloc is IM managed?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Harshesh,

      In my project we did with WM managed as receiving Sloc. Destination bin and storage type will be picked from WM bin in control cycle.



      Author's profile photo Harshesh Patel
      Harshesh Patel

      Thanks Rijil for your response.

      Author's profile photo Patrick Farrelly
      Patrick Farrelly

      Unfortunately the storage location to storage location part of this does NOT happen for us. We need some help from smart people.

      In our case, the main sloc is 1010, linked to warehouse 001.  The supply area for kanban is linked to sloc 1501 which is not mrp relevant.  Storage location 1501 is also linked to warehouse 001.

      We have the bin to bin movement working from kanban stock transfer replenishment strategy 0006 (kanban empty signal generates a TR which is immediately converted to TO which prints). And on confirmation of the TO, the kanban is set to full.

      The goods never move to storage location 1501 from 1010.

      We need this stock transfer replenishment strategy / TO to move stock from a warehouse bin to the control cycle storage type and bin but also post it into the kanban storage location 1501.  

      We do not know what is missing.