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New Release Highlights: SAP Identity Management 8.0 SP2

Our next release of SAP Identity Management 8.0 SP2 is ready and successfully passed validation with several customers and partners

The essential news in this release are:

  • New provisioning monitor to improve analysis of queue state
  • Enabling/Disabling of repositories
  • Changing of repository types
  • MInor Enhancements

We Implemented feedback from customers and fixed issues in:

  • Upgrade from 7.2
  • Development Studio (Eclipse Plug-Ins)

We showed Lab Preview version of provisioning monitor at TechEd’2015 and now both Identity Management 7.2 and 8.0 customers can enjoy it because it is release independent component. The difference is that in 7.2 it is command line standalone tool while in 8.0 it is integrated in the administrative UI.


It recognizes now several typical issues and proposes solutions based on several predefined patterns of common issues.

More info you can find in this blog.

We made possible to Disable and Enable repositories. This is useful in cases when you need to handle target system on which maintenance is to be performed – you can manually disable the respective repository before the maintenance from the Administration UI. IdM will be maintaining provisioning operations while repository is disabled and then after the system is available again, you enable the repository and then the provisioning operations which were not executed while the repository was disabled, are executed.


This is also prerequisite if you want to change repository type. And this is another good news if you are migrating from 7.2 to 8.0. Get benefit from a new functionality for specific target system.

How does it work:

  • Manually trigger the change for disabled repository
  • Repository is renamed and kept for consistency
  • Repository with the original name and the new repository type is created
  • New and the old repositories should be enabled
  • Optionally perform Initial load for the new repository type

All the patches which were delivered for SP1 are also available in SP2. Additional information about  those fixes can be found in this note:

SAP Identity Management 8.0 patches on SP1

And stay tuned for Rapid Deployment Solution Package on IdM 8.0

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  • Hi Fedya,

    we are waiting for RDS for IDM 8, we need functionality to Reset Password on Selected SAP Server. e.g. if we have sandbox/dev/qa/prod servers on IDM then user can select server where he want to reset his password, currently if he tried to reset password in sandbox then IDM will reset his password on all servers.

    if you know any solution  then please let me know



    • Hello,

      I think it's relatively easy to duplicate the password reset functionality from RDS to V8 if you don't want to wait.

      Similar workflow/process with custom attribute to hold the password, another attribute to host the selection of the systems and a task with a script that figures out what task to call under which repository is needed.

      regards, Tero