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Reading the Data of Decision Table using BRF+ API’s

Hi All,

Let us read the below decision table using BRF+ API code in a report

DT Table in brf+.png

Using following code you can read the decision table data in a report.Just copy paste the below code.But change the GUID’S ,structures as per your requirement. 🙂

*The application guid

CONSTANTS:  gc_appl_id                TYPE if_fdt_types=>id  VALUE ‘005056C000081EE58CD3919CB9A80957’.

*create a structure as per the Decision table

types:BEGIN OF ts_msg_txt_data,

               level         type char24,

               age           type char24,

               pricing       type char24,

               base          type char24,

               currency_base type char24,

     END OF ts_msg_txt_data,

*Create a structure for the row count

     BEGIN OF ts_table_data,

            row_no                   TYPE int4,

            col_no                   TYPE int4,

            expression_id            TYPE if_fdt_types=>id,

            r_value                  TYPE REF TO data,

            ts_range                 TYPE if_fdt_range=>ts_range,

       END OF ts_table_data .

* data declarations

DATA: lref_decision_table            TYPE REF TO   cl_fdt_decision_table,

      lref_factory                   TYPE REF TO  if_fdt_factory,

      lt_msg_data                    TYPE          if_fdt_decision_table=>ts_table_data,

      ls_msg_data                    LIKE LINE OF  lt_msg_data,

      lt_table_data_msg              TYPE TABLE OF ts_table_data,

      ls_table_data_msg              TYPE          ts_table_data,

      ls_table_data1                 TYPE          ts_table_data,

      lt_msg_txt_data                type STANDARD TABLE OF ts_msg_txt_data,

      ls_msg_txt_data                type ts_msg_txt_data,

      ls_range_msg                   TYPE          if_fdt_range=>s_range.

*field symbols declaration

FIELD-SYMBOLS :<fs_lv_value> type any,

               <fs_lpw_lv_amount>       TYPE if_fdt_types=>element_amount.

*Generic factory instance

lref_factory = cl_fdt_factory=>if_fdt_factory~get_instance( gc_appl_id ).

*get the expression the decision table guid

lref_decision_table ?= lref_factory->get_expression(

                             iv_id =  ‘005056C000081EE58D84DE427EE2E957’ ).”

*to get the decision table data based on above expression guid



      ets_data     = lt_msg_data


IF lt_msg_data IS NOT INITIAL.

          CLEAR lt_table_data_msg.

* Processing decision table and filling the ls_table_data_msg

          LOOP AT lt_msg_data INTO ls_msg_data.

            ls_table_data_msg-row_no = ls_msg_data-row_no.

            ls_table_data_msg-col_no = ls_msg_data-col_no.

            ls_table_data_msg-expression_id = ls_msg_data-expression_id.

            ls_table_data_msg-r_value = ls_msg_data-r_value.

            ls_table_data_msg-ts_range = ls_msg_data-ts_range.

            APPEND ls_table_data_msg TO lt_table_data_msg.

            CLEAR ls_table_data_msg.


          SORT lt_table_data_msg BY row_no col_no.

* Processing the loop lt_table_data_msg to fill  structure as per the decision table

          LOOP AT lt_table_data_msg INTO ls_table_data_msg.

            ls_table_data1 = ls_table_data_msg.

            CASE ls_table_data1-col_no.

*              level

                when 1.

                  IF ls_table_data1-ts_range IS NOT INITIAL.

                  READ TABLE ls_table_data1-ts_range INTO ls_range_msg INDEX 1.

                  IF sy-subrc = 0.

                    ASSIGN ls_range_msg-r_low_value->* TO <fs_lv_value>.

                    ls_msg_txt_data-level = <fs_lv_value>.



*                age

                when 2.

                  IF ls_table_data1-ts_range IS NOT INITIAL.

                  READ TABLE ls_table_data1-ts_range INTO ls_range_msg INDEX 1.

                  IF sy-subrc = 0.

                    ASSIGN ls_range_msg-r_low_value->* TO <fs_lv_value>.

                    ls_msg_txt_data-age = <fs_lv_value>.



*                pricing

                when 3.

                  IF ls_table_data1-r_value IS NOT INITIAL.

                  ASSIGN ls_table_data1-r_value->* TO <fs_lv_value>.

                  ls_msg_txt_data-pricing  = <fs_lv_value> .


*                base and currency_base

                when 4.

                   IF ls_table_data1-r_value IS NOT INITIAL.

                  ASSIGN ls_table_data1-r_value->* TO <fs_lpw_lv_amount>.

                  ls_msg_txt_data-base = <fs_lpw_lv_amount>-number.

                  ls_msg_txt_data-currency_base = <fs_lpw_lv_amount>-currency .



              AT END OF row_no .

                 APPEND ls_msg_txt_data TO lt_msg_txt_data.

                 write:/ ls_msg_txt_data-LEVEL,ls_msg_txt_data-AGE,ls_msg_txt_data-PRICING,ls_msg_txt_data-BASE,ls_msg_txt_data-CURRENCY_BASE.

                 CLEAR ls_msg_txt_data.




We get the following output in the report

data in report.png

Please find the code in the attachment as well 🙂

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