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Java Dynpro Application Migration from 7.0 to 7.4


  1. About Portal Migration Activity.

    2. General Java Dynpro Migration Steps.

                  Stage 1 – Importing Portal 7.0 projects to local folder

                  Stage 2 – Importing project to NWDS 7.3.

                  Stage 3 – Updating ‘Dependencies’

                  Stage 4 – Working on ‘Problems’ tab.

                  Stage 5 – Delete ‘Component Interface Controller’ context mapping.

                  Stage 6 – Working on ‘Migration Wizard’

                  Stage 7 – Post Migration Wizard – Programming change.

   3. Migrating Java Dynpro Model Object

   4. Hierarchy Used DCs.


1.    About Portal Migration Activity

Migrating all custom Java Dynpro application which are running on SAP Portal 7.0 to 7.4 version.

2.    General Java Dynpro Migration Steps

Stage 1 – Importing Portal 7.0 projects to local folder          

   Step 1:

             Go to NWDS 7.0 and open DC perspective and create the project

   Step 2:

             Make sure all the used DCs are selected to have complete copy on the local system

   Step 3:

              Project import will in progress

   Step 4:

              Depending on the type of DC, respective perspective (here it is Java Dynpro)  will be launched or prompted

              Now the complete project will be available on NWDS 7.0 perspective

   Step 5:

            Copy projects from the imported source folder to separate folder and remove Read only from the properties.  This step is required to allow the migration             wizard make changes

Stage 2 – Importing project to NWDS 7.3

Step 6:

          From menu select ‘Import’ and choose ‘General -> Existing Projects into Workspace ‘

          Make sure ‘Copy projects to workspace’ is checked before clicking on Finish button

Steps 7:

           The DC like project will be imported to Local DC and select ‘Yes’ for it.

           The local DC will be imported to ‘My Components’ folder in Local DC

           Goes to DC type perspective here it is Java Dynpro

Stage 3 – Updating ‘Dependencies’

Step 8:

         Go to ‘Component Properties’ of the project.

        Then to ‘Dependencies’ tab and add below dependencies

  • tc/bl/logging/api
  • tc/bl/exception/lib
  • tc/cm/arfc2/api
  • tc/cmi
  • tc/ddic/runtime/facade
  • tc/wd/api
  • tc/je/usermanagement/api

Adding dependences to the project component by clicking on ‘Add’ button and choose the dependent DC from the list by clicking on check box.

And remove corresponding ‘Deprecated’ dependencies

Stage 4 – Working on ‘Problems’ tab

Step 9:

         Once the complete project is imported to NWDS 7.3, the ‘Problems’ tab gives generic errors. Many of these errors can be fixed by ‘Quick Fix’

Below problems can be fixed by ‘Quick Fix’ automatically

  • Project has be migrated
  • Missing imports
  • Deprecated objects
  • List objects should be parameterized, e.g. List, ArrayList, Collection, Iterator, etc.

Stage 5 – Delete ‘Component Interface Controller’ context mapping

Step 10:

           Go to each Java Dynpro Components Interface Controller Context window

Step 11:

            Remove the existing context mapping by ‘Delete Context Mapping’ from the Interface Controller context of the Web Dynpro component as Interface                   Controller no more used for context and implement coding.

Stage 6 – Working on ‘Migration Wizard’

We are considering two below example components for trialing the component ‘Migration Wizard’, whereas ‘VcM06Comp’ uses ‘FcM06Comp’ component.

Step 12:

Firstly select the Java Dynpro  component to ‘Migrate’ which initiates migration wizard

Step 13:

Migration wizard starts ‘Cheat Sheets’ the new window in which the wizard will provide step-by-step guide to migrate the selected component with detailed description

Step 14:

Migration Wizard – Introduction, is a first steps which gives details about the ‘Cheat Sheets’ tool

Click on ‘Click to Begin’ link to the start component migration activity

Step 15:

Migration Wizard – Important Information, is a second step which tells what exactly ‘Cheat Sheets’ tool does while migrating the component.  Make sure this block of information is ready carefully and understood before proceeding.

To precede further click on ‘Click to perform’ link, this is at the bottom of the step instruction.

Step 16:

Migration Wizard – Transfer User coding from Interface Controller to Component Controller, is next step as said in the step description, any coding sections, static declarations of the interface controller which are not empty will be transferred to component controller. In this case, we case there many function modules e.g. add(), delete(), viz.,. Will be transferred

Click on ‘Right marked Check box’ to transfer the ‘add()’ method

After ‘add()’ method transferred successfully, ‘Right’ mark will places before the method definition

Step 17:

Migration Wizard – Delete Implementation Coding from Interface Controller, is next step which deletes coding section of Interface Controller.  So make sure that you have transferred all required coding to component controller before proceeding.

Click on ‘Click to perform’ to go to next step

Step 18:

Migration Wizard – Delete Implementation Objects from Interface Controller, is next step which deletes implementation aspects in Interface Controller.  So make sure that you have transferred all required coding to component controller before proceeding.

Click on ‘Click to perform’ to go to next step

Step 19:

Migration Wizard – Start Migration, where actual component migration starts, after altering the programming automatically via wizard

Click on ‘Click to perform’ link to start the component migration.

Step 20:

Migration Wizard – Migration Finished, upon successful component migration you can notice component icon change to yellow.

Click on ‘Click when complete’ link to conclude the component migration

Stage 7 – Post Migration Wizard – Programming change

The new version of Java Dynpro which is compliance with JDK 1.6, requires programming change w.r.t. deprecated or not supported statements. 

3.    Migrating Java Dynpro Model Object

The RFC model object of Java Dynpro project has to be migrated separately to have JDK 1.6 compliance RFC proxy files for the migrated project.

Step 1:

Firstly import the project as mentioned per the steps provided in 2. Stage 1 and Stage 2

Step 2:

Update the dependencies as per the steps 2. Stage 3

Step 3:

Configure R/3 system in NWDS 7.3 at ‘R/3 Configuration’ window

Step 4:

Select the model object from Java Dynpro project hierarchy and click on ‘Migrate to ARFC2 Model’

Step 5:

Provide the Portal 7.4 compliance R/3 system connection parameters if Step 2 is not configured or if you want to choose different R/3 system.

Step 6:

Finalize the RFC import wizard to regenerate the model object

4.    Hierarchy Used DCs



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