Some of you might have seen my previous blog posts sharing the steps on how you could use a Google Sheets in combination with Cloud for Analytics (C4A) and how you could use the data in combination with maps.


This time I wanted to setup some conditional formatting as part of my charts.


I did start with a simple chart displaying the Revenue across twelve month.



As next step I wanted to setup some rules – for example comparing the actual revenue with the forecast and based on the target achievement I was going to color code the column in the chart – but then I noticed that there is no conditional formatting for charts at this point in C4A.


The I did find the option to add a reference line, which was the closest option to what I was looking for.





Using the Reference Line option, you can choose between a Fixed or a Dynamic Reference Line. In my example I selected the dynamic reference line and I selected the Revenue as base for the reference line. You can then choose the aggregation – Max, Min, Average – and you can then configure the color for the area above and below the reference line (shown above).


Even though the reference line wasn’t 100% of what I was looking for, I am sure that it will be helpful in other scenarios.


Additions to my wishlist for C4A:


  • Ability to define conditional formatting for charts
  • Ability to define conditional formatting based on measure comparisons (Actual Revenue vs Forecast)
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