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Hi community,


Another blazing fast and short blog post of mine. It seems I have come across a bug in standard bapi BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS.


I was trying to use it to deliver completely a sales order, but I ran into an interesting issue.


This BAPI calls function module RV_DELIVERY_CREATE, but, alas, it calls it without a “selektionsdatum”, which seems to be what the “due_date” in the BAPI is for.


I’m not sure about this, but the fact is, if I populate this field (selektionsdatum) with the value from due_date, it works (for me… in the system I work with…).


So what I did was implement an implicit enhancement at the beginning of the BAPI, and I store the value of due_date in the attribute of a global class.


Then I created another implicit enhancement implementation at the beginning of RV_DELIVERY_CREATE and get the due_date into selektionsdatum.


There ya go.


If this is helpful, great. If it’s not, I’m sorry.


If I’m terribly mistaken about this, let me know.


EDIT: Andrea Olivieri mentioned below, in the comments, that if you populate the due_date and the ship_point, it might work. Or, at least, it worked for him. Check below for his example.




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  1. Former Member

    Hi Bruno,

    If you have a SAP account did you try to look in SAP note if there is anything on that FM ?

    And maybe pull your problem trough a ticket. Maybe SAP will give you a better feedback and also do a sapnote on this one…

    If you do it, be patient with them this kind of query go somethime trough a lot of people or cycle with you before having a good and final answer.

    1. Bruno Esperança Post author

      Hi Mickaël,

      I do have an account and I have searched for an OSS note. No luck.

      I’m not patient. I fixed it myself. If SAP wants to learn, they are free to read this blog post.



    1. Bruno Esperança Post author

      As we usually say in Portugal, by all means, go ahead. The way is the same for you and me.

      Wait, aren’t you the one with a thread exclusively for bugs that SAP never cared about? I believe some people even mention having reported bugs and still being waiting for a bug fix.

      I think I have better chances of saving “tons of time and frustration” sharing this on SCN.

      But please, go ahead 🙂



      1. Jelena Perfiljeva

        My thread is not about the bugs but rather inconveniences and annoyances. This very much looks like a bug, so I’m confused why this can’t be reported to SAP. Are you saying you have no access to open an incident? Or are just afraid of the Big Bad SAP Support? 🙂

  2. Andrea Olivieri

    Hi Bruno,

    In order to completely deliver a sales order you have to specify as due_date the maximum delivery date taken from the delivery due list index table ( aka VEPVG).

    More or less is the same behaviour you’ll have in transaction VL01N ,

    Insert this select statement before your BAPI call

    select vstel

           max( ledat )

           into (lship_point, ldue_date)

           from vepvg

           where vbeln = pvbeln

           and lifsp = space

           group by vstel ledat.



    * Synchronous RFC


    *   DESTINATION logsys


          ship_point              = lship_point

          due_date                = ldue_date


    I’ve already used this trick 7-8 years ago 😉



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