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16.5 SP05 PL05 is now available!

It’s only been a week since 16.6 was released but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about everyone still using 16.5 SP05.   If you’re on 16.5 SP05, please stop what you’re doing and head over to and navigate to Downloads–>Support Packages and Patches.   As always, make sure to select your appropriate bit size (32 or 64). 

There are 3 files in the download:

  1. PD Client
  2. PD Portal/Web
  3. PD Proxy

If you are using any of the above components, you will need to upgrade them.  Do not just upgrade the client and go about your merry way.   Upgrade all of them, and then go about your merry way.

Still not convinced? Here’s 33 reasons to apply the patch.

#611606 T2 Attribute Mandatory is not set if change cardinality in listbox

#717156 T1 PD doesn’t allow to create a dependency from a shortcut of Use Case.

#775307 T2 Repository: deactivated user should not be able to create change lists

#782480 T2 thumbnail not properly calculated

#784532 T3 DB2MVS: tablespaces with diff. db owners should be considered as separate obj

#785239 T3 DB2MVS: tablespace physical options not reversed

#787097 T3 Powerdesigner Erwin 8.x import lost data.

#787241 T3 Control character prevents from updating Thumbnail properly

#787706 T2 Erwin (9.5.4430)  import: no symbols displayed in imported CDm or LDM

#788205 T3 Custom Check: ‘Enable automatic correction’ is disabled

#790626 T2 Report: subobjects are duplicated in lists

#790729 T2 Auto-Layout: anchor points removed from links causing many lines to cross

#790814 T2 Focus should not stay on Library after library synchronization

#790822 T3 Fit To Page: resulting diagram spread over multiple pages instead of one page

#791037 T1 Performance issue in Repository – Apply Changes to Database

#791755 T3 Column Mapping Extended Attribute values change on all maps

#793183 T3 Workspace: count of comment is truncated

#793727 T2 Changes in mapped expression not always detected when updating model in repo

#793737 T3 BPMN: Condition alias remains visible when composite view changes to None

#793760 T2 ‘List of Diagrams containing the entity’ item – Shortcuts not taken into account

#793845 T2 timeout session not working as expected

#794134 T2 DB2MVS: fails to reverse identity columns properly

#794183 T2 DB2: ENDING AT value is not enclosed by parentheses when altering a partition

#794275 T2 DB2: incorrect syntax when adding a partition to a DB2 partitioned table

#794332 T2 List of Attributes: Attributes duplicated for entity shortcuts using packages

#794716 T2 indicate end of connection with proxy

#795127 T1 PDWeb does not work with Chrome 48

#795440 T2 TAM diagram modified when opening the model

#795584 T3 HANA – a Table Column’s Computed Expression does not reverse engineer

#795623 T2 word wrap not properly done in Shortcut of lane

#796315 T2 inacceptable time to open a property sheet

#796357 T2 one bpmn2 file generated on the web cannot be imported in desktop

#796799 T2 cannot control the time of the rebuild index

And being from Boston, when I hear the number 33, I think of Larry Bird.  So with that in mind, enjoy my favorite Larry bird commercial:


P.S.  The views expressed in this blog are the authors and are not affiliated with McDonalds.  No compensation was given to the author for using this video. 

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