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Who said it should be easy! It wasn’t me!

Okay, I thought that cloud would make my life less complicated. But I was wrong – entering the world of SuccessFactors has meant a lot more studying than before. Feel like I have joined school again.

And I also think that being a generalist within the SuccessFactors Suite will be impossible – unless you of course do nothing else than study. But there will be no butter on the table without billable hours. And my wife and kids would also like to see me.

I have followed Peter Palme and his study methods – and decided to approach my certification within the SuccessFactors Onboarding differently. Started producing notes relating to SuccessFactors Onboarding – but the notes became difficult to overview. Lots of notes 😕 some would say to many notes!

But now I have transformed my notes into electronic flashcards using a page named Simple free learning tools for students and teachers | Quizlet – also works with an app for your Iphone or Android phone. But please do not tell my wife that I used $14.99 to go plus….

So I have produced Flashcards for the first module in SuccessFactors Onboarding – Introduction to Onboarding. Please use the different learning styles available in Quizlet – to save your score make an profile. Enjoy!

Onboarding Folder | Quizlet

Sharing is caring! 🙂

The different modules/chapters for onboarding will follow very soon – please tell if you find it usable. I take no responsible for typos and errors!

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