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Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas

What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.30 Question & Answer

This was from today’s SAP webcast.  For reference, please see document What’s new in SAP Lumira 1.30

Q: When will 1.30 be released? I thought it would have been out by now?

A: Expected tomorrow

Q:  Will 1.30 contain all fixes of 1.29.4? This was not the case with earlier versions

A: Yes

Q:  does HANA JDBC are also supported

A: have a HANA JDBC driver

Q: for OS support, will AIX be supported? If not, when can we expect AIX support?

A: Yes it is part of roadmap; reach out to SAP Product Management with specifics – help to see use cases

Q: Does it work with HANA SSO?

A: Yes – from Lumira Server SAML SSO, from Desktop plan to have Kerberos

Q: MacOS X for client gonna happen?

A: In the roadmap, no timelines

Q: Are the BW filters pushed down to OLAP or is the filtering local?

A: believe pushed down to OLAP

Q: When is support for RHEL planned?

A: Red Hat support is planned soon

Q: Is there a way to publish data to HANA now?  The one which was available in the share room prior to 1.30

A: Can’t comment, need to check

Q: in 1.29 can we not currently connect to CDS views exposed via BEX queries to retrieve data from S/4HANA?

A: Yes, heard from others and officially supported in 1.30

Q: Would you like an exemplification of use of geospatial data , it would be possible to demonstrate?

A: Webinar dedicated to geospatial coming up

Q: Any idea when css stylesheets will be supported?

A: Corporate templating perspective, in roadmap see it soon

Q: When will SAP integrate icons for manipulated data in the prepare room? Currently it is not possible to revert manipulations or even check which objects were manipulated. Also it is not visible for the consumer of the story if data was manipulated.

A: Data lineage; part of roadmap

Q: 1.30 works with SAP BI BusObjects 4.2? Does it work with SAP BI BusObjects 4.1

A: Yes, 1.30 support BI4.2 SP2, and yes 4.1 SP5, 6, 7

Q: Lumira 1.30 connects both UDT and IDT universes?

A: no change in universe support except credential mapping – UNX support

Q: Has SSO support been improved so the user doesn’t have to enter their Windows user and password?

A: Hadoop, Kerberos support

Q: Where would we find the maintenance schedule for Lumira client and BIP add-on?

A: Lumira SP’s 1.30 supports 4.1 5, 6, 7 BI4.2 SP2

Q:  Does Lumira 1.30 work with business objects deployed on Linux platform

A: Linux is SUSE support only

Q: This version 1.30 for BI Platform is compatible with Red Hat Linux 6?

A: coming soon; can support heterogenous support

Q: Can you navigate to Analysis workbooks using context from Lumira?

A: Not yet

Q: can we call Webi repot from Lumira and pass parameters to Webi or dashboard

A: Not yet

Q: what about scheduling Lumira in BIP with user restrictions based on unx restrictions?

A: No changes on 1.29 to 1.30 except for HANA managed based connection documents

Q:  Is support planned for Lumira 1.x on AIX hosted SAP BI BusObjects?

A: Redhat, AIX then Solaris – in order of priority

Q: Is the spark JDBC driver included in 1.30?

A: Yes Spark driver from Simba is included in 1.30

PAM should be updated tomorrow

Q: has 1.30 an offline mode for mobile?

A: not yet

Q: Will there be any update with Lumira Sizing guide for BIP w.r.t 1.30 version?

A: Not sure, will check

Q: can we schedule Hana online connection document from BIP?

A:  not supported; only for offline documents

Q: will visual extention be supported on the bi platform?

A: Yes, 1.29 support came

Q: when will prepare functionality be added to the web based/launchpad version?

A: work in progress

Q: Is SSO supported to refresh data from SQL Server on BIP?

A: SSO not there for SQL Server yet; for all sources is planned for managed connectsion for FHSQL

Q: Will ODBC drivers be supported?

A: one of the things planned – not timelines

Q: Bullet charts?

A: extensions can be used

Q: When is it planned to support Lumira docs on Android?

A: no information yet – initial plan is to support is iOS

Q:  if we develop a new extension, should we be able to publish to team server?

A: yes

Q: Can we schedule Free hand SQL datasource Lumira document in 1.30?

A: scheduling support is there for managed connections

Q: Are you able to Publish to Cloud for Analytics with 1.3?

A: plans there; see support soon – not in 1.30 yet

Q: can you restrict the data amount (e.g. cutoff after 100,000 records

A: which data source – some plans to improve experience

Q: so the Lumira 1.30  will be available for download from tomorrow?

A: planned

Q: Are there plans to support what-if scenarios in Lumira ?

A: plan to bring in parameters for formulas to allow this

Q: When Will schedule for FHSQL Lumira docs be supported in BIP ?

A: coming with managed connections for those sources

Q: Are there plans to move all the visualization properties to be made available in visualize and compose room?  Example:  changing chart type, colors, title etc.

A: Yes, understand disconnect; something improve going forward

Q: any plans for Multi source universe support for LS4BIP?

A: plans for that

Q: are there plans to support Lumira docs on SAP BI Mobile app for iPhone?

A: concerns about displaying on mobile – like to discuss use cases

Q: So the Linux SUSE support for BIP Add-on inlcude SAP Netweaver web tier?

A: See the PAM tomorrow

Q: If a customer has BI Package and they want to buy lumira desktop license, how can they publish? Just moving to BI Suite or with the Lumira Add-On to connect to BI Platform?

A: if have BI Suite you can publish from Lumira desktop

Q: are there plans to be able to flexibly switch between dataset connections in Lumira (i.e. from a dev to Prod env). I know it’s possible to switch from HANA ONline to offline, but would be good to have more flexibility with switching connections without having to rebuild the visuals

A: 1.30 for BW connections – switch from connections list

Plan to introduce for other sources

Q: Can we do a drill through from a visualization to a table chart with the filter criteria?

A: not possible yet

Q: Is tomorrows GA date for the client only, or also the BIP Server add-on?

A: Yes

Q: are there plans to support Lumira document on SAP BI Mobile app?

A: supported on tablets now

Q:  correction: not possible to switch from online to offline (I’m thinking of WebI BI4.2) but more options with connection switching would be good

A: more plans coming

Q:  what are the possible drill through capabilities does Lumira 1.30 have when connected to SAP BW.

A: capabilities not changed from 1.29/1.30

Q:  is there any planned support for connectivity to SuccessFactors other than a Data Access Extension?

A: no plans yet, if you have use case, discuss

Q: Will the New version will suppoert the Date hirearcie for On line HANA

A: same as 1.29 – no changes

Q:  Any news on the “merge” of Lumira and Design Studio?

A: working on interchangeability of documents

There was more Q&A but I had to leave.  If you have more questions join ASUG next Monday for this webcast

March 28:   What’s New in SAP Lumira® 1.30

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      Author's profile photo Varun Anand
      Varun Anand

      Hi Tammy,

      When you mean Lumira documents is supported on tablets, we are talking only about iPad or even Android tablets ?

      Thank you,

      Varun Anand

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      It works on iPad iOS with SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

      Author's profile photo Łukasz Chomin
      Łukasz Chomin

      Hi Tammy,

      Do you plan to make Lumira Desktop High DPI aware?

      Currently on high resolution monitors (3K-5K) everything is blurred.


      Lukasz Chomin

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Lukasz - I don't work for SAP; I am a customer; I will tag Gowda Timma Ramu to see if he will reply

      Author's profile photo Łukasz Chomin
      Łukasz Chomin

      I didn't spot that.


      Author's profile photo Ludek Uher
      Ludek Uher

      I will check with Program Management about this. Right now I am not aware of this being on the Lumira road map...

      - Ludek

      Senior Support Engineer Product Support, Global Support Center Canada

      Join us for Lumira Social Hour April 14, 2016

      Follow us on Twitter (#SAPLumira)

      Got Enhancement ideas? Use the SAP Idea Place 

      Author's profile photo Gowda Timma Ramu
      Gowda Timma Ramu

      Hello Lukasz,

      Is it specific parts of the Desktop getting blurred or the entire application ?

      Could you please share the screenshot with us ?



      Author's profile photo Łukasz Chomin
      Łukasz Chomin

      Hi Ramu,

      The entire application is blurred.

      I've attached screenshot of Lumira running next to Excel which is High DPI Aware so you can see the difference (I hope).

      Best regards,

      Lukasz ChominLumira_HighDPI.png

      Author's profile photo Andrea Davoli
      Andrea Davoli

      Hi Tammy,

      we've update both Lumira and BO to an up to date landscape (BO 4.1 SP7 p2 and Lumira Server for BI Platfrom 1.30);
      We facing a bad response (very badder than with lumira 1.29 and BO SP4) of all the oldest Story builded before (as on a 3.000 records universe or 100.000.000 million records HANA View). The bad reposnse is both on desktop version and on mobile version. Story who take 5/10 seconds to wake-up on 1.29 now take 2 or 3 minutes!

      Do you think is a patching issue? Do I have to made specific settings or tuning?

      We are on a Windows Server 2008 with 24 GB of RAM and 8 Core.

      Thanks a lot


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andrea - I recommend checking the sizing guide here Lumira Sizing Guide - if that does not help, I recommend creating a new thread, sharing these details. 

      Author's profile photo Christoforos Verras
      Christoforos Verras

      Hi Lumira team,

      Regarding the "switch between dataset connections" is it possible to add a new server:port,

      without being previously added as for a document?

      Of course without creating new visuals.



      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      CV - I recommend you create a new discussion for this