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Troubleshooting tips on SAP HANA HTTP connection in Business Intelligence Platform


This document talks about How to troubleshoot the issues while creating HANA HTTP connection in BI Platform and consume in Analysis Office.


Business intelligence Platform 4.1 SP05 or higher
SAP HANA Platform SP09 or a higher version

Enable SAP HANA HTTP option by editing file in the server.
Check note 2182187 – How to enable hana http connection in CMC OLAP connection’s provider for details.

Create OLAP connection by selecting SAP HANA HTTP under data provider.
Once we click on connect, error appears “Failed to get connections for connection[Server] using session locale[English]”


This is a limitation for 4.1 SP6 and lower version.
For more details, refer 2182585 – Cannot connect to the Hana via SAP Hana Http OLAP connection in CMC.

OLAP connection can be created without selecting the Cube and can be consumed in Analysis for Office 2.0.

Note : Verify the status of HANA server by pinging HANA server machine from BI server. Verify the port number is 80xx, where xx is the instance number.

Login to Analysis for Office and select the OLAP connection. It throws below error.


For such Authorization issues, check the required roles assigned to the HANA user.

–  The SAP HANA Info Access Service (InA) with delivery unit HCO_INA_SERVICE is deployed on the HANA platform. You can find more information in chapter “Importing the Info Access Service” in the SAP HANA Search Developer Guide.

  The role sap.bc.ina.service.v2.userRole::INA_USER is assigned.


– The role is contained in delivery unit HCO_INA_SERVICE. Verify that the following authorizations are selected: Schema _SYS_BIC, Schema _SYS_BI and Schema _SYS_RT.


Now, the connection should work properly. You can go ahead and use the connection in Analysis for Office.


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      Former Member


      I have some general questiona. What is it all about the http connection?

      For which scenario is it useful? Or, why do I need to go for it?

      Is it replacing the NW connection?
      Do you have comparable perfromance results NW connection vs. HTTP connection?

      Thanks for any feedback on this.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Loenid,

      SAP will be providing one common connection for all multidimensional analysis i.e. Htttp INA this is nothing but XML for Analysis for more details.

      S4HANA has inbuilt OAnalysis for now this tool used internally BICS i.e. SQLDB. that will be replaced soon and provided HTTP INA.

      For business object products like (Analysis for office, Lumira and Design studio) we can use same connector (HTTP INA) on Advance DSO, Composite provider and Cal Views.

      For Cal View we have both options like SQL -> JDBC and MDX -> HTTP INA



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kishore Thanks,

      I was not sure that for my AFO( BO A) which is using BICS for now, HTTP will come and replace it. As you said it will replace BICS , does it mean HTTP connectino can consume queries as well? Is there any release plan.

      Also the question about performance is not answered. Will HTTP improve performance against BICS.


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      Former Member


      Yes HTTP INA is connection which read the multi dimensional queries through XML.

      see the details

      CDS view's are common semantic Layer.

      S4HANA operational reporting options.

      • Fiori -> OData through SAP Gateway.
      • KPI Modeling App OData through SAP Gateway.
      • Multi Dimensional Analysis (0Analysis)  -> BICS i.e. SQLDB

      • Business Objects Suite the following tools use MDX Query. Internally S4HANA CDS views create Transit providers and Bex Queries in Embedded BW system.
        • Lumira
        • Design Studio
        • Analysis for office

      I think with BW4HANA SAP will be replacing the Transit provider with Composite providers and also releasing the common connector i.e. HTTP INA. Eventually SAP S4HANA/BW4HANA will be having two connector through Net-Weaver stack

      • OData that provides data in JSON file format through SAP Gateway (Fiori and Business Cook-pits)

      • HTTP INA i.e. XML for Analysis that provides multi dimensional data in XML format ( Business Objects Suite and OAnalysis ).

      HTTP INA  can be used on Net-weaver MDX or  Native HANA.

      BW4HANA - BEX Query/Composite Provider/Adv DSO data can be read through HTTP INA and also we can use same technology on top of Cal View and Analytical views.



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      Former Member

      Hi Kishore,

      How to build Webi Reports on top of S/4 HANA system (consuming CDS views) which connection i have to use in CMC ?

      I downloaded sample webi report which is provided by SAP in that they used BICS (OLAP connection : provider BW system)?

      Embedded BW system has to installed in S/4 HANA system?

      Please help me on this....

      How to to develop Webi reports on S/4 HANA system (consuming CDS view)?

      Thanks in advance....