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Mobile app development and registration using WebIDE and HCPMS

In this article, we will see how one can develop a hybrid mobile application in WebIDE using HAT and then register it with HCPMS .

Please note that there are certain prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before we try to create Hybrid Mobile app .These have been mentioned very nicely here –

Step 1 – Creation of Hybrid Mobile App on WebIDE


Step 2 – Device Settings

Right Click on the project name and select Project Settings . Then select device settings to configure device properties.

Provide App Name , App ID , Description and Version . Make a note of the App ID as this will be used later in HCPMS .

Under Build Options , select Debug Mode for our purpose .

Under Platforms , select your desired platform(s) on which you intend to deploy the app .

Under Plugins , go to Kapsel Plugins and select Logon Manager . If this is not selected , the device will not register on HCPMS as this plugin contains the required code for registration .

Now save and close .

Step 3 – App Configuration on HCPMS

Open the HCPMS service from your HANA Platform cockpit . Go to Applications and Click on Create. You will see a screen similar to what is shown below –


Fill in the values as above . The Application ID should be the same as the one that was entered in step 2 . Security Configuration can be set to None . After saving , the application can be seen in the list . Click the settings icon against the application and click on the Back End tab . Set the configuration as shown below . Please note that I have used Northwind for oData and hence mentioned it here against Back-End URL . You can enter your applicable back end URL here .


Step 4 – Deploying the app to Device/Emulator

In the WebIDE , right click on the name of the application , click on Run -> Run On -> Device/Emulator


The Hybrid App would now be created and deployed on your Device/Emulator . This generally takes around 5 -7 minutes for me and could take the same time for you as well .

Step 5 – Opening the app on the device

You will see the following once the app deploys on your device/emulator


Once you have filled in the user name and password , click on register to see the following screen .Screenshot_20160323-211527.png

I decided to disable the passcode and then clicked on Submit to be taken to my app .Dev3.jpg

At this point of time , the Kapsel Logon plugin would have run and the device would have registered itself on HCPMS . We can see the device entry by clicking on Registration and Users in HCPMS . You might have to adjust the date filters to see all devices .


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