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Shopping Cart transfer using BAPI_PR_CREATE


SRM calls the BAPI – BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE for creating Purchase Requisition from Shopping Cart in classic scenario. CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_470 is the adapter class used to make this BAPI call. You want to use BAPI_PR_CREATE for the PR creation since BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE has been made obsolete and is replaced by BAPI_PR_CREATE  as per note 1803189.

New adapter CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_600 has been designed to call BAPI_PR_CREATE in the shopping cart transfer process which creates a purchase requisition in the backend.


The new Adapter class – CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_600 replaces the old adapter class CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_470.

On making the necessary customizing, the SC (shopping cart) to PR (purchase requisition) creation in classic scenario will call BAPI_PR_CREATE instead for BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE. Note that if the below mentioned customizing are not made, SC to PR transfer process will continue to use the old BAPI – BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE.

Manual Customizing

Step One – Find out the relevant SYS_TYPE of the ERP system in which the Requisition will be created :

  • Execute SE16 transaction
  • Enter the table name as BBP_BACKEND_DEST
  • Enter the relevant ERP Log_sys name and execute (Note that the ECC system should be on ECC 600 or above)
  • Make note of the SYS_TYPE.


Step Two – Replace the old Adapter class with the new adapter class in the table BBP_FUNCTION_MAP

  • Execute transaction SE16
  • Enter the table name as BBP_FUNCTION_MAP
  • Enter the OBJECT as BUS2105 (Purchase Requisition in ECC)
  • Enter the TYPE as the SYS_TYPE as fetched in the step 1 and Execute

  You will find an entry with the Function – CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_470.


  • Replace this entry with CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_600
  • Save the entry

Customer Enhancements and BADI Calls :

The BADI – BBP_CREATE_BE_RQ_NEW which is called via the old adapter class CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_470 (invoking BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE), continues to be called even for the new adapter class CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_600.

If any new customer fields were added to any structures in BBPS_BADI_RQ_CREATE and in corresponding structures of BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE then

  • Make sure to add these fields to the corresponding structures in BBP_BS_BE_PR_600
  • Add the new fields to the corresponding structures in the BAPI_PR_CREATE
  • Write a Post Exit to map the structures from AS_RQ (of type BBPS_BADI_RQ_CREATE) to AS_RQ_OUT (of type BBP_BS_BE_PR_600). This has to be written at the end of the method – CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_RQ_CRT_600 -> MAP_TO_PR_BAPI.
  • Please note that SAP is not responsible for any issues arising in the Customer enhancements and BADI implementations

Release :

The new Adapter class is made available in the following SPs:

1) SRM 700 – SRM 7.0 SP 19

2) SRM 701 – SRM 7.0 EHP1 SP 15

3) SRM 702 – SRM 7.0 EHP2 SP 17

4) SRM 713 – SRM 7.13 SP 12

5) SRM 714 – SRM 7.14 SP 02


1) The new Adapter has been made available from SRM 700 till the highest release

2) The new Adapter will support connecting to backend ECC from ECC 600 onwards

3) Since the new Adapter will be part of SP Release, it will be required to upgrade to the relevant SP to have the new Adapter class

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      Linda Braspenning

      Unfortunately this note is not mentionned in note 2229738 which pretends to list all the notes required in your SRM system to connect to a S4H.