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Simple steps-creation of Odata service on Custom BO

Dear friends,

Many of you might already aware of how to work Odata Service operation like create, read, update so on.. I am just Targeting here beginners ,hope this document will help on certain level of understanding.

I am going to explain with simple example with few screen shot.. Lets start 😐

1. Open cloud solution studio , create a sample business object. here my business object name is “TestBO” with few element in it.


2. Created BO is successfully activated.Required screen and logic is added.(as per business need).

3. Login System as run time, go to Administrator workcenter and select ODATA service Explorer.


4.In Show filter select the Custom Odata service option and click New/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/3_911203.png

5. In ODATA Editor select Target BO and Node Name where do you want to create a service on it.


6. Selected Business object entity type is created, and Do the appropriate selection as per your requirements.


7. Function Inports you can configure like this.


8. After completion of all above steps, please save the setting and Activate the service. After activation we can see Service URL at top of screen. and can check the metadata structure by using same service url in browser like this.


9. After successful activation we can see custom odata service created in system, πŸ™‚ Now we need to test the scenario whether created service working properly or not. So press test button over here marked yellow..

10. After clicking Test button , there will new window open up. Here I am going through  perform create operation ,  In Request method POST method is selected and alternative key Test ID field Entered.

and Click on Execute, you will get successfully uploaded dialogue message box and Response of the same message we can see here down in Response section.


11. For confirmation of data saved in custom BO or not you can test same in solution through executing query on test BO. We can see new instance is created on TestBO(Test Id=767).


Now service is working fine. Now you can share service with user πŸ™‚

Appreciated expertise input on this, if anything missed or any necessary configuration need to take care. “Happy Day”.


Naveen Kumar N

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