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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 ALM Best Practices

As of now SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Best Practices and IT Processes are ready for download to your SAP Solution Manager 7.2 system. The Best Practices will provide an excellent visualization of the IT processes running on SAP Solution Manager. The package comes with process definitions, process diagrams, process step, executable, and configurations for all relevant build processes.

The content allows SAP Solution Manager 7.2 customers to visualize their ALM processes and model their process variants. This leads to time-efficient discussions with IT experts, shorter  ALM implementations and by that to an increased efficiency of ALM engagement delivery.


The process diagrams have been modeled by ALM RIG EMEA in collaboration with SAP Solution Manager product management, development and regional CoE EMEA. Currently the package covers all Application Lifecycle Processes  from Requirement to Deploy (R2D):

  • Modular Processes:
    • Project & Requirements Management: 3 processes
    • Process Management: 22 processes
    • Test Management: 31 processes
    • Change Control Management:: 7 processes
    • IT Service Management: 22 processes
  • E2E Process:
    • Urgent Correction

The content is stored on the One Content Platform and available for download like any other SAP Best Practices package, e.g. the S/4 HANA Best Practices. It will be continuously extended and the new Best Practice versions regularly rolled out.


For details how to access the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Best Practices open the attached presentation (SAP Support Portal login required).

Stay tuned.


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    • Julius,

      In Solution Administration (SOLADM) you highlight the Solution Level, from there, there is the tab option of SAP Best Practice Packages and the option to import.

      Note: You will need to configure the RFC destinations OCDAPIS and OCDSTORE according to SAP Note

      **However** it is incorrect when the note says for OCDSTORE "select SSL Inactive" this is incorrect - it needs to be active. Which means you must have configured SSL for your system :-).

      Good luck. The Best Practices are great!

  • Hi Henrik,

    How is this content updated? If for example one of the best practices changes, how are we notified of this? Will there be the option to re-import or to auto-update the best practices?

  • Good one to start with!!

    I have solution manager 7.2 installed and S/4 HANA 1511 SP00 connected to it(managed system configuration).

    Now I have created a new Solution in SLAN/SOLADM and created a new logical component group(S/4 HANA 1511) and added the S/4 HANA to this logical component group.

    When I tried to navigate to tab SAP Best Practices Packages, I could see only the default ones available as per your screenshot for import. But I would like to import the SAP Best Practices S/4HANA on premise edition (USA) (USV1).

    Can you provide some inputs on how this can be achieved on Solution Manager 7.2?

    • As far as I know, SAP release best practice documentation when it is ready.

      The Solman best practices fro ALM for example were not available straight away (2 weeks ago) when we configured SOLDOC etc.

  • Andrew is right. Currently there no more Best Practices ready, but there are several under construction. It's planned to be closely in synch from 16/10 on. So there is no specific information necessary.

    But the release process is not 100% industrialized so far. There might not all country versions and Best Practices packages be available. There will be no synchronization before the go-live of SAP Solution Manager in Q3 this year.

    As well there are some additional functionalities in SAP Solution Manager needed to accelerate this production process, e.g. to copy diagrams.

    Refarding delta functionality shipped in different package versions, I think it is for a customer not relevant to implement the same process twice. But assignment deltas of already existing processes can be identified using the list browser functionality in SolMan 7.2. If you have new processes shipped they will and only they will uploaded from the best practise package. So existing processes are not overwritten. It's planned to offer a guide describing this behaviour when all the functionality is available with SP03/go-live of SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

    • Hi Henrik,

      What are the plans when you say "As well there are some additional functionalities in SAP Solution Manager needed to accelerate this production process, e.g. to copy diagrams."

      Currently when you copy a process you loose the diagram ( i understand why ) but surely deleting the process links is more efficient for the customer?

  • thanks!! So below changes needs to be done to import S/4 HANA best practices.

    1. Please implement the SAP notes 2255379 and 2253103 into your SAP Solution manager 7.2 system.
    2. Use report RS_SRDS_EBUFFER_TOOL to refresh(Clear Buffer) the import buffer.

    After that you should be able to see the Best Practices for SAP Best Practices for S/4 HANA on-premise Edition 1602 (1511 FPS01)

    • Hi Shankar,

      you don't need to run the report. Running the report is only needed in case there are updates of already published packages (which happens not very often so far).

      New packages are displayed automatically.

    • Hi Shankar,

      in the ALM BPs there are currently only process models. For configuration there is no BP content so far, possibly with the next shipment after global availability in Q3.

      All set-up information you find in the Content Activation Gguide at > SAP Components > SAP Solution Manager > Release 7.2 > Upgrade

  • Hi Henrik,

    nice blog -  Thank you for sharing your knowledge wit us 🙂 .

    I've tried to import SAP Best Practice at my Solution manager 7.2, it was partly successful 🙁 process steps in the Solution documentation are present but when I associate this very same Solution to my project tasks in the current project are not available ??

    During my import to Solution I got an error.

    More info inside this discussion:

    Problem with the SAP Best Practice Import  into a project (Solman 7.2)

    • Boris,

      I have replied to your SCN post but I think I have made an assumption.

      Please try to download the S/4HANA best practice.

      I too could not get a project assigned for the solman best practices as it isnt an implementation project, it is simply best practice content (BPMN Diagrams, Processes etc..)

      Henrik may be able to clear this up.

      • Just to be sure that we are on the same page 🙂 : in 7.2 there are no SOLAR projects any more - we are talking about ITPPM or cPro projects...

        • Yes cProjects is what I mean - configuring this for Solman using the Wizard in SOLMAN_SETUP.

          But, As I recall, the only best practice import so far that has a "built-in" project assignment, is the S/4HANA download. But, again that is only my experience. 🙂

  • Hi Henrik,

    also trying to import BP Solutions into our SolMan 7.2. But somehow the system don't list any Best Practices  which I could import.

    I already configured two RFC destinations as mentioned in Note 2194123 and activated SSL on OCDSTORE.

    Am I missing something?