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Data Loading to BW From ECC using ODP – SAP HANA Information Views

ECC on HANA is Source system and BW on HANA is Target system.

Analytic View (ms/ANV) is in Source ECC on HANA system.

Requirement is this Analytic view output data has to be loaded to DSO of BW system.


As per the classical approach, the data would be loaded into BW PSA via DB Connect / Data Provisioning options. Then DSO loading from PSA.

If PSA data is not deleted on a regular basis, It will increase the cost of data storage, the downtime for maintenance tasks and performance of the data load.

I have done this requirement using ODP – SAP HANA Information Views approach.

In this ODP approach, Data is directly stored into Target DSO from ECC HANA Information Views using DTP.

It is making PSA Storage and Info Package execution are obsolete 

The first step in the data load, ODP – SAP HANA Information Views Connection (RFC ABAP Connection) need to be created in BW system.

In Connection Parameter, the Target as ECC system Host name has to be mentioned.

Once connection Tests are successful, New RFC Connection created under  ODP – SAP HANA Information Views Folder.


The ODP – SAP HANA Information Views Connection (RFC ABAP Connection) between the Source and Target system is,


Data source created in BW System. In the pop-up, ODP Context would be displayed as HANA Information Views.

In Operational Data Provider Text Box, The HANA Information View Name (Analytic View / Calculation View) name has to be mentioned.


The help pop-up show the list of Information views available in the Source ECC HANA System.

From the list, appropriate Information view has to be selected.

Once Data Source Creation is done, no need to create Info Package.


BW Target would be either Classic DSO / Advanced DSO.

Target DSO/ADSO created and Transformation mapping done from ODP Data Source to DSO.

In DTP, ODP – SAP HANA Information Views as Source, Delta Extraction mode won’t be supported. So Extraction mode changed to Full.

Under Parameters of the Data source,

Data Extraction selected as “Directly from Source system. PSA not used (for small amount of data)”


Ignore the Warning Pop-up “Last change is incompatible with SAP HANA Processing”.

(DTP SAP HANA Execution Processing mode will be disabled)


DTP Adapter changed to “Extraction from SAP Source system by Operational Data Provisioning”


Activate the DTP and Execute the DTP execution. After DTP execution completed, DSO data has to be activated.

DSO Output is,


Data is getting loaded into BW DSO successfully from Source SAP HANA Information Views without PSA Storage and Info package execution.

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.



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  • Hi muthu,

    how can we use SLT for the classic BW on HANA standard extractors for eg. 2LIS_13_VAITM where its further loaded to hana optimized IC. ...I mean if we have BW on HANA, and want to use SLT to extract data to BW using this standard data extractor. Do we need to use webservice to extract data from ECC on HANA to BW on HANA using SLT.

    Can we use your above process to do this ? Please advice.



  • Hi Muthu!

    I've SDA connection in BW from ERP system. I have DB connect source system in BW  ( on SDA connect).In this system I can create datasource based on calculation view 

    I can do this using ODP. What advantages/ disadvantages have this two approaches   ?



    • Hi Alexander,

      Using ODP,

      Target BW system connected to Source ECC System via RFC Connection.

      Using SDA,

      Target BW System connected to Source HANA System using SAP HANA Source System (DB Connection).

      If We take Data Transfer as a factor,

      In ODP,

      Data will me moved from Source HANA DB --> ECC

                                            ECC --> BW

                                            BW --> Target HANA DB.

      In SDA,

      Data will be moved from simply Source HANA DB to Target HANA DB without

      Application Server Intervention.

      If We want to create Virtual Data warehouse, SDA is most welcomed.

      Using SDA Connection,

      We can create Open ODS Views in Target BW on Source HANA Views.






  • hi

    Data Extraction selected as "Directly from Source system. PSA not used (for small amount of data)"

    using this setting, were you able to optimize the DTP for HANA processing?

  • hi
    We are in BW 7.5 SP3 and while replicating datasrc using ODP as the source system connector, in BW while replicating the datasource getting the below error.
    Error while saving DataSource 0INDUSTRY_TEXT_0001 xxxCLNT060
    No fields were supplied

    Source system xxxCLNT060: metadata upload with errors
    Message no. RSDS554
    Any thoughts ???

  • Hi Muthuram,

    I was about to make HANA -BW Connection, i followed the above steps provided.

    I have created RFC Connection with ECC Application Host Name, Not with ECC HANA Studio Host Name.

    It asked for the Source System Type and Release --Don't know what to be mentioned, However i have given some name as it says it starts from S.

    After that I am not able to get Views present in HANA Studio.

    Please let me know, is there anything missing in authentication?


  • Hello Muthu,

    Can you please let me know on how can we further Edit or change data in BW, since the PSA is now becoming obsolete.

    I always get situatons in BW wehere we need to edit few PSA data and then further load it into BW, but since the data sources are of type ODP now which loads directly to data targets how can i edit data further,