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Stop using the wrong NWDS version! © – Have a smoother Eclipse experience


As SAP’s product team continually closes the gaps between the functionality in NWDS compared to the traditional Swing-based clients, usage of NWDS as the development environment for PI/PO is increasing in popularity. This is especially true when working on features that are only available in single stack environments such as iFlows or NW BPM.

Despite the various NWDS installation materials found on SCN, it is still not uncommon to find discussion threads occasionally popping-up in the forum related to NWDS issues. Such issues can be found here, here, here, here, here, here and here (phew!!!).

The most important thing in achieving a correct setup is ensuring correct compatibility between NWDS and the PI/PO system. This means having an exact match between NWDS and the PI/PO system in terms of:-

  • Version
  • SP level
  • Patch level

This means, don’t use an NWDS with a version/SP/patch level higher than the PI/PO system, i.e.:-

  • Don’t use NWDS 7.31 on a lower PI system, like PI 7.11
  • Don’t use NWDS 7.31 SP17 on a PI system with a lower SP, like PI 7.31 SP12
  • Don’t use the latest and greatest NWDS 7.5 on a PI/PO 7.31/7.4 system

While it is fine to use an NWDS version with a lower SP level, it is recommended to use an exact match to benefit from any new feature or bug fixes available.

Checking the version/SP/patch level of the PI/PO system

As compatibility is of utmost important, the first step is to check the version/SP/patch level of the PI/PO system. The steps are mentioned in SAP Note 1381878 which are reproduced here in graphical form.

Navigate to NWA > Troubleshooting > Java > System Information


Select Components Info tab, and filter Name column by XIESR. The version is listed in the Version column.

Note: XIESR component is just one example of the many components in the system, and this assumes all the other XI components are consistent across the system.


The way to interpret the version number is as follows:-


Downloading the correct NWDS version

Once the PI/PO system’s version has been identified, proceed to the following Wiki article to download the corresponding NWDS version. Apart from the latest NWDS 7.5 which is available from Service Marketplace, the other versions are downloadable from the corresponding update site.

NWDS Download Links – Java Development – SCN Wiki

For those working on PI/PO 7.4, there is no corresponding NWDS 7.4 available. This is because NetWeaver 7.4 uses the same code base as 7.31, and therefore an equivalent NWDS 7.31 installation can be used. This is mentioned in SAP Note 1791485 – NWDS 7.3 EHP1 as development environment for SAP NetWeaver 7.4. Following is a snippet from the note on how to determine the equivalent NWDS 7.31 version to use:-

If you are using SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP lower that the latest, please install SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.3 EHP1 with SP version five levels higher than the number of your SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP.

For example: You are using SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP 4. You have to install SAP NetWeaver 7.31 EHP1 SP 9.

So based on the example above:-

  • PI/PO system = 7.40 SP08
  • NWDS = 7.31 SP13 (8 + 5)

And therefore, the following should be the corresponding compatible version of NWDS.


Additionally, it is also important to have the correct JDK when using NWDS. This should be the same as the JVM version of the PI/PO system.

i) PI/PO 7.31 or 7.4

Runs on JVM 6.1, therefore it requires a JDK 1.6. This can be downloaded from SAP or Oracle. Personally, I prefer using SAP’s as it provides a more stable experience. It can be downloaded from the update site itself as shown in the screenshot below.


ii) PI/PO 7.5

Runs on JVM 8, therefore it requires a 64-bit JDK 8.


Working on NWDS as the development environment is great and I personally enjoy the various benefits of working on the Eclipse platform. However, getting the setup right is essential to enjoying a smooth experience. Hopefully this blog will help the community be aware of the prerequisites when setting up NWDS in order to avoid unnecessary incompatibility issues.

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  • Hi Eng,


    Thanks for the blog. I am trying to use the NWDS for the SAP PI/PO 7.4 SP 10 Patch level 0. And for NWDS 7.31 we have till SP14 right.


    So for NWDS which SP need to be it ok to use SP14 or need to go to 7.5.


    Could you please give me some suggestion on it.




    • Hi Avinash


      As clearly mentioned above:-

      • Don't use the latest and greatest NWDS 7.5 on a PI/PO 7.31/7.4 system


      As of time of writing, NWDS 7.31 is available up to SP17. For your case you should use NWDS 7.31 SP15 (which is 10+5).



      Eng Swee

  • /
        • Hi Vipin


          I didn't face the issue of missing perspectives. The one I tried was NWDS 7.5 SP00 which was on Luna. It worked even without the additional line in the eclipse.ini file. Not sure if it's with one of the later SP releases.



          Eng Swee

          • I think it must be with one of the later SP releases. We just downloaded it near the end of last month and it was the latest version which was available. based on the Note, it is one of the known issues with the installer.

  • Dear Eng,


    • NWDS = 7.31 SP13 (8 + 5)

    According to your logic, for my PI version 7.4 SP13 with java single stack. The NWDS version should be SP18? I noticed that the latest version is SP18 PAT0003. Curretly My NWDS version is SP16 PAT0000.



    Many Thanks & best regards,


    • Hubrey,


      The Erro is not related to the version of NWDS , its because your NWDS is not connected to your PI system (AEX)


      Add you system details(Hostname and Port) under preference (SAP Process Integration Designer) section and then try to create ID objects.




  • Hi  @Eng Swee Yeoh,

    we have a PO version 7.5 SP2 patch0.

    We have installed NWDS 7.5 SP2, we can connect with repository and directory correctly but our problem is when we want to create iflow we have a error message:

    I think the problem is with our jvm:

    But Iam following this blog  but with this changes the problem continues

    Please could you help us with this issue?

    Thanks and best Regards

    • Hi Monica

      The general etiquette here on SCN is: if you follow some blog that belongs outside SCN, you should ask your questions there.

      However, your issue is very self explanatory in the error screen you get - i.e. you need a JDK and not a JRE.
      Got to Oracle's website and download JDK 8 64 bit - refer section 750 of the following Wiki.

      Eng Swee

    • I got this issue before, PI version 7.31 and NWDS version 7.5. Adding role SAP_XI_CONFIGURATOR for my user solved this issue.

  • To make things more user friendly... 😉 there are some exceptions in note 2361845.

    "NW740 SPS12 contains: ABAP SP12 and JAVA SP11"

    So the right version for 7.4 SPS12 would be 16 (12-1+5)

  • Hi Eng,

    Nice blog gathering information about NWDS.

    We have PO 7.5 landscape and we downloaded NWDS 7.5 (neon release 4.6.0, build id:20160613-1800), we came cross deployment issue. Do you have any comments or feedback, is this caused by versioning ?

    With this version, I can see a lot of changes comparing with previous version of NWDS, there is no Composite Designer Perspective anymore, but it seems that we can start design BPM in Process Model Perspective.

    After we designed BPM and tried to deploy, we came cross the following issue, do you have any comments or feedback for the issue ?



    ==============Deploy Exception=========================================== [ERROR CODE DPL.DCAPI.1027] DeploymentException.

    Reason: ASJ.dpl_dc.001085 Operation [deploy] of [tbs.ca_hybris_customer] failed








    Caused by: ASJ.dpl_dc.001085 Operation [deploy] of [tbs.ca_hybris_customer] failed








    • Phani,

      Can you please create a separate thread and add the more details like  NWDS version , PI version and the error you are getting? NWDS is supported in WIN 10 may it may be your JDK issue.



  • Hi Eng Swee Yeoh

    So let me unsderstand this:

    The NWDS is NOT backwards compatible.

    The NWDS is specific to each to a 1Gb download and painful reinstall is required for each developer every time.

    The JDK must be 1.6.

    The JDK must be 32 bit.

    The JDK should preferably be the SAP specific one.

    And none of this information is in a SAP note/KB anywhere.

    A quick question: Does SAP seriously think it is developing software in a vacuum? This is pathetic! The number of hours of frustration trying to get this abomination working is inconsiderate, disrespectful, unprofessional and very expensive.

    It would be funny if it wasn't a JOKE!

    • Hi Sean,


      Yup, you "got it" in a way that SAP doesn't!


      Some of the info is actually in the NWDS Wiki link that is in this list.


      Anyway, on the full download, I've asked this before, and here is the official answer from SAP. Unfortunately, don't expect any changes here (even if you move to NW7.5) with all innovation and development being focused on HCI (or whatever they call it these days).


      In the past, you could have continued your rant in the following discussion, but now that too is read only for nostalgia purposes!

      Stuff SAP could easily fix - rant / wish list



      Eng Swee


  • Hi Eng, Not only you post blog, but you respond to them very well and even though they are older. Awesome!!! I personally benefitted from some of your blogs..Way to go... All the best.


    Excellent post!  After many failed attempts to install NWDS by searching around the strange and mysterious SAP Marketplace.  I was able to successfully install it within minutes using the info in your post.  Thanks so much for the clear, simple instructions!


  • Thanks for a great post.  At a previous client, the Basis/Java team struggled with ever getting NWDS to work.  I will pass this on to the new client.  This may sound naive, but can you confirm that NWDS is optional, and in 7.5 we can still use the old standard "swing" UI for the ID, ESR, SLD?

  • Hi Eng
    Thanks for a great post.  could you please help me to find the version correct for my PO:

    I have a PO 7.4 SP 8 Patch level 0 but the version “8.31.130000.140901062033 SP13 PAT0000” is not available

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello!

    Your blogs are very helpful and to the point.

    I am still looking for a NWDS version/SP/patch level same as the PI/PO system, as the lowest SP  available on link provided is SP13 and my current system is:

    PI 7.31

    SP 10, patch 01.

    Is there any link to this version?


  • Hi,

    I got an issue when install NWCEIDE14_0-80002366\eclipse.

    Tried on Windows 10 and got an error which says" The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion share library ?

    Can someone help me!






  • Hi,

    I am on SAP Netveiver PI 7.3 SP16. I went to download NWDS 7.3 SP21 but there is no SP 21 available. Max is SP 19 is available. Should I go for NWDS 7.3 SP19 instead of NWDS 7.31 SP01 or SP02?




  • Hi Eng,

    We have just installed SP15 on NW 7.50 for SAP PO. When we started we selected the most recent patches for all the components within SP15 (the SPS stack). Those components, as always, can have different patch levels.

    We need to decide which NWDS we need to install. For WIN x64 64bits there are 2 options:  NWCEIDE15_0-80002366.ZIP and NWCEIDE15P_9-80002366.ZIP. (Patch 0 and patch 9).

    Is there any relation with the NWDS patch level (0 versus 9) and the components on SAP PO?

    How to determine because all components in SAP PO have potentially a different patch level !!!

    In other words, against which component in SAP PO should we compare the patch level of NWDS (if this is needed)?

    Best regards,


  • Hi ,


    I am using NWDS 7.5 version which is compatible with PO system i.e 7.5 .When i add the system details under connection and test it,i am getting system is not available .I have checked the url everything is correct.Could please someone help me on this.