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Visualising customer profitability (whale curve)

What is whale curve?

Here I would plot the cumulative profitability of customers, with most profitable customer on the left and least profitable customer on the right. You can simply google to find more 🙂

Let’s get started, here is my data set (you can copy paste into a csv file)


“Customer 1″,”1700”

“Customer 10″,”-2300″

“Customer 11″,”50”

“Customer 12″,”8700”

“Customer 13″,”1500”

“Customer 14″,”200”

“Customer 15″,”500”

“Customer 16″,”9026”

“Customer 17″,”60”

“Customer 18″,”8300”

“Customer 19″,”10”

“Customer 2″,”5000”

“Customer 20″,”1200”

“Customer 3″,”-5400″

“Customer 4″,”900”

“Customer 5″,”-700″

“Customer 6″,”100”

“Customer 7″,”-3100″

“Customer 8″,”1800”

“Customer 9″,”7900”

I would simply put Profit by Customer on a line chart.


And then add a custom calculation “Cumulative Profit” i.e. Running Sum of Profit.


Now you have to sort the Chart by clicking on the Profit ‘feed’ on the Y Axis. What you will get is as follows


Now you have to just change the title, remove the legend and hide the profit line. And this could be easily done in the compose room

  • by selecting the line and mark for the blue line and selecting no colour for the same.
  • by selecting and hiding the legend

And what you would get is your Whale Curve


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      Author's profile photo Iver van de Zand
      Iver van de Zand

      Nice ! Over here you find some examples I made. I will also publish later this week about creating a real - pareto:

      Author's profile photo Iver van de Zand
      Iver van de Zand

      I think this is what you really would need .... a running sum on the %runningprofittotalWale running sum.JPG