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SAP S/4HANA – Frequently Asked Questions – Part 10 – Q1 2016 Update

In good tradition we will extend the FAQ series for SAP S/4HANA, thanks again to many feedback received. Let´s dive right into the Q1/2016 update.

What is new regarding release management and naming for SAP S/4HANA?

Let’s distinguish on premise from cloud shipments. For on premise customers, SAP has shipped a “Feature Pack Stack (FPS)”, SAP S/4HANA on premise FPS01 on February 3rd 2016. The release notes and other document like the “Feature scope description” for the solution can be found here. SAP will ship such a FPS every quarter.

For cloud customers, SAP is shipping a new release on a quarterly basis. The next cloud release of our SaaS ERP, SAP S/4HANA cloud enterprise edition, has been released in March: SAP S/4HANA cloud enterprise edition 1603. At the same time, SAP will release SAP S/4HANA cloud professional services edition 1603 and SAP S/4HANA cloud marketing edition 1603 (hybris solution).

For what additional industries has SAP S/4HANA FPS1 been releases?

With SAP S/4HANA on premise edition 1511 FPS1, SAP is supporting two new industry solutions: “Higher Education and Research” and “Defense and Security”. This is adding to an already long list of 19 supported industries like Chemicals, High-Tech, Industrial Machinery & Component, Insurance, Life Sciences and more. The latest industries have been release in November with SAP S/4HANA on premise 1511 with a full coverage, i.e. without any industry specific restriction. Generic Line of Business restrictions may apply though. More details you can find via the Note 2214213.

Important to state again: even if you are part of an industry not on this list, you can start. And many customers are doing this, take S/4HANA Finance for example or if you do not need industry specific functionality.

What is new regarding User Experience and SAP Fiori Apps?

SAP has shipped new or enhanced Fiori applications to complete the current scope of SAP S/4HANA on premise. Let me mention a few of them here, my favorites, of SAP Fiori apps that were shipped with SAP S/4HANA FPS1 for the “Shipping Specialist”

  • Outbound Deliveries
  • Pick Outbound Delivery
  • Create Outbound Deliveries


Picture 1: new SAP Fiori App for Outbound delivery

Here a few new cross application SAP Fiori Apps shipped with FPS1:

  • Application Jobs
  • Implementation Cockpit
  • Output Management Email Queue

More information on the available SAP Fiori apps per role, industry or line of business is available in the SAP FIORI Library here.

What new pre-configured content from SAP Activate is now available for on premise? What is planned for the cloud?

SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA contain complete and consistent configuration settings and assets to use as enablement and accelerators in your implementation projects. The accelerators are integrated with implementation methodologies and tools for SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Activate is providing “scope items” that enable to run the application and speed up the implementation. The content from SAP Activate (the so called “best practices”) are following the end to end processes described in the SAP S/4HANA product map available in the Solution Explorer (check for an LoB Solution to see the product map).

For FPS1, SAP Activate is bringing additional content. Here are some examples for the on premise shipment with more than 50 new best practices for: Revenue Planning, Customer Returns, Internal Order Planning, Profitability and Cost Analysis, Credit Memo Processing, Repetitive Manufacturing. For the cloud solution, SAP will release a substantial number of best practices too, for example in procurement, manufacturing, finance. SAP will provide as well content for data integration to Ariba Nettwork and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, and finally data migration from SAP to S/4HANA.

This chart is showing a best practice for “Repetitive Manufacturing” that is available for on premise and cloud. For more details about the SAP Activate pre-configured content check this link.


Picture 2: ProcessDiagram for the best practice “Repetitive Manufacturing”

Any update on the SAP CRM 7.0 integration to SAPS/4HANA?

SAP is providing different options to connect SAP S/4HANA on premise and SAP CRM 7.0. Most important to know is the release limitation notes that shows what is in the works and will be supported in the future. Everything else on this integration topic is handled as with the integration to SAP ERP. Keep looking for updates here as SAP is going to remove all limitations over time: 2231667

What add-ons have been release for SAP S/4HANA on premise 1511 FPS1?

SAP has released the following add-on with the FPS1, more to follow…

  • CPM FOR S/4HANA 1601
  • SAP MII 15.1

Information about the compatible S/4HANA add-ons can be found in the note 2214409

Can you share some early experience from customers?

Hundreds of projects running, as a big thank you I would like to share our first live customer with on SAP S/4HANA on premise with a logistics scope. Learn more details on the customer and on the project itself in the video here. Implemented in weeks by a partner, run on AWS infrastructure as a Service, resulting in an integrated platform for engineering to order and a platform for future growth.

Do you have a check list of “must reads” before a project starts?

Here is a good first start for a “readiness check”:

  • Always check the release notes: start with SAP Note 2189824
  • Check for relevant add-on: SAP Note 2214409
  • Check what add-on and industry solutions are released: 2214213
  • Register for download information for pre checks 2242576

What are the most important checks from a change management perspective?

Here is my list to help you assess your project efforts:

One last expert question: should customers use account based CO-PA or cost based CO-PA with SAP S/4HANA?

I’d like to close this blog with a recommendation on the topic CO-PA, profitability analysis in the new solution. Both account-based and cost-based CO-PA are available in SAP S/4HANA on premise. However account-based CO-PA has been extended and now provides more flexibility, for example with the ability to split variance(respective COGS) postings to multiple accounts. In conjunction, with the ability to add your own characteristics (“dimensions”), it is worthwhile re-evaluating the use of cost-based PA. Cost-based PA is still needed to include calculated amounts like freights.

Keep the feedback and your questions coming, we will prioritize accordingly and update our FAQ for you. Keep the feedback coming.
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      Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch
      Richard Hirsch


      You've added the link to OnPrem release notes in the first paragraph. I'm missing the link to the release notes for the cloud version. 1603 should have been released yesterday. I'm also looking for release notes for older cloud releases.


      Author's profile photo Sven Denecken
      Sven Denecken
      Blog Post Author

      See here:

      SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition

      User Assistance for SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition 1603

      Author's profile photo umesh Bawankar
      umesh Bawankar

      Hi Sven,

      Can I know whether SAP FERC regulatory reporting module is supported on SAP HEC 1603? If there is any documentation available on FERC, please provide a link for the same.

      Looking for your quick response.




      Author's profile photo Stefan Wolf
      Stefan Wolf


      Hello Umesh!


      FERC is supported and released for S/4HANA. There were no additional changes other than adopting to the new S/4HANA Finance data structure, so no new documentation needed.


      Kind regards,

      Stefan Wolf

      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Thanks a lot for the update, Sven!

      One thing I'm wondering, though (as a non-CO person):

      "Both account-based and cost-based CO-PA are available in SAP S/4HANA on premise"

      Isn't that a violation of the "principle of ONE"?!

      Until now it was my assumption, if there where two ways to do something in the past, for S/4HANA one of them (=the best) was chosen an that is the way to do it in S/4HNA?!

      Why is it different here?

      Author's profile photo Tomislav Azinovic
      Tomislav Azinovic

      Hi Sven, thanks for your great blog and lot of useful information,

      we are running testscripts from S/4HANA 1511 best practices DEV2 on fully configured S/4HANA 1511 FPS1 and when we try to add role for shipping specialist we get following message:

      shipping spec role.PNG

      Are we missing something?

      Thanks in advance,

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Hey Tomislav,

      I just checked in my system (an S/4HANA on premise, 1511 FPS 01 as well, but not a best practices system, rather an ordinary new implementation), here's my finding:

      While the role SAP_BR_SHIPPING_SPECIALIST doesn't exist in the backend system, it does exist in the frontend system.

      So I guess either your testscript is confused with systems, or your frontend server misses a component...



      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      I don't know how (if) you can tell which component a Role is assigned to, but here's a list of the UI-Componentes in my frontend/gateway, I guess it's one of them:

      UIBAS001 100 0001 SAPK-10001INUIBAS001
      SAPUIFT 100 0001 SAPK-10001INSAPUIFT
      UIAPFI70 300 0001 SAPK-30001INUIAPFI70
      UIHR001 100 0004 SAPK-10004INUIHR001
      UIILM001 100 0007 SAPK-10007INUIILM001
      UIMDC001 100 0001 SAPK-10001INUIMDC001
      UIMDG001 100 0007 SAPK-10007INUIMDG001
      UIS4HOP1 100 0001 SAPK-10001INUIS4HOP1
      UIX01CA1 200 0001 SAPK-20001INUIX01CA1
      Author's profile photo Tomislav Azinovic
      Tomislav Azinovic

      Hi Joachim,

      thank you for your response

      Role is assigned to UIS4HOP1 as i can see in SAP Fiori library

      Shipping specialist role is mentioned in test script BD9 for S/4HANA in our new demo21(March2016) S/4HANA 1511FPS1 system, we can run that script in htmlgui transactions, but we would like tu use Fiori transactions mentioned in the blog above and available in Fiori library.

      I checked in the system and we have following component:

      ui component.PNG

      There is obviously missing SP level 1? We will check it out with our BC,

      thank you for your help,

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Glad I could help!

      If possible, let the Demo21-team know as well that they are missing a SP!

      We plan to take part in the next (June?) edition, so we'll profit as well!



      Author's profile photo Tomislav Azinovic
      Tomislav Azinovic

      I will post it at SAP JAM collaboration group S/4HANA Demo21 March 2016, although SAP demo21 team is not monitoring the group anymore, but it could be useful for other teams that were participating. We do not have information about plans for new edition of demo21.....

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Another thing: have you thought about blogging on your Demo21-experience? I'd love to read that! So far there's not much content on it in SCN...

      Author's profile photo Tomislav Azinovic
      Tomislav Azinovic

      That is true, all content is still at SAP JAM group as teams just recently finnished with work packages and demo videos for certificate. I will think about blogging, first i need to check with my demo21 team leader and other 5 colleagues, so we could gather best of our experience and share some useful information with community,

      thanks for idea,

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing these helpful information, Sven!

      Our customer is planning to adopt SAP S/4HANA Cloud directly (new SAP customer) and they're working on Life Sciences industry. Please let me know whether we have Life Sciences industry best practice for S/4HANA Cloud edition or not as it's important to decide whether we should go for On-premise or Cloud? And where can I find that information via Partneredge or any other websites?



      Author's profile photo Kiran Ganti.N
      Kiran Ganti.N

      Hi Andy

      • has Highlights | Details | Schedule and SLA for insights on S/4HANA Cloud 1608 scope, interactive screens on innovations, service market place links, 4 quarter road map, cloud landscape, quarterly upgrade schedule and FAQ like hosting datacentre

      That is your starting point to understand SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management cloud offering scope and road map which will released every quarter - to make your decision.

      You may have to consider combination of SAP Cloud Portfolios.

      (S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud,  SuccessFactors, Ariba, Cloud for Customer, S/4HANA Marketing Cloud)

                1608 - S4HANA Cloud Best Practice Scope.png

      Author's profile photo Andy Nguyen
      Andy Nguyen

      Thanks so much, Kiran!

      This is really helpful information. Now I knew that SAP S/4HANA Cloud edition is only available in some countries only. Those countries which SAP S/4HANA Cloud is not available then they have to adopt On-premise solution (correct me if I'm wrong).

      Currently we're suggesting S/4HANA On-premise solution for our customer. Life science industry best practice is available for S/4HANA On-premise solution so it's a good news. In the Cloud edition, from my understanding, we don't have Industry specific solution.