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Question & Answer from Design Studio Webcasts

What is SAP Design Studio and why would I use it? February 25th Webcast Question & Answer


Q: If we develop a full dashboard using CSV, hopefully later on we can switch the dashboard to a DB connection without breaking any components?

A: Yes you can develop the dashboard using a CSV file for offline dashboard creation and later replace the CSV files with database connections



Q: Question about MS Access Support

A: Design Studio does not support MS Access as a datasource currently



Q: How to generate the csv datasets ?

A: You´d actually always start with a DB as a source and you can derive a CSV from that and it creates a csv as well as a metadata file that you can then use online.



So if you change back to the DB it should all be similar

You can also export a datasource as CSV from within the Design Studio client initial view editor



Q: Can it take BI 4.1 Universe as source?

A: yes

A: sources are BW (cubes+queries), HANA (Analytic views) and Universes



Q: Can you publish the result on Fiori launchpad

A: Design Studio app as open doc url can be integrated into Fiori Launchpad. you need to do some backend configuration.



Q: What is the difference between Design Studio vs Design Studio Apps as shown on the screenshot?

A: Design Studio is the Design Studio client being used to create the dashboards. Design Studio apps are Design Studio dashboards

We use the the term Design Studio dashboards and apps interchangeably, they are the same thing




Q: can you please explain the streaming data source?

A: The Streaming Data Source is the way of introducing the element of Real-time into your apps.

In previous versions of Design tudio you needed to install a separate real-Time package – now real-time is built into DS

You need to be using SAP HAND SDS or SAP ESP Host and REST port on which you project is running needsto be entered, along with SAP ESP pwaasword etc



Q Lets say we have a DS with DIm1, Dim2, Measure1, Measure2. Can I use that single DS and then have two different charts show the aggregation 1. Dim1 and Measure1 2.  Dim2 and Measure 2?  currently, I had to do it as two different Datasources

A: You will need two separate datasources

A: You can have multiple datasources in your Design Studio dashboards. A dashboard could be built from a single DS or include multiple datasources



Q: UNV support?

A:  Unfortunately we cannot comment on future UNV support


SAP Design Studio – Building Real-time Dashboards Q&A March 10

Q Should I need to perform anything in HANA side to use HANA datasource and acheive streaming

Q: Or will it work for any HANA Data source like Analytical View

A: for pull based sample it works out of the box

A: for push based you need to have HANA Streaming which is extra – not default with HANA



Q: Which version of Design Studio has this timer component and streaming data source?

A: for 1.4 and 1.5 there is a separate addon you can install with Design studio – there out of the box with 1.6



Q: For the current demonstration shown, the data to HANA is pushed through ESP..Am i right..? Will there be a demo for Pull scenario also?

A: current one is polling – the data is pushed to hana from esp and polled to dashboard from HANA



Q: how to push the data to hana from esp?

A: using HANA output adapter in ESP/HANA Streamng yes esp pushes to HANA – then we have a table in HANA and a stream/window in ESP with same data – then we poll the data from HANA as one example and then subscribe to stream via websockets in second sample



Q: is there a place to set a range of data to show so “bad” ticks do not show in the chart?

A: by bad ticks do you mean ones outside a certain date range or nulls

A: for ones outside range you could configure the complex query in certain manner – the nulls are more difficult as that is a consequence of turning flat data into cross table structure for design studio

A: but if the data coming from hana streaming had values for each city in this case for every time event there would be no nulls



Q: Will design studio support generic web services anytime soon?

A: out of the box no – but a user can create a datasource sdk extension as one option or via ESP would be another option – although would need to follow up with ESP for that; so ESP and HANA SDS is same thing




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