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Valuation of Wage Type Using Fixed Amount Based on Employee Group/Sub-Group

Valuation of Wage Type Using Fixed Amount Based on Employee



This article explains about designing of a PCR for valuation of Wage Type Using

Fixed Amount Based on Employee Group/Sub-Group. We use constant table

v_t511k and store the fixed amount for different employee sub-groups.


A company wants to pay officiating allowance for different grades of employees

(employee sub-group). This allowance is a fixed amount which will vary for different

grades (sub-groups) of employees. This requirement can be fulfilled using a custom

PCR and storing the fixed amounts in payroll constant table V_T511K table.


a) Employee Sub-group (Grade)

b) Officiating allowance wage type


Officiating allowance wage type as per the grade entitlement.


Employee Subgroup with fixed amount for Employee Group ‘1’

is listed below:


Name of




01 EX1       300
02 EX2       400
03 EX3       500
04 EX4       600
05 EX5


06 EX6     1000


Wage Type 9001 can be created and can be entered in infotype 15 or it can be

generated in time evaluation.

Employee Subgroup for PCR and CAP is specified in view V_503_B with

value ‘3’ for the above employee group and sub-groups (Example: Employee

Group 1 and its Sub-groups from 01 to 06)

PCR ZOFA is written to read this wage type value. This PCR will also check the

employee group and employee sub-group in variable keys and will load the

corresponding amount from the table V_T511K using constants and amount

will be transferred to table IT.


Above PCR will read the value of the wage type 9001 from table IT.

Then employee group and sub-group will be placed in variable keys

using OUTWPPERSG and OUTWPPERSB. Based on the employee

group and sub-group, the constant ZOFAn value from v_t511k will be

read. Then further calculation will happen to get the final value of the

wage type 9001 and will be transferred to table IT.

Different calculation logic also can be incorporated for various employee

groups/subgroups (if required).

We can also valuate using different amount depends on date of entry of

this wage type by changing validity dates of the constants ZOFAn.

Placement of PCR:

This PCR can be placed after the function P0015 in your payroll schema

(if the WT 9001 is entered in IT0015).

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