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Author's profile photo Sri Mallikarjuna Reddy Chemicala

SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded Model – A Snapshot of Consolidation Functionality

This blog will provide a snapshot of the SAP BPC Embedded – Consolidation functionality, as SAP released BPC SP09 for NetWeaver BW 7.4 and NetWeaver BW7.5 SP02.  SAP BPC Embedded is also integral part of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), also known as SAP IBP for S4/HANA, which integrates financial planning, Sales planning, Manufacturing planning, Procurement planning etc.

The following consolidation components and functionality are enabled in 10.1 BPC embedded:

  • Consolidation
  • Journals
  • Ownership management
  • Dimension management
  • Business rules
  • Task Sequence
  • Controls
  • BPF Integration

The Consolidation functionality in BPC Embedded is same as the consolidation functionality in BPC Standard/Classic version.  The objects need to be created in BW and will be mapped in BPC including related “models” (Consolidation, Ownership and Rates), dimensions and dimension properties.

1. Environment:   The  Embedded Shell  consists of Consolidation and planning models.



2. Administration: The consolidation features which are enabled Rules, Business Process Flows   and Journals, which is similar to  BPC Standard/Classic version.


Modeling: To modify the consolidation model, need to set the references to InfoProviders/ Relatime infoCubes that exist in SAP Business Warehouse (BW) (Rates, Ownership, and Consolidation)



Modify the Model:



Mapping of Dimensions & Member Properties with   InfoObjects & attributes:  The configuration is similar to BPC10.1 Standard/Classic version functionality for Dimension type, Hierarchy, attributes




After Mapping, save and Validate Model:



Advance Settings: Includes Integration Mode, Parameters, Default Trading Partner


Integration Mode


Parameters:  For Example; Mapping of Fiscal Year period in BPC to Fiscal year Variant with compounding member in BW ; K1

Default Trading Partner: Enables, to assign the default trading partner.


Dimensions:  The Configuration to edit the dimension members, Hierarchies & View structure is Similar to 10.1 Standard/Classic version.






Business Rules: The Configuration is Similar to 10.1 Standard/Classic version.


Methods & Method Based Multipliers: : Configuration is Similar to  10.1 Standard/Classic version




Business Rules: Account based calculations, Currency translation, Intercompany bookings, eliminations & Adjustments, Carry forward configuration Same as 10.1 Standard/Classic version, Based on mapping of the members of infoObjects


Task Sequence:   The new feature task sequence is added , which needs to be configured based on configuration rules, on running the Execute button in consolidation monitor which simulate  the consolidation tasks in sequence which are already configured in the business rules.



Consolidation : The Configuration is Similar to 10.1 Standard/Classic version




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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nicely Documented Mallikarjuna,,,,

      Waiting to see more..

      Thank You.

      P J R

      Author's profile photo Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Blog Post Author


      Thank you very much P J R,Surely will come up  with relevant blogs soon.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Chemicala,

      Thank you. I am very new to SAP and the product I will be working in would be SAP BPC. This was an eye-opener. Can you suggest links for a beginner like me to understand the basic workflow? Like exactly the steps involved in a BPC application and what each step does and why is it necessary?



      Author's profile photo Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kiran,

      Thanks for comments. Sure, I will send some useful links which will helps to understand SAP BPC in detail.There are quite few documents ( Blogs,wiki) are available in SCN as well.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Could you post some information about the steps of create the consolidation cube, ownership cube and rate cube in BW? since the above blog does not include this part and most of us does not familiar with this part.


      Author's profile photo Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jian,

      Sure, I will come up with subsequent blogs about the SAP BPC ;   Step by step configuration for Consolidation & planning .This blog will highlights and quickly run through the consolidation functionality , which is a new feature and  available in SAP BPC 10.1 -Embedded ;SP9 on-wards.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for your quick response,I am working on a BPC for S/4 HANA project and there is a standard planning cube /ERP/SFIN_R01 from SAP, are there standard cube for consolidation,ownership and rate cubes from SAP as well? I did find them in the business content now, it will be much easy if we can use the standard cube in consolidation.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Another question I have is that since in S/4 HANA, BPC and ECC will share the master data and transaction data, do you know if the client number for ECC and Embedded BW has to be the same client? in our current project, our basis team installed the ECC and BW  in different client, all the ECC data cannot been access from BW, ca you through some thought on this subject?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Reddy Garu

      Nice one, many more to come.



      Author's profile photo Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ram.

      Thank you. Sure..


      Author's profile photo Emiliyan Tanev
      Emiliyan Tanev

      Please, refer to the source from where you got the screenshots 😆

      Quick Overview of Consolidation for BPC Embedded - YouTube

      Author's profile photo Markus Harasim
      Markus Harasim

      Hi, did anyone get the ConsMonitor to Work? My Refreshing wheel just keeps truning infintively.

      Author's profile photo William Yu
      William Yu

      Hi Reddy,

        I'm sorry that IBP has nothing to do with BPC, IBP is S&OP planning.  The corret product name shall be SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation optimized for S/4 HANA.

      Best regards, William

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Chemicala,

      What is the release date of SAP BPC Consolidation Embeded version.

      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Leila Lappin
      Leila Lappin


      You can already use Consolidation functions in SP09+, but you have to create the required models from the BW side.  I did this recently and created all the attributes and dimensions like Account, Group and three cubes Consolidation and Ownership and Rate using RSD1.  After that I used BPC web client Administration functions and populate the dimensions.



      Author's profile photo Kiran Bollapinni
      Kiran Bollapinni

      Hi Leila

      would you be able share the SP09+ consolidation snapshots?

      Author's profile photo Axon Active
      Axon Active


      BPC Consolidation Embedded version is already released - you need SP9. Also SP10 has recently been released with some additional functions

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Chemicala,

      Thanks very much for the documentation, I am wondering how can we trigger the business rules as we do it by triggering data manager packages in classical model.

      Will appreciate the feedback.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Does Anyone know if there is a demo cloud or SAP CAL that has BW 7.5 SP02 or BW 7.4 SP09. Or do I need to apply patches in the cloud appliance instance - I am running the BW 7.5 SP01 SAP CAL instance...

      All advice very much welcome

      Thanks guys


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Chemicala, Thanks for sharing this valuable information. What would be the programming language for the BPC 10.1 embedded with consolidation version?

      BPC embedded has FOX (powerfull due HANA)

      BPC Standard has scriipt logic (performance not realy good and limited)

      So I'm wondering which coding will be the future for BPC 10.1 Embedded with consolidation.



      Author's profile photo Mitch Lim
      Mitch Lim


      I would like to clarify if this Consolidation is already available under the SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded stand-alone premise and/or SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded on the S4 HANA and is it officially released?

      Because as per SAP Roadmap last May 2016 , Consolidation in SAP BPC 10.1 inside S4 HANA is only at the plan stage (not yet available).Kindly enlighten me.

      And does the Environment Shell in BPC 10.1 Embedded included Consolidation Models?How can I download that?

      Thank you in advance.



      Author's profile photo Mitch Lim
      Mitch Lim


      Its ok now , please see link for other details on SP09



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Reddy,

      I need a small clarification regarding dimensions, earlier in classic version we get all the dimensions pre installed or ready-made. Do we have the Business Contents available in BI 7.5 for all consolidation objects.


      Author's profile photo Emilio Cano
      Emilio Cano

      Hello Reddy,

      Thank you very much for your contribution with this document.:-)

      We are going to start a new project in BPC 10.1 consolidation in S / 4 HANA, but we have doubts about how to start modeling (infocubos, infoobjetos, ...) in the part of BW for the consolidation project, you could provide a little help on how to parameterize the modeling in the BW part?

      Thank you very much!

      Author's profile photo Eyal Feiler
      Eyal Feiler

      Thanks for the helpful summary.  You noted that Controls and the controls monitor are available in the Embedded model, but as of SP11 it I don't see that it's available.  Also the screenshot under #2 does not show Controls so I assume not.

      2) My understanding is that integrated consolidation is not yet available in S/4 Finance.  Do you have any updated information?

      Thanks again!

      Author's profile photo Sebastian Montero
      Sebastian Montero


      Very Nice document, I have a question tho. I am trying to create Dimensions in BPC but it won't appear with the ID as it did before (/CPMB/....) instead it has numbers. How do I create a Dimension in the Embbeded model?