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Another Tale of Two SAP Inside Tracks

Today was SAP Inside Track Istanbul and SAP Inside Track Frankfurt.  Seeing afar from Twitter, both events had a great deal to offer.

Looking at both the hashtags of both events over the last two days Lumira reveals the following:

SAP Inside Track Istanbul:


The top language of the tweets was in English, and next was Turkish


You can see from the above who had the most tweets and the reference line shows an average tweet amongst the top 10 tweeters was 18.6


Next shows the timezones of the tweets, with understandably most of them originating in Istanbul.


Understandably, most of the tweets were from today, the day of the event.


Most tweets originated from the iPhone (which always amazes me, as I have a hard time with that).

SAP Inside Track Frankfurt

SAP Inside Track Frankfurt occurred later than Istanbul, but on the same day


The top tweets were in English, followed by German


Top 10 tweets are shown above, with an amazing average 62.7 tweets in the last 7 days amongst the top 10.  That is quite a number.


Top time zone for this inside track was in Berlin, followed by London (the time zone for the SAP Inside Track twitter account).

The SAP Mentors twitter account is located in the Pacific time zone.


The above is from a “suggested” visualization, showing the outliers – the SAP Mentors twitter account is an outlier at over 30K followers


Of course most of the tweets are from today, but there were a number from yesterday as yesterday was UI5 Con, another event held before SAP Inside Track Frankfurt


Again, twitter for iPhone is the top device used for the tweets.

The most retweeted tweet and favorited tweet was the same for both events – this one:

It always amazes me to see the community to meet on a Saturday – it shows real community spirit.  Congratulations to all.

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