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Install your own SAP NetWeaver ABAP system

The use cases where you want to have your own SAP NetWeaver ABAP system available on your laptop are various and the benefits are obvious. The why can be described in a simple phrase:

Learning by doing

The doing is the problem. From time to time SAP releases a downloadable trial version, the rest of the time you can opt for a cloud hosted version (CAL). If this fits your needs: great. If you want to install a system from scratch, you`ll have to download the installer files from SAP Service Marketplace.

As long as you have a user with download permission, just go ahead and have fun. A newly installed NW system comes with a temporary license, allowing you to play around for the system for a while.

In case you want to install a system on your own, below are some links that I hope help you in setting up your very own SAP NetWeaver ABAP system. I created the blogs while installing my test systems. Don`t expect a 100% checked how-to, I am a Java guy, not working as Basis. Nevertheless, the information provided should give you the right help and orientation on how to get a system up and running. It sure helps me when I have to set up a new system, and I hope you get some benefit out of this content.

More blogs to be published soon.

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