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Discover Learning about SAP

Are you aware that when it comes to learning about SAP software there is an engaging and innovative way to gain and maintain skills in SAP technology? SAP offers a full digital learning journey for people who like to learn about SAP. SAP Learning Hub, the largest learning platform for learning about SAP, is the core platform for the journey.

Learning Discovery.jpg

The cloud-based enterprise learning management solution enables people to learn the ins and outs of SAP software systems and allows them to update their skills regularly with regard to implementation, operation and use. SAP has delivered a seamless, modern user experience providing quick, easy access to learning content specific to individual needs. SAP Learning Hub has a tool or solution for every type of learner and an abundance of training material.

You are not yet one of 330,000 subscribers, yet? We recommend you try it by becoming a subscriber to the for free SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition. According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary a simple definition of discovery is the act of finding or learning something for the first time. That’s why the discovery edition was created. It provides access to a limited version of SAP Learning Hub – allowing you to discover the value and benefits of a full subscription to SAP Learning Hub. It includes more than 120 SAP training titles, some of them available as full courses, some as abstracts. So you can get a good understanding about the hub and you can already benefit from the content provided to build or maintain your SAP skills.

SAP Learning Hub subscribers can also access e-books provided by the world’s largest e-book publisher The also fastest growing e-book publisher contributes more than 500 books covering a large variety of soft skills topics such as time management, leadership, meeting management, and many more to SAP Learning Hub. In discovery edition you can access 10 selected e-books, for example:

  • Boost your memory – and sharpen your mind
  • Excel 2013 Core: Intro
  • Mastering LinkedIn
  • Self-Confidence at Work
  • Become the leader you are

Do you like to try out SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition? It is free for anyone and access is quite simple:

  1. If you have already an SAP User Account, simply ‘Log On’, for registration to SAP Learning Hub on SAP Education Training & Certification Shop.

User Account Picture.png

  B.    If you don’t have an SAP User Account yet, create one by filling in the registration form and click “Submit Details”.

SAP User Registration.png

After successful registration, provide the credentials of your newly created SAP User Account and “Log on” (see A.)

With SAP Learning Hub, you’ll find all the SAP training you need in one place – whenever and wherever you need it!

Are you now ready to explore SAP’s digital learning journey? Discover SAP Learning Hub!

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  • Do you like to try out SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition?

    🙂 Yes !

    It is free for anyone

    😘 Love it !

    and access is quite simple:

    😥 no its not, because:

    • If you do have an account, then just logging on doesn't suffice. You have to go to your profile, and "update" it. That you have to do that, you have to guess without getting any clues, nor do you get any real confirmation that it did the trick.
    • The whole discovery concept suggests that this is an introduction to the Learning Hub, but instead of a clear link / banner on the opening page, it is offered as a course in the shop. In the shop you have to first search for it. You won't find it in the category browser, you have to do a word search. Searching the word "discovery" will give you a nice long list of courses, at first glance, none of which have anything to do with discovery. Fortunately we are a curious bunch, and realizing that content has been prefiltered, and guessing that it might be an e-course, we can start discovering.
      All that probably makes sense if you are familiar with the Learning Hub, however I am interested in this discovery edition thing, because I am completely new to the Learning Hub. If I knew how it worked, I wouldn't need the discovery edition.
    • Once you have figure it all out, and have washed away the blood, sweat and tears, the experience has brought you, you may first deal with loads of error messages:
      Accepting the terms:
      Apparently we need to log out. lets just do that:
      Somewhere along the way, you receive an email with a helpful link:
      That's more what I would expect. Nice, finally things are starting to look up. Lets click that link:
      Okay, we are not going to be discouraged by a simple dead link. Back we go to the Learning Hub. Word search for "discovery". Click the "Discover for free" button. Redirected to another non-descript entry page. Click the "Access SAP Learning Hub" button. Accept the terms. Back to the first error page... Give up in frustrated exhaustion.

    By the way, browsing the Leaning Hub shop, I have just come up with a myth about the Learning Hub of my own:

    "There is no content for the SAP Business One product to speak of."

    Would you please debunk that myth ?



    • Hi Johan,

      thank you for your detailed feedback. We are currently looking into the technical issues you raised and have alrady fixed one. I will provide more details when I have full insight.

      SAP Learning Hub, professional edition contains 6 learning titles on SAP Business One. Four  course handbooks and two respective curricula for certification preparation.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Sabine,

        Looking forward to start using the hub.

        Earlier I found only two courses, both physical classroom in Germany (in German). Is the other material for SAP Partners only?



        • Hi Johan,

          SAP Learning Hub is a cloud-based online learning management plattform. It contains several thousand online learning options: e-learnings, course handbooks, transaction simulations. As well as the centerpiece SAP Learning Rooms, which are social collaboration areas for a certain solution focus where people can learn and meet with SAP instructors and peers. We have more than 80 of those online learning rooms in SAP Learing Hub.

          SAP also offers physical classroom trainings in various locations, those are complimentary to SAP Learning Hub, which is an online portal.

          You can check the available courses in the below spreadsheet:

          SAP Learning Hub is available as a professional, user and student edition and contains content tailored to the user role. The professional edition, which contains the SAP Business One learning content, is available for anyone - no matter if SAP partner, freelance consultant or IT professional at a large enterprise.

          Best regards,


  • Hi Johan,

    we diligently looked into the issues you raised and figured the following

    1. Email notification: fixed beginning of last week, error was due to a system release. We are very sorry for this inconvenience!
    2. SAP Training and Certification Shop Search: we informed the shop team and it is already working on ways to improve the SAP Learning Hub search experience. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback!
    3. Accepting the terms and conditions: we weren’t able to reproduce this. It works perfectly fine without error message for us.

    Once again thank you very much for you input and feedback. We take the community members' feedback very serious and if you identify areas for improvement, please let us know.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Sabine,

      I see that the hub discovery item was moved to the front page. That is a great improvement, thanks !

      The link in the email I received earlier still does not work, so I take it that this has been fixed for future emails only ?

      Accepting the terms and conditions still gives me the same "session expired" error. Could this perhaps be caused by my browser's cache somehow ?

      I would be glad to accept some remote support (team viewer or whatever) to show you the issue, as apparently it can be reproduced on my system.