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Fiori for Finance

Hi Friends,

It has been a long gap since my last blog came out. Hope you are all doing good and learning new thing in S/4 HANA everyday.

Today I am so excited to show you all how Fiori apps in the FIN area works . SAP is reinventing the entire way users are working today. I know it will be a big change management required but once we get used to this, believe me it will be so much easier for all the users/super users/managers/approvers, etc.

In 2013, SAP unveiled SAP Fiori as a collection of apps to improve the user experience of core SAP software functions. Since then, hundreds of customers have embraced SAP Fiori to improve the way their employees interact with SAP software. SAP Fiori has evolved from a collection of apps to the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles for a completely re-imagined user experience.

SAP Fiori UX is the new face of SAP to users in all lines of business across devices and deployment options. It provides optimal usability for simplified business interactions and ease of use. Customers can easily implement the entire look and feel – without actually changing the apps. SAP is now including SAP Fiori UX within underlying licenses of SAP software at no additional charge.

Fiori 1.jpg

Fiori is role based experience which means instead of exposing all data and functions to all users with SAP Fiori UX, SAP provides role-based apps for the tasks, thus exposing only the relevant data and functions for each role.

Currently, SAP provides multiple entry points for users such as ECC is on GUI and CRM is also on internet page, hence it is inconsistent user experience. With the Fiori Launchpad, we have one entry point for the user – which enables a consistent user experience based on the common design principles. There is no more T-CODE list pined to the desks isn’t this great news.

This is the beauty of SAP Fiori.

In Finance area, as of Wave 4, almost all sub modules are covered with the listed roles:

  • Accounts Payable Accountant,
  • Accounts Receivable Accountant
  • Cash Manager
  • Collection Specialist
  • Controller
  • Cost Manager
  • G/L Accountant
  • Sales Manager
  • Manager

Currently, SAP Fiori includes 500+ apps. There are 3 different types of Apps in Fiori.

  1. Core transactional: This means task-based Access. Access to tasks like change, create, or approve processes with guided navigation are provided to the users. These Apps can run on SAP HANA and also on any other DataBase.
  2. Analytical: This kind of apps provides insights which are visual overview of a dedicated topic for further KPI related analyses (more graphical views). The analytical business functions cover workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks. Note this is available only on SAP HANA database.
  3. Factsheet: Using this app, users can view essential information about objects and contextual navigation between related objects. They can get view factsheets and contextual information easily. This kind of app, unlike transactional apps, can only be run on SAP HANA database.

Finally, Users can have the ability to analyse and evaluate strategic or operational KPIs using SAP Smart Business Cockpits.

SAP Fiori Launchpad

  • It is a Web-based Entry Point for SAP Business Applications across Platforms and Devices. It provides active tiles with real-time information and runs on all devices.
  • Downloadable native app (SAP Fiori Client) and also available on App Stores. It comes with full screen operation and notifications of App updates
  • It also has “Push Notifications” with offline application data synchronization* and application administration 7 reporting

Fiori is becoming inevitable. As of 1511 release, when using traditional transactions (currently few Bank and COPA t-codes) in GUI, Users are routed forcibly towards using Fiori Apps.

Fiori 2.jpg

Let’s talk with few examples:

Users are accustomed to see the Posting in GUI. An simple FI posting done in GUI looks like:

Fiori 3.jpg

In S/4 HANA Fiori based on the Accountant role you can see all the following tiles. Choose the Post General Journal Entries.

Fiori 4.jpg

Entering all the details are also made easy with intelligent pop-ups . Once, you have entered all the details ( as shown below), click on the post button.

Fiori 5.jpg

Fiori 6.jpg

If you click on Display button, it takes you to the details of the document (old FB03). In the same screen you can create a correspondence or reverse the document.

Fiori 7.jpg

To conclude, Fiori is futuristic and has great user experience.

Users don’t need to read all the manuals or user guides for using the apps. They can start up very quickly, since the input data has also reduced a lot. In few cases, Users can also complete their task with only couple of clicks without even logging to their computers. Isn’t it amazing!

However, I found it slower compared to GUI, thought it was with the speed of the internet, but, hell no, I was in SAP Waldorf building with fixed LAN. Can’t go wrong, isn’t it! Additionally, for functional consultants who are used to do basic debugging in GUI screen now need to depend on technical team to do from Fiori app/page. I found it annoying that SAP has disabled certain transactions in GUI screen (which is still available in the background), this is done just to encourage everyone use Fiori. For Technical consultants, they have to learn Java. Additionally, they need to debug multiple layers (UI, OID gateway, etc) before they touch the ABAP code, which is time consuming.

Nevertheless, we need to compare these drawbacks to the big advantages Fiori is offering, like, multiple ERP systems can be connected to Fiori to get one single view on your results, it supports all different databases (at least for transactional apps), users/managers get information on figure tips, approvals are now on the fly, etc. Hence to conclude, Fiori is powerful and here to stay thus we need to start accepting to use it.

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      Former Member

      Good document

      Author's profile photo Ajay Maheshwari
      Ajay Maheshwari

      Well written Asha!! Good Compilation on Fiori!!

      Did we work together in IBM? I think so


      Ajay M

      Author's profile photo Sanil Bhandari
      Sanil Bhandari

      Hi Asha

      Very useful information. Concise and good starting point. You should also tag this blog to

      SAP S/4HANA Finance

      SAP ERP Financials

      Thanks & Regards

      Sanil Bhandari

      Author's profile photo ASHA BASAVANTHAPPA
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Sanil, I tried to tag but SAP S/4HANA Finance is not available for tagging. But next post i can write on this space.

      Author's profile photo Paulo Vitoriano
      Paulo Vitoriano

      Good reading!

      I believe SAP should keep an option between GUI and Fiori, cannot force everyone to use Fiori.  Besides there can be good technical reasons to use GUI, for example to understand if the issue is within applicational layer or Fiori UI part.