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New xSearch Feature — Best Bets

This blog is to introduce a new xSearch engine called ‘Best Bets’ and also a open discussion room for you all.

Best Bets are pages that show up ahead of other results when particular keyword(s) are chosen. They are displayed in a box at the top of the xSearch results page.

In order to show this vividly, let me show you one example:


Until now, we already have 289 Best Bets published in support portal including many areas, such as SRM, MM, HCM, JAVA, EP, etc.
Usually the best bets are Troubleshooting Guides (wiki pages), Popular KBA, FAQ note or helpful document.

You are welcome to make use of this search engine to get technical help from SAP.

Welcome to your feedback on experiencing this and we will improve it according to your advice!!

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      Hi Harris,

      I was taking maternity leave last year, and sorry for late response.
      It is in pending status now, because we are moving to Launchpad now. However I believe in the future, it will be available in Launchpad, too.