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As I haven’t configured my Cloud for Analytics System with SAP BW or SAP HANA yet, I continue my sharing here (and my Wishlist) based on data from Google Sheets.


So I created a quick Google Sheet with a set of Geo Locations…




… and went then on to create the model based on the Google Sheet like we did in a previous blog already.




After I imported the data into the model I quickly changed the model, so that the column Revenue was identified as Key Figure and the columns for the Longitude and Latitude were identified as generic ID dimensions. After that I was looking for an option to setup my location in the data model so that I would then be able to link the location later on to a map in the visualization.


I found the item in the context menu of the Column City…. (see below)….




So I went ahead and chose the menu item Create Location and assigned the Longitude and Latitude dimensions.




and after clicking “Create” I received a small message stating, that all values were correct.









But that message brought up a good point: What if I had made a mistake ? So I wanted to see how I can change the definition of my location….


… and I think I have to add this item to my wishlist as it seems that setting up a location in the model is so far a “one-time” definition.




In the model I then received an additional column that combines the longitude and latitude values and it was configured as “ST-Point” on the attribute type.


So I received the location in my model and should now be able to use that as part of my next visualization with maps.


One additional note – for a Dimension with a Location attached to it, the rule seems to be that the dimension values have to be unique – even when the longitude and latitude values are different.


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ingo Hilgefort,

    Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

    I am using SAP HANA Analytic View as a source ( i.e. through Live Data Connection from HCP) and when I go to the modeler in BO cloud, I do not get to see any of my dimensions but just measures ( i.e. Accounts). Can you please advise how can I then create Location dimension here to map Latitude and Longitude?

    Many thanks,


    1. Ingo Hilgefort Post author

      Hello Megha,

      when you connect to the model, do you see the actual Dimensions and measures and what dimension type is being recognized ?

      This is about the geo Location, in case you already facing the issue with importing the model / connecting to the model and dimensions not being recognized then I would suggest you post your question into the forum.



            1. Kiran Shenvi


              This document is specific to HANA live connection.

              Do you have any document to share or workaround with BW as Live connection?




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