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Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – IV – Correction After Dual Stack Split

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to series of upgrade to SAP solution Manager 7.2. Hope you are successfully upgraded your solution manager 7.1 to 7.2 and spit it in to single stack.

This document will provide you information regarding post steps after splitting system and making system ready to configure Support Pack Stack 01 recommendations


  • Apply SAP notes as mentioned below in your system

2236044 SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Package 01: Dump in transac

2245021 Opening steps genrates dump in solman_setup

2251304 – Adjust URL for Support HUB connectivity technical user

  • Please go through SAP Note “2154957 – Unified Rendering for SAP_UI 740” and apply correction notes according to instructions
  • Change SLD settings in ABAP system and JAVA System to new SLD Server and Port after dual stack system split

Note: Please follow SAP note  1451753 – Filtering of administration requests for AS Java to access NWA on solution Manager



                        Change “SLD_DataSupplier” Destination to your New SLD


                              Ping destination after making changes



                         Open transaction RZ70 and make changes


                         Note: Make sure you schedule background job for SLD in ABAP

Note: For registration of other systems in SLD make sure you have read through document below.

Gateway Access Control Lists – Application Server Infrastructure – SCN Wiki

                         Open SLDAPICUST and change hostname and port


  • Apply SAP note: 2087917 – SAP Solution Manager 7.20 SP1 – Basic functions

Note: Make sure you pay attention on – Correction with Manual steps on this note

This note has 3 section in manual steps please follow them carefully

  1. manual pre-implementation
  2. after you implement the central correction note
  3. manual steps can be carried out automatically

We are ready to install JAVA patches which required by Support pack stack 01

Please follow my next document for additional information

Thank you for reading


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  • Dear Yogesh,

    thanks for sharing the upgrade Doc, i am facing following error in SLDAPICUST

    An exception has occurred:
    Exception on SLD server: HTTP status: 403 Forbidden

    Connection to SLD does not work

    where i get the following screen.

  • Hello Yogesh,

    i have find the HTTP destination , and successfully configure the SLD.

    can you plz tell me how can i connect diagnostic agents , i have upgraded diagnostic agent but did not found  in managed system configuration.

    please share the document if you have.


    • Hello Atif,

      As far I know you can look at the wiki place below

      SolMan 7.1

      Solman 7.2


  • Hi Yogesh,

    We have upgraded our Solman 7.1 system to 7.2 SP5 and performed the dual stack split, But unfortunately we are unable to access nwa. We can only see the http://host:port/startpage and when we click on NWA the screen ends up with error - 401 unauthorized. Also tried restarting the Java system.



  • Hello Yogesh,,

    Thanks for very good information.


    We are having an issue after stack split, from dual stack to single stack.

    The SID we have only contains the ABAP stack but in the LMDB SID is still registred as a Dual Stack.

    We have tried to follow the note 1873543.

    The SID Java part not exist in SLD. But In LMDB and managed system on solman_setup we have still SID java part.

    My question is,  can I from, SAP Solution Manager Configuration > Managed Systems Configuration > select the technical system > Advanced Options > Decommissioning this java system and after word delete it from LMDB?

    Is it solution for this problem?


    Thanks for any advice.