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Introducing the new SAP Mentors Advisory Board (2016-2018)

I’m delighted to announce and congratulate the newly elected SAP Mentors Advisory Board for 2016-2018.

SAP Mentors Advisory Board 2016-2018.JPG


The purpose for having the SAP Mentors Advisory Board is to:

  • Share and broaden the responsibility of SAP Mentors Program decisions
  • Increase transparency
  • Create more engagement with Mentors and the community at large


The Board members are responsible for representing the interests and concerns of the SAP Mentors and SAP Mentors Program. These individuals (active Mentors and Alum) were nominated and elected by the SAP Mentors community in the following categories to represent Mentors and participate in guiding the future of SAP Mentors Program for the next 2 years (beginning of 2016 to beginning of 2018):


95% of our SAP Mentors community turned out to vote! This is a great sign, and shows our Mentors cared about the new Advisory Board and the election process. Thank you to those who voted, and thanks also to Katarina Fischer for developing and managing this successful election process.


I’m very happy with the results of our first Advisory Board election, and look forward to working with this fantastic group of elected community advocates! The first task for the Mentors Advisory Board will be selecting the new SAP Mentors for Spring 2016.


I would like to take this opportunity to give my sincere thanks to our current SAP Mentors Steering Committee (most of whom are already playing other leadership roles within the SAP Mentors Program). This group of dedicated and passionate SAP Mentors joined the Steering Committee throughout 2015, and have volunteered countless hours of their time and wisdom to support a transformation initiative for the Mentors Program since this initiative started at the beginning of 2015:


We will have a brief transition period between the current Steering Committee and the new Advisory Board.


Congratulations to members of the new SAP Mentors Advisory Board!

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