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Digitization & Innovation make business. Diversity makes way!

Fast fish eats slow fish – Swim! Swim! Swim!

In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.

Today it is no longer the size of a company that defines its success, but its ability to react fast to the changes.


Digitization is a step change even greater than the internet. It helps in improving management decisions and making a company more innovative. Innovation is about re-imagining business processes, customer experience, and human behavior.

A perfect blend of diversity in digitization and innovation, leads to a successful business.

Digital revolution is coming!

For any business to run successfully, embracing technology in different forms, as and when it comes is vital. Digital revolution is going to be bigger than Industrial Revolution or Agricultural Revolution.  Every time there has been a revolution of such a scale, a lot of people have been affected. Some people got ahead and some were left behind. By including diversity and innovation, all the sectors of a business are set on the right track as far as digitization is concerned.


The best lesson you can learn from a river is that it keeps flowing. Just like strong businesses with legacy have been running successfully. But to continue to do so, it is very important to embrace digitization and give competition a tough fight. Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

Why is diversity vital for innovation?

A group of ordinary people who are diverse can defeat a group of like-minded experts.

Gone are the days of driving Diversity initiatives because they are nice to have or compliance. The days of rangoli competitions, theme dressing, inviting film celebrities to share diversity perspectives and pushing employees to mandatory diversity trainings are faded.

Let’s unpack the notion of diversity by focusing on perceptual differences between people and not identity differences like race, gender, ethnicity, LGBT, or religion. Diversity is about more than making sure different types of people are in the same room. It also means bringing together diverse people together in new ways to collaborate and innovate. A diverse work place provides avenues at every level to listen to different ideas and make each individual valued and appreciated. Encouraging diversity of opinion allows the best idea to always win.


Let’s compare ourselves with a hiker knowing we’ve all had our mountains to climb in work and life.

Climbing a mountain needs skills, tools, discipline, and habits. In this journey, hikers need to join in with new people who are dramatically unique in every way. Their collective knowledge, focus, capability, and adaptability are essential to forge unknown trails; each of them finds their place to take the lead.

We can learn from this that it is their differences that generates safety, well-being, and the shared accomplishment of reaching the top. Similarly, if you know how to utilize diversity in your business, you can rapidly reap continuous benefits with innovation and digitization.

Best way to predict the future is to create it!

The world is ever changing. Those who adapt and change along with it, survive. Those who don’t, will perish. Machine-to-machine connectivity, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 – whatever you call the digital manufacturing revolution doesn’t matter. What matters is the tremendous unrealized value available from the digitization of industrial processes, products, and services, which can make a business successful. 

What are we waiting for, let’s drive Digitization through Innovation!!

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      Very well written  🙂

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      Saranya Chandrasekaran

      Awesome read! very well written 🙂

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      Ajachi Anthwal

      good read Ayesha 😀

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      Nice introduction, well structured content. The river citation is very nice.

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      A great realization with a right pattern , keep it up Ayesha.

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      Very Nice