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Briefly about xECM

Hi all,

This document gives only brief idea about xECM. xECM abbrivated as ‘Extended Enterprise Content Management‘.

ECM is SAP Module. xECM is SAP & OT integrated module. xECM enables us manage the organized and unorganized data. xECM supports view data in 360 degree view. Non sap user also see same document xECM with meta data (Useful for end user to identify data in easy way).

Main components of xECM are

1) Content Server

2) Archive Server

3) ECM Link Configuration

4) OTDS Services.

Content Server     : It provides document management, record management, Workflow capabilities.

Archive Server     : It is used to store preservation of data for a long term, in a compressed way.

ECM Link Configarion     : It is core process to connect SAP & Open Text.

OTDS Service     : It is used to provide some built in core service like, Web Service, Java Services, Mail Services ..

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