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New SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal Features (NetWeaver 7.5 SP2)

This blog is for portal end-users and content administrators who would like to learn about the new features developed in the latest Enterprise Portal SP for FLP on EP, their added value, and the configuration required.

Prerequisite: Minimum required SP for ABAP FES server is SAPP_UI750 SP02 component, which includes SAPUI5 1.34.x For additional information please refer to SAP note 2031108.


1 Sync Home Page

This new action on Options Menu allows an end-user getting the updated content on the Home page after portal administrator changes it.




Detailed information on each selected option behavior can found here.

To enable this feature portal administrator should check-in the following parameter on the Framework Page configuration page:





2 News Tile (via RSS feeds)

This feature allows your portal server to access the external websites and update the tile content constantly:



To enable this feature an administrator has to fulfil the following steps:

  • Define proxy host and port for portal server http service and restart it
  • Download the RSS feed xml file from a news site and save in on portal server under C:\usr\sap\<server ID>\J00\j2ee\cluster\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root
  • Create a news tile using News iView template and set the properties as described here. An example is shown below:



  • Check in the news iView property Default App in Home Page, assign the news iView to the end-user role (usually it is also shown in a locked group).


3 Theme Change Using User Preferences Option

An end-user can set the preferred theme using Options Menu (User Preferences option).



After the end-user chooses a theme and presses Save,  the UI is refreshed and displayed in a new theme.


To learn more:

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  • Hello Irena,

    great new features included in SP02. Good to know.

    Just like to make sure, that I got it in the right way:

    To be able to use the new 'Sync Home Page' feature, we will also need to update the ABAP FES to SAPP_UI750 SP02 ?

    Is there a way to use this feature with an ABAP FES NW7.4?

    Thanks, Frank

    • Hello Frank,

      yes, you need ABAP FES SAPP_UI750 SP02.

      Sync functionality is planned for NW7.4 SP15 (Java stack SP13), planned RTC - June 2016..



  • Hi,

    I updated to 7.50 SP2, but now I have a rendering issue in the Fiori-Launchpad showing dots and curious mouse-over-effects:


    Can anyone please help?

    Thanks, Oliver

  • Hi Irena

    Thanks for the posts about FLP@EP - really useful information and great to see the good direction that this is taking!

    Please, could you clarify something for me?

    We have prototyped the News tile on our NW 7.5 SP03 system and we didn't need to apply the second step you described ("Download the RSS feed xml file from a news site and save in on portal...").

    What is the purpose of this step?

    Thank you, best regards,