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Hello Friends,

Now we have SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with Support Pack Stack 01 system upgraded and now its tile to split Dual Stack System before we start using it. Split of ABAP and JAVA stacks is just an effect of the Netweaver release strategy.

Reference : 1797362 – Dual-Stack Split for Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver

In order to split system, we need to use Dual Stack Split tool (SWPM*.SAR)

SAP recommend that you download the latest tool support package and patch level when starting a new provisioning project at: -> System Provisioning -> Download Software Provisioning Manager

In my case I am going to execute as below because SAP is recommended to KEEP DB. Moving database is also supported by SAP

For more Information on Dual Stack Split please go through :


Note: Please use this process if you have Central or distributed installation of SAP Solution Manager system


Export Source System

  • STOP JAVA System


          As Result


  • Depend on your option select one. In my case as below


  • Confirm Disable AS Java


  • Take over ICM port (Mostly all 50XXX Ports)


  • SCS Instance Profile parameter


         Note: Restart you Solution manager system after export finish

Install Target JAVA System

  • Select Option


  • Select New SID name for Solution Manager  JAVA


  • Provide kernel: 51049724_10




Adept DB for Target system

  • Select option as below


  • Select profile of your new JAVA System


  • Select existing solution Manager Database


  • Make sure you have follow note

          Replace old DB id with New DB ID in Database


    • When you open config tool you will get message below


    • Change user and password and SAVE settings


                         Note: Whenyou re-open tool you will able to connect database without any error


Install Primary Application Server for JAVA Stack

  • Select as below


  • Profile of your new System


  • Select existing solution Manager Database


  • Provide JAVA DVD : 51050526


  • Select NO SLD (For now and we will configur it later )


  • Reuse ports


  • Prompt for restart


Remove JAVA Stack Primary Application Server

Note: If you have Additional JAVA Application server please remove it first

  • Select as below


  • Select profile of your first solution Manager profile (Dual Stack)


Remove SCS instance from Dual Stack System

  • Select option as below


  • Select profile of your first solution Manager profile (Dual Stack)


Now your system is Single Stack only 🙂

Hope this document show you guideline to split your Solution Manager Dual Stack system. Don’t forget to read my next document on post configuration after dual stack split

Thank you for reading and comments are welcome.


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  1. George Zelnick

    For the Export Source System steps, did you intend for the checkbox to be set “checked” on in the screen shot for   Enable reuse of SCS ports during target system installation? or should that checkbox be left unchecked?

      1. Jason Flinn

        As per SNOTE 2227300 – Further Upgrade Information for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

        IMPORTANT: When you run the “Same host” option, make sure to select the “Enable reuse of SCS ports during target system installation” option within Step 2 / Define Parameters / SCS Instance Ports Reuse.
        The split tool will otherwise adjust the Java SCS port numbers, as the Java SCS instance number changes. And you need to install a SAP Web Dispatcher, as proposed below, to reconnect existing Diagnostics Agents.


  2. George Zelnick

    OK, the box is actually unchecked in the screen shot, that it what I am asking about.  Did you intend to show it as checked in the screen shot?

  3. George Zelnick

    OK, to clarify, is the checkbox to be set to checked, or unchecked,   for    Enable reuse of ports during target system installation     ?

      1. Data Centre itelligence

        hi have kept the checkbox unchecked but i have adviced to keep it checked…this is for Enable reuse of SCS ports

        i have selected the checkbox since i am using the same host for my java instance installation

        thanks n Regards,


  4. Mohammed Tayyab

    Hi Yogesh



    When you split the ABAP stack and Java Stack.

    Can you install the Java Instance on the same Server where the ABAP stack resides ?

    or do you need to install on a different hardware or Server ?

    Can we intsall a secondary database for the Java instance on the same Database Server ?




    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Hello Mohammed,


      Please find answers below…


      Question 1:

      Can you install the Java Instance on the same Server where the ABAP stack resides ?

      or do you need to install on a different hardware or Server ?


      Answer 1:

      You can install on same server or on different server its all up to your choice.


      Question 2:

      Can we install a secondary database for the Java instance on the same Database Server ?


      Answer 2:

      Technically yes but what is the benefits of doing it? I recommend you that use the same database instance and create new database for java system.


      Please let me know if you have any other question.




  5. Vrushal Jagtap - Capgemini

    Hi Yogesh

    while doing JAVA Split am using KEEP DB option -now at Install PAS phase

    asking for

    • Provide JAVA DVD : 51050526 This is no longer available replacement for this Software (by Which number its replaced is it this 51050949 if so i could below types of software
      Installation Export
      JAVA Components
      SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SPS12 Java for
      SAP Solution Manager 7.2
      Number 51050949
    • Which one i have to down load for JAVA DVD ???
    • Appreciated if you could respond me ASAP
    1. Yogesh Patel Post author



      What your Maintenance Planner showing as part of upgrade?

      What you said looks like right DVD


      SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 Java 1/2
      EXE 3906250 KB 20.05.2016  20.05.2016
      SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 Java 2/2
      RAR 1523662 KB 20.05.2016 20.05.2016
      SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 – Java Components
      ZIP 908676 KB 20.05.2016 20.05.2016


      Try below Thanks




    Hi Yogesh,

    We have selected Enable reuse of SCS while export. During SCS installation again selected reuse of SCS instance and continued with SCS installation. But as that same SCS instance processes are running on the same host from it’s dual stack system, it took different instance number for  SCS installation.

    Also when I checked the /sapmnt/<SID>/profile/<SID>_SCS##_host it has entry like

    # Reuse <SID>_SCS**_hostname
    ms/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=81##

    Please let me know how it normally works. And what this entry in SCS instance profile means.

    ** is old SCS instance number



      1. URVI MEHTA

        Hi Yogesh,

        I am basis only, so not asking for theoretical part. Let me re-frame my question here.

        We want to have keep database, and reuse SCS instance number. So far we performed export java step and we checked the check box for reuse SCS as per your blog.

        Now 2nd step is install scs instance, if got completed successfully. However when checked it has created SCS with 00 whereas we want it to reuse 05 (we had checked SCS reuse option already). But as SCS05 is still part of dual stack running on same host it has not reused it. Conceptually that is fine. So now whether my SCS will not be able to use 05 anytime even if I had given input reuse option for it. My requirement is to reuse SCS.





  7. Sudhakar Gaddam

    Hi Yogesh


    We have below scenario:

    Primary Application server and AAS on Linux

    oracle  DB, ASCS, SCS, ERS are on  AIX  HA scenario: Could you please let me know which option we are going to proceed, I have raised the OSS message to SAP, but different people had given different suggestions.

    1st One: Move DB option

    2nd one: First migrate Central services ASCS, SCS to LINUX and Proceed to DSS. (Even I have read the DSS guide which was mentioned DSS not supporting HETROGENIOS system configuration.

    Could you please suggest your opinion, If 2nd option is correct how to proceed ( Are we need to Install new ASCS & SCS on LINUX and make the OUR environment homogeneous ?)  After splitting, are we need to again install ASCS SCS, ERS on AIX? because we are using HACAMP   HA solution.

    Your advanced suggestion is most appreciated.



      1. Sudhakar Gaddam

        Hi Yogesh


        Thanks for your kick replay, I have a small doubt, Is  Solman 7.2 supporting the heterogeneous system configuration? for making use of Our HA configuration cluster HACAMP (our both DB nodes on AIX).




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