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The Practicalities and Implications of Tag Usage

Hi All

The introduction of classifying via Tags as we all know is a major game changer for the community. Numerous conversations have cropped up with the key pieces as to how this is going to be practical and managed moving forward. From my point of view, Tags comes under critical functionality. If we don’t get this right the community will suffer.

Below are the discussions or links within BETA and About SCN. I’ve taken some of the questions and concerns raised. There may be some in the Moderator space but I haven’t covered them off as I’m unsure if everyone has access there.

Missing tags

Tags – nothing around the word Architect

Renaming blog tagging component

Goodbye Spaces, Hello World of Tags

For completeness, I thought to raise this discussion and call out the concerns to get feedback as to how this will be practically managed. Some of this is straight out information so we can all understand better. I hope this is okay in pulling this together. I just think at some point a massive ‘how to Tag’ or proper examples and education is going to be needed for the wider community for the new platform. Centralising all questions relating to tags and feedback/concerns would help in a starting point. If we as the BETA testers are asking the questions I’m sure the rest of the community are thinking the same thing.

This document is open to all to edit and add their own or comments. Some of my questions may just be me misunderstanding the implementation of Tags or confusion due to incompleteness of data in BETA and QA.





What are the Tags – are we able to see the full metadata framework of the Primary Tags

[BB]: At go live, there will be a type-ahead tag picker. Go to the blogs in QA and enter a tag in the primary tag field. The idea is to have a tag browser in the future so that users can see/explore all available tags.


Mapping Content – extension to item 1 is there a recommending mapping of Existing SCN spaces to recommended Tags?

[BB]: At a minimum, our plan is to show a mapping of spaces to primary tags to users so that they can figure out which tags to follow in the new system.


Migration of Spaces Followed to Tags – will the migration to the new platform automatically subscribe users to the Tags based on their followed spaces (or at least give a report/enrolment option for getting started a bit easier). So if I’m currently following 10 spaces, will the new platform recommend or help me follow the Tags associated with these spaces

[BB]: At this point, we’re not likely to have an automatic space-to-tag subscription migration at launch. And introducing it after launch wouldn’t make sense (because of overwriting what people have chosen to follow post launch).


Effort to follow Tags. Jurgen mentioned this in a discussion already but how many tags would you need to follow to get the equivalent of Spaces. Is there a ‘Tag’ Hierarchy so you can follow a parent Tag and get all associated child ones

[BB]: The metadata tag structure will be flat, so you’ll have to follow multipletags.


Classifying – how do I even know what tags to choose for my question? I think this was asked last year but will the platform help propose tags based on what we write or some smarts

[BB]: We’re not considering that for launch, but good thought for future development.


What tags are to be used for Non-product and technical areas or even higher level topics (Andy called out Architecture in a discussion). For example, I logged into QA and switched into the Coffee Corner. I tried to post a question but there was no primary tag to use for time wasting/general conversation. What about general topics. Again, this will come back to what are the full list of primary tags

[GG]: Coffee Corner is a primary tag that is automatically assigned to every discussion that you start in the Coffee Corner and the user won’t be able to change that. This is for the general/time wasting conversations 🙂 . You cannot ask a question in the Coffee Corner, just start a discussion.


Tag Meta Data management – how will SAP decide when to create new primary tags, manage or deprecate existing Tags and communicate to the community?

[GG]: the current idea is to have a central page where the tag changes can be followed up on (new tags, name changes..etc.)


If a Tag is to be deprecated, will it be archived into a Read Only setup (much like Spaces becoming read only) or will users be preventing from continuing to use the tag for new content? Or does this just not matter anymore

[GG]: This would only happen once in a blue moon, when a product reaches its end of life, no more maintanence, no more customers. But that does not mean that users can’t talk about that product. Example: nobody uses Windows 3.1 (live from 1992, stopped supporting in 2008), but its Wikipedia page was last updated in January 2016. So you can continue to use the tag.


Language Tags – will there be a way to separate the different languages or are there duplicate sets of tags for this? Or could this be redundant as the system is smart enough to recognise the language the question is posted in?

[GG]: there is a language tag set, the strategy on how to use them is in process to be defined. Update to come later.


What will be the impacts to existing Moderation Space Allocations to moderating the Tags? Do some Moderators no longer have areas of responsibility (e.g. I look after Careers space which is not a product area)

[GG]: The first round of assignment happens based on the same spaces to tags mapping that we use for the migration. Additionally, we will most likely reach out to moderators with the list of tags to be covered.


Will there be a technical limit as to the number of Tags you add?

[GG]: No, only to the primary tag (1) which is mandatory to be set.


The “new site map”. With the use of spaces, we can currently direct users to the Site map to find an appropriate place to ask a question. Will there be a similar setup or are we relying of awesome design to make everything intuitive?

[BB]: With the tag based structure, you have the flexibility to talk about anything in the schema (only limited by what can be chosen as a primary tag). Spaces are very limiting in that you must always pick a place before writing. You’re not limited by spaces in the future; you can write about any metadata term that is a primary tag.


Tag Reassignment – what happens if question or blog is against incorrect primary tag? Will moderators be able to reclassify it? What is the implication to gamification?

[BB]: The moderator can change the primary tag assignment before and after publication (with no limit on the number of times it can be changed).

[AS]: Tag reassignment after publication may affect topic expertise accrual, however we discussed this with the Reputation Advisory Group and decided that as long as the frequency doesn’t increase greatly from how often such reassignments happen today, it could be tolerated.


[CH – 04/04/2016]

Moderator related: Will it be possible to list on Moderator’s profile which TAGS they are responsible for?

[GG]: Currently only the other way around, so showing the list of responsible moderators on the topic page of the tag. But it is a cool idea, we’ll definitely keep that on our radar.

[CH 16/05/2016] Impact/change for existing SCN tags or spaces that autogenerate or post content. For example:

  • Career centre – blogs posted here appear in SAP Facebook page feed
  • SAPMENTOR tag – front page has a section and I think this is picked up by Twitter @SAPmentor feed
  • I assume business trends probably auto posts to twitter and linkedin

Hoping to get a much clearer understanding of Tags 🙂



Assigned Tags

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      Author's profile photo Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
      Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy

      Added some comments, more info to come.

      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Gabriella

      In relation to Coffee Corner - what primary tag would you put for something like that? I assume discussions need Tags too

      My questions/concerns are all related to primary tags.

      Author's profile photo Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
      Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy

      You do not need to select a primary tag by yourself for the Coffee Corner discussions. As I wrote above the primary tag is "Coffee Corner" and it is automatically assigned in the background.

      But this is only true for these discussions. For questions and blogs you will need to select a primary tag that suits the topic what you are writing about the best.

      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert
      Blog Post Author

      thanks for that Gabriella. I got caught out by choosing Create Question under Coffee Corner.

      In QA > Coffee Corner the options for Create is either Discussion or Question

      I can see a discussion doesn't force a tag but  because the question option is there there might be some confusion (well for me). If I choose create question from the Coffee Corner then I have to specify a tag.

      So, are you saying that Coffee Corner will only have Discussions and no Question? If so, can Create Question be removed to avoid confusion? If Questions are allowed can the same background tagging be applied

      coffee corner question.PNG



      Author's profile photo Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
      Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy

      The way we designed the system is that you can only create discussions in the Coffee Corner. So even if now you have an "Ask a Question" button when you are on the page, the question you create won't be posted in the Coffee Corner.

      So, yes:

      Coffee Corner = discussions only (in fact this is the only place where you can have discussions)

      SAP Q&A = questions

      I know that it's a bit confusing now, but it will get clearer as we move forward and the system gets closer to its final look and feel.

      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert
      Blog Post Author

      "So even if now you have an "Ask a Question" button when you are on the page, the question you create won't be posted in the Coffee Corner"

      I can see someone stumbling into Coffee Corner and asking a question (as you can do that now) and adding any tag to get it to post not realising it won't stay in Coffee Corner.

      I realise I'm fixating on Coffee Corner but it's currently the space where a lot of regulars and long time members of SCN come to rant communicate.

      I think many members would be happy that Q&A are removed to avoid awarding of points but having the option to create there could be confusing - especially when ythe top of the screen shows that you are in the Coffee Corner.

      "in fact this is the only place where you can have discussion"

      Is this due to gamification or change in platform? At the moment, I know a few moderators who switch some Questions to become Discussion due to the style of question so points aren't awarded. Is the new platform now saying that Everything must be a Question? Not sure if I have an opinion one way or another but this is another big change for the community base.

      Author's profile photo Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
      Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy

      I understand that it's difficult to change to the tagging concept after having spaces.

      So to speak, there won't be "discussions" in the strict sense for the go-live, but we created the "Coffee Corner discussions" to make sure that we continue having a place to rant 🙂 And they won't be included in gamification.

      In that interpretation, yes there will only be questions for every other non-offtopic tags.

      As for the "ask a question" button, I mentioned that it won't be there, where you see it now. Imagine clicking on your avatar and getting a dropdown with various links, e.g. to your account settings, logging out, writing a blog, asking a question...etc.

      And this will be true for every page, even if you are on the landing page or looking at blogs...etc.

      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for that

      I'll hold off on any more testing/opinion in this space until changes are in BETA to see full end to end.

      My imagination fails me sometimes 🙂

      Author's profile photo William Laverde
      William Laverde


      Any update to when the missing tags will be made available? As it stands right now no tags for the Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM) are available in the Beta system.

      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert
      Blog Post Author

      I'm also looking at the GRC Product Tags - the names appear to be the old names (unless products were renamed) - e.g. compliance calibrator

      Would it be possible to see a document with the metadata for primary tags so Moderators, Mentors and 1DX members can review? It would be great to see the mapping key between SCN spaces/tags and primary tags



      Author's profile photo Brian Bernard
      Brian Bernard

      Hi Colleen - I'm trying to get just such a document together and in a readable format. I've been working on a "SCN-1DX Mapping" document for quite a while. I will post it to this space when ready.

      Author's profile photo Brian Bernard
      Brian Bernard

      Hi William,

      In regards to missing tags (sorry I didn't address it earlier) - there will be an update to the metadata available in the community systems in a couple of weeks after beta is open - including MM.


      Author's profile photo Jürgen Lins
      Jürgen Lins

      Am I understanding right that we start without MM tag ? How do you expect moderation in one of the most active spaces in SCN? And why does a tag take so long?

      Author's profile photo Brian Bernard
      Brian Bernard

      There is work going on with colleagues from different parts of the organization, most notably support, on new 1DX metadata that addresses and aligns support with community. Some new terms will be added within two weeks, including MM, and more down the road as more alignment is done on describing things like product function.

      The beta is more of a sandbox on which to test. The MM space for now is still the "real" community.